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A book about Australian animals. Read and remember. What is it?. It’s an emu. fly? run?. It can’t fly, but it can run fast. Country?. It lives in Australia. What is it?. It’s a kokaburra. Activity?. It laughs a lot. What’s its name?. It’s a cocatoo. Activity?. It chats a lot.

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Read and remember

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Presentation Transcript
what is it
What is it?

It’s an emu

fly? run?

It can’t fly, but it can run fast.


It lives in Australia.

what is it1
What is it?

It’s a kokaburra


It laughs a lot.

what s its name
What’s its name?

It’s a cocatoo.


It chats a lot.

what is it2
What is it?

It’s a platypus.


It swims a lot.

« house »?

It lives in the river.

what is it3
What is it?

It’s a kagaroo.


It jumps a lot.


It eats grass.

what is it4
What is it?

It’s a koala.


It sleeps a lot.


Gum leaves

It eats gum leavs


It can climb high.

your task lesson 5 faire une affiche sur un animal
Your task lesson 5Faire une affiche sur un animal.
  • Tu dois dire où il habite
  • Faire une petite description (taille, caractéristiques)
  • Dire ce qu’il mange
  • Des choses qu’il sait faire et une chose qu’il ne sait pas faire.
  • Durée de vie
  • Faire une petite conclusion où tu expliques ton choix. (là il faut parler de l’espèce au pluriel)
your task lesson 5
Your task lesson 5

Faire une affiche sur un animal. Example:

This is a lorikeet.

It is blue,red and green. It has lovely colours.

It lives in Australia. It lives in forests and gardens.

It eats insects.

It can fly. It doesn’t sing, it cries. It can sometimes speak.

It lives about nine years.

I like lorikeets because they are beautiful and intelligent.



Australia Trees

Long tail, big ears

Baby in a pouch

Sleep in the day, wake up at night

Plants, not meat

Climb, not swim

About 10 years



This is a possum.

It lives in Australia, in trees.

It has a long tail and big ears

It has its baby in a pouch.

It sleeps in the day, and wakes up at night.

It eats plants, it doesn’t eat meat.

Oit can climb very well, but it can’t swim.

It lives about 10 years

I like possums because they are cute.

it s your turn
It’s your turn


Wild dog

Yellow.Not very tall.

Big, pointed ears.

Desert.and forests Australia.

Hunt. Run fast

Eat animals.

about 20 years.

Your opinion

Dangerous, wild (sauvage)



What’s this?

This is a wombat.

« house » ???

Where does it live?

It lives in a tunnel.


What does it do?

It digs holes.


What does it eat?

It eats plants at night.