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How To Beat A New Vehicle Dealer PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Beat A New Vehicle Dealer

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How To Beat A New Vehicle Dealer
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How To Beat A New Vehicle Dealer

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  1. How to Buy a Car from a Dealership One would assume that the masses would venture into the process of buying a new vehicle armed with knowledge about how the process works, what advantages the selling party holds and how to negotiate from a position of strength. If you believe this is true you are sadly mistaken. Not to worry, you have come to the right place for information on this topic. If you desire to save money on all future new vehicle transactions and to become a knowledgeable consumer armed with the tools to disrupt a longtime running racket, this material is just want you need. How to Buy a Car from a Dealership employs many hundreds of thousands of men and women. Many dealerships are run in a high integrity, high customer focused manner and are truly impressive in what they deliver to their customers on a daily basis. Many customers however are left with a very negative opinion as it relates to the new car shopping experience. Enter Tesla and present day inventor and pioneer Elon Musk who not only is proving the manufacturers wrong about the benefits of an all- electric vehicle but he is even willing to risk the entire venture by going to battle to ensure that he can control the customer experience. This story is fascinating and nothing short of unprecedented as it relates to the level of disruption currently affecting an industry overdo for change. There is no better way to witness what I am highlighting than by taking a visit to your closest Tesla studio and comparing it to how traditional new vehicles are sold. Tesla is all about consumer education, the entire experience while at a Tesla studio has nothing to do with sales. Even if you were to visit a Tesla studio intent on making a purchase, you would not be able to leave with a new car. Tesla’s retail locations have no inventories and the headaches associated with stockpiling hundreds of autos and taking on the huge amounts of risks, insurance liabilities, upkeep etc. is not a part of The automotive retail industry is made up of approximately 17,500 dealerships and

  2. their business model. Conversely, traditional car dealers have months upon months of supply with the top selling stores having the most variety. Tesla is a great company to highlight when discussing the angst that most people have when the topic of buying a new vehicle comes up. There is a better way to sell new vehicles; this will soon be proven as fact. The average consumer has a lot to gain by becoming familiar with how a traditional new vehicle dealer is setup and how they operate. Over the past five years these new vehicle retailers have experienced some of their best and most profitable years ever. There is nothing wrong with this and it is good for local communities, employment and our nation’s economy. I appreciate businesses being rewarded for their efforts and seeing small businesses flourish is always good for the masses. The flip side of the coin however is that there is also no harm in seeing the general public educated and put into a better position to make wise decisions, capitalize on knowledge and level the playing field between the franchised car retailer and the American working class. Make no mistake, when it comes to buying new vehicles in today’s marketplace the power is with the dealer. Just to see if this path we are going down has a lot of relevance please click on this link and take this brief survey so that we can validate or disprove my belief that most consumers would rather go to the dentist than to go through the new vehicle purchase experience at a traditional franchised car dealership. This survey takes less than three minutes on average and will help us to determine if we should launch a new free service focused on helping consumers win at the new car dealership. Thank you for your time and your feedback. A Car Dealership Owner Tell-All: How to Save Time, Money, & Stress Buying or Leasing Your Next Vehicle