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TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure

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TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure. Security of electronic communications Using asymmetric cryptography Electronic signature, digital certificate Using public key infrastructure TrustPort public key infrastructure solutions TrustPort eSign Pro. Table of contents. Three main aspects

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table of contents
Security of electronic communications

Using asymmetric cryptography

Electronic signature, digital certificate

Using public key infrastructure

TrustPort public key infrastructure solutions

TrustPort eSign Pro

Table of contents
security of electronic communications
Three main aspects

Integrity of transferred data

Authentication of the sender

Confidentiality of transferred data

Perils of unsecured communications

Data tempering on the way from the sender to the recipient

The real sender pretending to be someone else

Unwanted disclosure of confidential data

Security of electronic communications
making the communications secure
Symmetric cryptography

Based on a secret key

Perfect for local data encryption

Problematic distribution of the secret key

Asymmetric cryptography

Based on a private key and a public key

Designed for remote data exchange

Easy distribution of the public key

New issues to be solved

Making the communications secure
using asymmetric cryptography for encryption
Anyone can encrypt and send data using public key

Recipient only can decrypt data using private key

Using asymmetric cryptography for encryption




Encrypted data


Recipient‘s public key

Recipient‘s private key

the key pair explained
The keys are mathematically related

Data encrypted by public key can be decrypted only by the owner of the private key

Data encrypted by private key can be decrypted by anyone using public key

The private key cannot be reverse engineered from the public key

The key pair explained


Key generation algorithm

Public key

Private key

using asymmetric cryptography for signing
Using asymmetric cryptography for signing

sender‘s private key

hash algorithm



Encrypted hash value

= electronic signature



verification of electronic signature
Hash values are identical … signature is valid

Hash values are different … signature is not valid

Verification of electronic signature

sender‘s public key



Encrypted hash value

= electronic signature




hash algorithm

advantages of electronic signature
Authentication of the sender

no other person can create a valid signature of a document in the name of the sender

Securing integrity of the data

the signed document cannot be modified without making the signature invalid

Indisputability of the sender

the sender cannot deny the document was sent by him or her

Advantages of electronic signature
credibility of the electronic signature
The credibility is based on the

asymmetric encryption algorithm used.

bit length of the encryption keys used.

secure storage of the private keys.

Credibility of the electronic signature
digital certificate
A certificate is binding together a personal identity with a public key.

Certificate parts

Identification of the holder

Serial number

Identification of certification authority

Validity period

Public key of the holder

Digital certificate
registration and certification authority
accepts requests for certificates, verifies the identity of the applicants, issues digital certificates

guarantees the credibility of digital certificates

maintains a certificate revocation list

each certificate has a limited validity period

a certificate may be revoked even before the end of validity period

on verification of an electronic signature, the certification authority checks the list of all revoked certificates

Accredited certification authority is a certification authority recognized by the state. It can issue qualified digital certificates, applicable for legally binding communications with the public administration.

Certification authority without accreditation can be used for internal purposes of a business or an institution.

Registration and certification authority
public key infrastructure explained
Public key infrastructure explained

Certification authority

Verification authority

Certificate, public key

Requestis OK

Registration authority

Signatureis OK

Certificate, privatekey






Data message

the use of public key infrastructure
web applications

mail clients

office applications

content management systems

TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure, built on long tradition of development and experience in the field of electronic signature

The use of public key infrastructure
trustport public key infrastructure1
Asymmetric encryption algorithms in use

RSA (512 to 4096 bit), DSA (1024 bits), Elliptic curves (112 to 256 bits), Diffie-Hellman

Symmetric encryption algorithms in use

RC2 (40 to 128 bits), CAST128 (64, 80, 128 bits), BlowFish (64 to 448 bits), DES (56 bits), 3DES (168 bits), Rijndael (128, 192, 256 bits), TwoFish (128, 256 bits)

Hash algorithms in use

SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, MD5, RIPEMD 160

Further specifications

LDAP support, electronic signing and verification of PDF files, PDF encryption based on password and certificate, PDF timestamping

TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure
solutions based on trustport public key infrastructure
Solutions for end users

TrustPort eSign Pro(encrypting and signing files, verification of electronic signatures, timestamping files, safe storage of private keys and personal certificates)

Solutions for businesses

TrustPort Certification Authority(issuance and revocation of certificates, handling certificate requests, the core can run multiple certification authorities)

TrustPort Timestamp Authority(issuance of time stamps, detection of exact time from independent sources, can be used in combination with the previous product)

Solutions based on TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure
solutions based on trustport public key infrastructure1
TrustPort PKI SDK

enables development of applications using public key infrastructure

easy import and export of certificates, certificate revocation lists, encryption keys

safe storage of private keys and personal certificates

on the hard drive

on chip cards and flash tokens

multitude of symmetric, asymmetric and hash algorithms

extensive support of cards and tokens from different manufacturers

optional modules miniCA, miniTSA

certification and timestamp authorities for internal corporate use

Solutions based on TrustPort Public Key Infrastructure

TrustPort eSign Pro

TrustPort eSign Pro

  • Specific endpoint solution
  • Signs electronic documents
  • Encrypts documents reliably
  • Enables time stamping

Complete PDF support

  • PDF signing
  • PDF encryption
  • PDF time stamping

TrustPort eSign Pro

  • Recommended system requirements:
      • Pentium 200 MHz or higher,
      • Windows 2000 or higher,
      • 64 MB RAM
      • 20 MB HDD
  • Supported systems:
      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows Vista
      • Microsoft Windows XP
      • Microsoft Windows 2000
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2008