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The 4 th of May PowerPoint Presentation
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The 4 th of May

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The 4 th of May - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 4 th of May
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  1. The 4th of May Shopping in crisis

  2. Find the odd word: • a bar of chocolate, soap, bread • a carton of orange juice, bacon, milk • a slice of bread, ham, butter, cake • a cup of coffee, meat, tea, hot chocolate • a bowl of salad, cake, soup, cereal • a glass of milk, wine, beer, cheese, Coke • a bottle of Coke, beef, water, lemonade • a jar of honey, jam, potates, mustard • a bag of flour, sugar, ketchup, crisps • a box of vinegar, chocolates, biscuits

  3. Lace shop Confectionery Bookstall Butcher’s Bakery Post office Newsagent’s Jeweller’s Chemist’s Travel agent’s Supermarket Antique shop Boutique A plane ticket Old clock A book A packet of painkillers A diamond ring Pralines Lamb chops Lace tablecloths Stamps Hairspray A magazine Sugar A loaf of bread You can buy apples at agreengrocer’s

  4. A: Mm, that was wonderful coffee. Oh, it's so nice to be here in Brussels with you, Lisa and I can't wait to go shopping! L:- Ah, you've come to the right place, then! Boutiques, confectioner's, lace shops, antique shops, enormous department stores. You can shop till you drop, my dear. A: That's great! Where shall we go first? L: Well, the Sablon District is full of antique shops. You must visit Dewindt, on Lebeau-straat. It's got some lovely antiques. A: Oh, Lisa! Aren't you coming with me? L: I can't, I'm afraid, but I'll meet you at three, outside Inno Brussels on rue Neuve. It's Brussels' most famous department store, and you can buy everything from clothes to jewellery. A: Ooh, that sounds exciting! And what about souvenirs? Brussels is famous for chocolate and lace, isn't it? L: Yes, it is, and Leonidas on Boterstraat has the most delicious pralines in the world. We can also go to F. Rubbrecht in the Grand-Place. We'll find the best lace there. A: Will we have enough time? The shops are open from nine to six, aren't they? L: That's right, but it's Friday today. Shops are open until 8:00 pm on Fridays. And there are sales every January and July, so... A: The sales are on now? That's great! I can find some bargains! L: Of course you can. Didn't I tell you? Brussels really is the best place for shoppers!

  5. Results:

  6. You are: • Less than 50: you are firmness. Fashion changes, but your manner of clothing doesn’t. your fashion is your privacy, it reflects your individuality. You have no time, no money and especially no wish to change yourself. Thus, you are always satisfied, but it would be better to “shake” sometimes and buy something ultramodern. • From 51 up to 80: you are just golden medium. You are not indifferent to novelties of fashion, you are glad when her ideas are good and takes her advices when they suit you. Thus, your style is always individual and your clothes are rather fashionable. You like to dress smart, but you don’t make a problem of it. • More than 80: fashion is like a game, isn’t it? You follow any her rules. You look like as a model from “Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan”. It’s your first aim to strike the others. It’s very pleasant, but think a little bit: are you real?

  7. Good buy!