a bioethical project presented by alla natalie orna ib chemistry 4 june 2006 n.
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To Test, or Not to Test, That is the Question PowerPoint Presentation
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To Test, or Not to Test, That is the Question

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To Test, or Not to Test, That is the Question - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Bioethical Project Presented by: Alla Natalie Orna IB Chemistry 4 June 2006. To Test, or Not to Test, That is the Question. Huntington's Disease. Huntington's disease is a genetic disease caused by a dominant gene.

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huntington s disease
Huntington's Disease
  • Huntington's disease is a genetic disease caused by a dominant gene.
  • It is a degenerative brain disorder that creates physical and mental disabilities.
  • People usually start exhibiting symptoms between the ages of 30 and 50.
  • It usually brings on personality changes and depression.
  • There is a 50% chance of a parent passing the disease onto their child.
huntington s disease part 2
Huntington's Disease Part 2
  • The gene that codes for Huntington's disease is called IT15, or Huntingtin.
  • Death usually occurs 15-20 years after symptoms are first noticed.
the issue at hand
The Issue at Hand...
  • Priya's Mother just died from Huntington's disease.
  • Huntington's disease is a genetic disease which is a dominant gene.
  • There is a test for Huntington's disease.
  • Should Priya get tested?
two sides to every question
Two Sides to Every Question
  • Two things that one must consider before making the decision are the financial concerns and moral considerations.
financial concerns
Financial Concerns
  • How much do these tests cost? how much would you pay?
  • Do Insurance Companies pay for the test? Should they?
  • Who pays for the medical bills? Who should?
  • Who should raise the child once the parent dies?
moral concerns
Moral Concerns
  • If you know that you have HD, should you tell your fiance?
  • Would this affect your decision to have children?
  • If you have children, and find out that you have HD, should you test your children? Would you do a pre-natal test?
  • Should you tell your siblings so that they can be tested?
in conclusion
In Conclusion...
  • Before you make the decision to test yourself for HD, consider:
  • Moral responsibilities: whom do you tell?
  • Financial responsibilities: If you tell your insurance company (and you have to) your rates are going to be much higher (or you won't get insurance).
  • Reactions of others: how would you feel if others treated you differently knowing that you would die in a few years?
express yourself
Express Yourself!
  • Would you take the Huntington's Disease test if a parent had the disease?