hemophilia l.
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Hemophilia . Amy Neidig Rachel Mertz . Hemophilia. Hereditary bleeding disorder Lack of particular clotting factors bleeding from injury Hemophilia A Hemophilia B . Occurrence . Hemophilia A is most common 90% of people

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Amy Neidig

Rachel Mertz

  • Hereditary bleeding disorder
  • Lack of particular clotting factors
  • bleeding from injury
  • Hemophilia A
  • Hemophilia B
  • Hemophilia A is most common
  • 90% of people
  • Hemophilia A occurs in about 1 in every 5,000-10,000 male births
  • 18,000 people in America have Hemophilia
  • 400 babies are born with hemophilia each year
causes of hemophilia
Causes of Hemophilia
  • Caused by Genetic error
  • Females have two X chromosomes while Males have a Y and a X chromosomes
  • Females are carriers
  • Hemophilia only

affects males

history of hemophilia
History of Hemophilia
  • Jewish holy text
  • Document revealed that two brothers died from being circumcised
  • Queen Victoria passed the gene to her son and through several of her daughters
  • Spain , Germany and Russia
  • Main treatment- replacement therapy
  • Replacement therapy- giving or replacing the clotting factor that’s too low or missing
  • May have replacement therapy on regular basis to prevent bleeding
  • Reduce risks you might take clotting factor concentrates that don’t use human blood.
  • Complications of replacement therapy include:
    • Developing antibodies, act against the clotting factors
    • Develop viral infections from human clotting factors
    • Damage to joints, muscles, or other parts of the body resulting from delays in treatment
signs and symptoms
Signs and Symptoms
  • The major signs and symptoms are excessive bleeding and easy bruising
  • Signs of excessive external bleeding:
    • Bleeding in the mouth(cut, bite, losing a tooth)
    • Nosebleeds for no reason
    • Heavy bleeding from minor cut
    • Bleeding from a cut that resumes after stopping for a short time
gene therapy
Gene Therapy
  • Researchers are trying to develop ways to correct the defective gene’s that cause hemophilia
  • Such as gene therapy hasn’t yet developed to the point that its an accepted treatment
  • Researchers continue to test gene therapies for hemophilia in clinical trails
key points
Key Points
  • Rare bleeding disorder that causes excessive bleeding and easy bruising
  • if you have hemophilia you have little to none of certain clotting factors
  • Physical activity is important for the children and adults living with hemophilia
living with hemophilia
Living with Hemophilia
  • Doctors who specialize in blood disorders
  • Social works – financial issues , transportation , and mental health
  • Special Dentists
safety when children have hemophilia
Safety when children have hemophilia
  • Protect toddlers with helmets and knee pads when riding a bicycle
  • Seat belts , high chair safety belts , stroller safety belts
  • Furniture with sharp edges
  • Keep harmful and dangerous items away from small children
reference page
Reference Page
  • www.nhlbi.nih.gov
  • www.tellmewhyfacts.blogspot.com