hemophilia n.
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http:// www.rayur.com /hemophilia-definition-causes-symptoms-diagnosis-treatment-and-prevent.html. Hemophilia. By: Anna Exley and Jolie Hassenflow. http:// theviewspaper.net /hemophilia-the-royal-disease/. Hemophilia is….

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By: Anna Exley and

Jolie Hassenflow


hemophilia is
Hemophilia is…
  • A blood disorder in which your blood does not clot properly when injured.


type of inheritance
Type of inheritance
  • Hemophilia is a x-linked recessive disorder.
  • It is caused by a defect in one of the genes responsible for determining how the blood clots, 8(type A) or 9(type B).


treatments for type a
Treatments for Type A
  • Factor 8 replacement therapy:
    • Inject factor 8 directly into the bloodstream
      • Can be given on demand or on a regular basis


treatments for type b
Treatments for Type B
  • The treatment for type B is the same as type A
    • injection of factor 9 directly into the blood stream
      • Like type A treatment it can be given on demand or on a regular basis


people living w ith hemophilia
People LivingWith Hemophilia

In the past…


People can survive and live long lives with the disease

Hemophiliacs still have to be extremely careful

Emergency treatments are more efficient

  • More people died at a young age because there was no treatment
  • Survivors had to be extremely careful
  • The only way to treat a bleed was to wrap it in a towel and hope that it would eventually stop.
evolution in treatment
Evolution in Treatment
  • More understanding of the disease and how it affects each person individually will lead to safer treatment dosages.
      • Not enough factor 8/9 is not affective enough to stop bleeding.
      • Too much factor 8/9 can cause buildup of the medication in the place of injection which can lead to extreme pain and hospitalization.
who is more susceptible to hemophilia
Who is More Susceptible to Hemophilia?
  • Every race is equally susceptible
  • Males are more likely to get hemophilia than females because they can not carry it; if they get the infected X chromosome they will have it.


type of mutation
Type of Mutation
  • Any of the following can cause hemophilia:
    • Point mutation:Only effects one or few nucleotides in the DNA sequence
    • Inversion:When the gene is in the right place, but is backwards.
    • Deletion/insertion:A shift in the number of nucleotides that can ultimately lead to an altered amino acid sequence.
    • And Unidentified Mutations.