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Group Problem Solving Steps

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Group Problem Solving Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Problem Solving Steps. Define problem:.

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Group Problem Solving Steps

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define problem
Define problem:

As management of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket grocery store we have received several complaints of sexual harassment. The new manager has been accused by six women of unwanted inappropriate conduct that has create a hostile work environment. How can we promote a workplace free of harassment?

analyze the problem
Analyze the problem:
  • Harasser makes inappropriate comments, “I can’t wait until you turn 18, I’ll be your sugar daddy.”
  • Displays overly friendly gestures such as putting hands on females hips, leaning in uncomfortably close while talking to employees, and also kicking employees’ bottoms when they walk past.
  • Inappropriate talk about watching porn and claiming one of the actresses looks just like the employee.
  • The accused manager has been sending harassing text messages that are inappropriate in nature and make the employee feel uncomfortable such as “hey baby,” “what are your wearing?”
  • The employee feels that they’ve been treated unfairly, based on receiving more graveyard shifts, not getting requested days off, and criticized repeatedly and harshly.
  • Harasser has threatened the employee at home with retribution if they speak out against their behavior.
establish criteria for solutions
Establish Criteria For Solutions
  • Established a budget of $5,000 dollars for Sexual harassment training courses, manuals and posters to display policies and procedures for making a complaint.
  • Investigate all allegations, and interview all employees.

Establish a process for harassment:

Meet with alleged harasser, inform them of complaints,

and issue the following warnings based off the number of occurrences.

    • Verbal warning: Giving them the opportunity to amend their behavior.
    • Written warning: Two week time constraint to modify their behavior and then follow up with a review.
    • Termination of employment with continued behavior.
consider possible solutions to the problem brainstorming
Consider Possible Solutions To The Problem Brainstorming:
  • Schedule the victims and the harasser on different shifts.
  • Adopt a clear policy on sexual harassment and introduce policies during new employment training.
  • Hold quarterly meetings educating the employees on the policy and procedures of sexual harassment, and also the process of the disciplinary policy.
  • Make sure all employees know the sexual harassment policies apply to everyone including managers and supervisors.
  • Inform all managers and supervisors that it is their responsibility to provide a harassment free work environment.
  • Open-door policy with open communication and guidance to eliminate the taboo of silence that usually surrounds cases of harassment.
evaluate and decide all possible solutions
Evaluate and Decide All Possible Solutions:
  • Adopt a clear sexual harassment policy.
      • Define harassment
      • Make sure the victims feel comfortable with the decision and monitor their progress preventing retaliation.
  • Train employees
  • Train management (supervisors and managers)
  • Monitor the work place focus on the climate of the office.
  • Take all complaints seriously and investigate in a timely manner
implement solution
Implement Solution:
  • Understand: policies, processes and procedures
  • Observe: watch for and discourage behaviors that negatively affect work
  • Examine: Do not take sexual harassment lightly
  • Confront: Sexual harasser immediately and tell them that this behavior is not acceptable.
  • Resolve: Document all incidents with details, dates, time, location, and persons involved.
  • Support: Give the victim support, encourage recipient to talk about it, and take the action to stop it.
follow up on the solution
Follow Up On The Solution:
  • Management agrees that we need to review situation and follow up making sure all victims feel comfortable with the work situation.
  • Provide information about counseling.
  • Formal training for entire work team
  • Be proactive to prevent future harassment problems.
  • Although we now have steps in place to rectify the situation when it happens, it’s not entirely preventable. These policies are made to ensure the workplace environment is made secure, safe, and problems are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.