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Unit 5 Seminar. Agenda. 1. Seminar Discussion. 2. Unit 5 Review. 3. Unit 5 Project. 4. Questions. Section 1: Prefix Supply the Prefix, Definition, Example: within (---cellular, -- cranial) Intra. Section 2: Supply the Combining Form Definition for Body Part, Structure, or Condition

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1. Seminar Discussion

2. Unit 5 Review

3. Unit 5 Project

4. Questions

Unit 5 seminar

  • Section 1: Prefix

    Supply the Prefix, Definition, Example:

  • within (---cellular, -- cranial)

  • Intra

Unit 5 seminar

Apa quick reference guide
APA Quick Reference Guide

  • Please review ppt in Doc Sharing

  • Include references in your project for Unit 5!

Unit 5 review
Unit 5 Review

Chapter 8 & 9 Review

Chapter 8 female reproductive system
Chapter 8: Female Reproductive System

Arche/o =

Cervic/o, trachel/o =

Colp/o, vagin/o =

Culd/o =

Episi/o, vulv/o =

Gynec/o, gyn/o =

Hymen/o =

Chapter 8 female reproductive system1
Chapter 8: Female Reproductive System

Hyster/o, metr/o, metr/i, uter/o =

Mamm/o, mast/o =

Men/o =

Oophor/o =

Perine/o =

Salping/o =

Prefixes and suffixes
Prefixes and Suffixes

=surrounding (outside)

= absence of a normal body opening, occlusion, closure

= pertaining to

= fallopian tube

Disease and disorder terms built from word parts
Disease and disorder termsbuilt from word parts

  • a/men/o/rrhea

  • Cervic/itis

  • Dys/men/o/rrhea

  • Men/o/metr/o/rrhagia

Disease and disorder terms built from word parts1
Disease and disorder termsbuilt from word parts

  • Myo/metr/itis

  • Oligo/men/o/rrhea

  • Pyo/salpinx

  • Salping/o/cele

Surgical terms built from word parts
Surgical terms built from word parts





Diseases not built from word parts
DiseasesNot built from word parts

  • Inflammation of the pelvic organs

  • Endometrial tissue growing outside of uterus, causes painful menstruation, infertility.

  • One or more benign cysts in the breasts.


  • An ultrasound procedure that uses a transducer placed in the vagina to obtain images of the ovaries, uterus, cervix, etc; used to diagnose tumors, monitor pregnancy, evaluate ovulation

  • Blood test used in the detection of ovarian cancer


  • Study of women

  • Replacement of hormones to treat symptoms of menopause

  • Syndrome occurring about 10 days before menstruation; symptoms include irritability, nervous tension, mood swings.

Chapter 9 obstetrics and neonatology
Chapter 9: Obstetrics and neonatology

Combining Forms

Amni/o, amnion/o =

Chori/o =

Embry/o =


Fet/o, fet/i =

Gravid/o =

Nat/o =

Omphal/o =

Par/o, part/o =

Combining forms
Combining forms

Puerper/o =

Cephal/o =

Esophag/o = (feeding tube)

Pelv/o, pelvi/o =

Prim/i =

Pseud/o =

Pylor/o = (sphincter between the stomach and small intestines)

Terat/o =


ante-, pre-















Complementary terms
Complementary terms

  • Oligo/hydr/amnios

  • Poly/hydra/amnios

  • Dys/tocia

  • Chorio/amnion/itis

Complementary terms1
Complementary terms

  • Lact/o/genic

  • Lact/orrhea

  • Amni/o/rrhexis

  • Ante/part/um

Complementary terms2
Complementary terms

  • Multi/gravid/a

  • Gravid/o/puerper/al

  • Neo/nat/o/logy

Complementary terms3
Complementary terms

  • Pseud/o/cyesis

  • Primi/para

  • Primi/gravid/a


  • Obstetrics

  • Newborn

  • In vitro fertilization

  • Last menstrual period


Chapter 8

A&P repair anterior and posterior colporraphy

Cx Cervix

D&C Dilation and Curettage

FBD Fibrocystic Breast Disease

GYN Gynecology

HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy

PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

SHG Sonohysterography

TAH/BSO Total Abdominal Hysterectomy/

Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy

TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome

TVH Total Vaginal Hysterectomy

TVS Transvaginal Sonography

UAE Uterine Artery Embolization

Chapter 9

CS, C-section cesarean section

DOB date of birth

EDD expected date of delivery

FAS fetal alcohol syndrome

IVF in vitro fertilization

LMP last menstrual period

LNMP last normal menstrual period

multip multpara (multi pregnancies)

NB Newborn

OB Obstetrics

Primip primipara (first pregnancy)

RDS respiratory distress syndrome

True or false
True or false

1. Fertilization normally occurs in the uterus.

Answer false
Answer: False

Fertilization normally occurs in the fallopian tube.

True or false1
True or False?

2. Fertilization is a synonym for conception.

Answer true
Answer: True

Fertilization is a synonym for conception.

True or false2
True or False?

3. Pelvic sonography is used to evaluate the fetus and pregnancy.

Answer true1
Answer: True

Pelvic sonography - to evaluate the fetus & pregnancy.

True or false3
True or False?

4. The premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall is called abruptio placentae.

Answer true2
Answer: True

Premature separation of placenta from uterine wall is called abruptio placentae.

True or false4
True or False?

5. Atresia means abnormal passageway.

Answers false
Answers: False

Fistula means abnormal passageway. Atresia means congenital absence.

Exp: hysteratresia: closure in the uterine cavity

Sample questions
Sample questions

What is the name of the procedure that uses an injection of a blue dye and/or radioactive isotope

to identify metastases of breast cancer is:

Sample questions1
Sample questions

  • Technique that combines mammography and computer assisted biopsy to obtain tissue from a breast lesion.

Sample questions2
Sample questions

  • Procedure used to treat fibroids:

Sample questions3
Sample questions

  • First stool of the newborn- greenish black in color: