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Tribute to Buntz Boy

Tribute to Buntz Boy

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Tribute to Buntz Boy

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  1. Tribute to Buntz Boy A memorial to a noble and loyal German Shepard Dog who was an alumni of the German Shepard Rescue Club of Houston Texas. A more faithful and dedicated friend I have ever had the experience to know, and fear that I shan’t again in this lifetime. This is his story, in Pictures, as he spent his life of ten years at our sides, sharing our hearts, our loves, until that last moment together. We share this story with you so that you can know a bit about our Buntz, and how much we loved each other in our time together in this life. It is our hope you will see just how much satisfaction, joy, companionship and memories can come from adopting a canine companion from a rescue organization. January 1999 - July 2009

  2. The Early Years Buntz was obsessed with a Kong.. Any Kong, regardless of shape, or size, he would play fetch for hours, yet, after Tiring some he would just linger out at the fence line and dictate when he was going to actually bring it to you. He loved to cool off after a run by laying on the fireplace brick. It is always a cool place for dogs to lay on. Buntz got his name from a combination of names. Martha had hesitated to tell us what his first owners had called him, labeling it as “A silly name for a male dog” . We knew Martha called him Lance, so he was named from Baby (he responded to this ), Lance, and the ‘Z’ because he “Buntzed” into just about everything at the house! He was a joy to the house from the very start. Our two other canines, a GSD Female and a Westie, he fit right in and took over the bedroom, ever gleeful and cheery

  3. The Middle years As he matured thru adolescence, his colors and sweet disposition only grew deeper and more beautiful. Always close at hand, never attempted even once to run away, or break loose during walks.. Buntz boy was home. Buntzs’ pack mate Lexi shared 7 years of companionship at his side.

  4. The Sunset yearsAnd the onset of Degenerative Melopathy illness Buntz started occasionally dragging his back foot and claws when he walked in the Spring of 2008. After several trips to the vet and some diagnostics, Buntz was presumed to have degenerative melopathy of the spine. It was said he would have two years left at most, and possibly less. We all took the news and made the most of our time together as we could. Buntz took on the task of teaching Sasha about life in the pack, defending her from the others, and providing a gentle friend to grow up with. Buntz mellowed as he aged, but remained in perfect health, other than a one time run in with a skunk..

  5. The Spring and early Summer of 2009 Buntz lost the ability to walk in March of 2009. He always managed to keep himself to where ever you were, and stay close to you Buntz started having even more difficulties in Late June 2009. His spine had shifted in his lower back, separating and going completely out of alignment. This made it impossible for Buntz to get comfortable. He could only lay on one side, and it took every thing he had to drag himself outside to potty. It became time to make a horribly sad decision, but granted mercy to my fiend of so many years…. Buntz struggled more and more each week, as the disease slowly progressed. He constantly insisted on going out side to pee, no matter how hard it was.

  6. Farewell, Dear Buntz Puppy You were loved more than even we knew…Hopefully, it was at least as much as we know you loved us We’ve sent you to play and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Listen for me. Look for me, because… “Pappa will come for you”

  7. That day in Houston, we had looked at dogs at a public adoption event, and them went to this lady’s house, a lady who was a adoption sponsor, named Martha and her Physician husband. The Meeting Martha had several females I was interested in looking at. But no one really caught my eye, or seemed to say “Hey, I’ve been waiting on you!!” to me.. Then they told me of this male they had just picked up a second time, and that he was pretty slim but a docile and really nice dog. I was intrigued, and said, “yes, I’d like to see that dog, please” They took me into the room where he was in a kennel resting. He looked at me, into my eyes, and saw completely thru my soul, instantly bonding me to him forever. Despite absolute outrage and a fierce objection from my Female GSD I had with me, Lance came home with us, and became the Buntz Boy. The Story behind The pictures Buntz Boy was originally adopted as a rescue dog. Misunderstood by his original owners, he became a stray on the streets of Houston Texas shortly before his first birthday. Spring of 2000 He was rescued once, and returned to his family, but for whatever reason, the relationship wasn’t meant to be, and Buntz ended up lost and alone on the streets again. This time, a month of days passed before he was picked up and rescued by the German Shepard Rescue Club of Houston Texas. They took Buntz in and a kind and benevolent lady named Martha became his sponsor. Martha’s husband, thought the dog was extremely handsome and fought the urge to just adopt the animal outright (much to our benefit). As fate always has it, Buntz and I were about to meet, but didn’t know it yet. we had already chosen to find a rescue dog and had previously completed the process with the GSD rescue club to adopt a new member to our pack. That very weekend, we drove from Dallas to Houston to review the available canines and make a selection.