Tasmanian qualifications authority update on certification
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Tasmanian Qualifications Authority UPDATE ON CERTIFICATION. Information for Schools and Colleges April 2008. Senior Secondary Qualifications. In 2009 the Authority will issue three new certificates: New Tasmanian Certificate of Education (new TCE) Qualifications Certificate

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Tasmanian qualifications authority update on certification
Tasmanian Qualifications AuthorityUPDATE ON CERTIFICATION

Information for Schools and Colleges April 2008

Senior secondary qualifications
Senior Secondary Qualifications

In 2009 the Authority will issue three new certificates:

  • New Tasmanian Certificate of Education (new TCE)

  • Qualifications Certificate

  • Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement (TCEA)

Relationship between tqa qualifications
Relationship between TQA Qualifications

  • Qualifications Certificate – lists all qualifications obtained

  • New Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) obtained when requirements in literacy, numeracy, ICT, participation and achievement and pathway planning are met

  • Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement (TCEA) when eligibility criteria are met

New tasmanian certificate of education
new Tasmanian Certificate of Education

Clear standards and clear evidence that the standards have been met

Will be issued from December 2009 to a student who has demonstrated meeting minimum requirements in:

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Information communication technology (ICT)

  • Participation and achievement

  • Pathway planning.

    The new TCE requires 'a significant amount of learning at a set standard'. We recognise a very broad range of learning, and are very flexible about where, when and how that learning happens.

To get the new tce students will need to show they
To get the new TCE students will need to show they

  • can do everyday adult reading, writing and communication (literacy standard);

  • can use everyday adult maths (numeracy standard);

  • can make everyday adult use of computers and the internet (ICT standard);

  • have completed a full program as part of senior secondary education and training (participation and achievementstandard); and

  • have developed and reviewed a future career, education and training plan (pathway planningstandard).

Meeting the literacy requirements
Meeting the Literacy Requirements

  • TCE 5C subjects in English – Eg English Communications, English Studies

  • Other TCE 5C subjects with literacy – Eg Psychology, Geography, SDI

  • Other TCE 3-4 B and C English– Eg English Writing, English

  • VET qualifications with literacy - Cert II Business Services, General Construction; Cert I Workplace Skills

  • Literacy test (stand-alone)

  • .

Meeting the numeracy requirements
Meeting the Numeracy Requirements

  • TCE 5C subjects in Mathematics- Eg Maths Applied 5C, Maths Methods 5C, Maths Specialised 5C

  • Other TCE 5C subjects with numeracy – Eg Accounting 5C, Chemistry 5C, Physical Sciences 5C

  • TCE 3-4 B and C Mathematics subjects - Eg Maths Applied, Maths at Work,

  • VET qualifications with numeracy - Cert I and II in General Construction

  • Numeracy test (stand-alone)

Meeting the ict requirements
Meeting the ICTRequirements

  • TCE 5C subjects in ICT – Eg Computer Science, Information Technology

  • Other TCE 5C subjects with ICT – Eg Ancient Civilizations, Art Appreciation, English Communications

  • TCE 3-4 B and C in ICT subjects – Eg Computer Graphics and Design, Media Production,

  • VET qualifications with ICT - Cert II in Business, Cert II in IT

  • ICT test (stand-alone)

Testing literacy numeracy and ict standards in 2008
Testing Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Standards in 2008

  • Tests for literacy, numeracy and ICT are being developed by the TQA

  • In 2008 students undertaking particular courses to meet the standards in literacy, numeracy and ICT will take these tests

  • Tests will be taken in October and managed by the TQA – 30 minute

  • Results will be provided to students and will confirm (or otherwise) that they have met the standard

  • Test result will not affect course result

  • Results will be also made available to schools

  • TQA will use results to test validity of courses to meet literacy, numeracy and ICT requirement.

Meeting the participation and achievement requirements
Meeting the Participation and AchievementRequirements

  • get enough ‘credit points’ - learning at a set standard

  • each course has a ‘size value‘, a ‘depth/complexity’ value and a ‘robustness’ value

  • a student who completes a course to the required standard gets credit points equal to the size value at the depth/complexity level of the course

  • To meet the standard a student will need to have 120 credit points in education and training (TQA level 1,2, 3 or 4), with at least 80 credit points at complexity level 2 or higher

  • Student must achieve at least a PA for a TCE course or ‘competent’ for a VET competency

Participation and achievement table
Participation and AchievementTable

Example of content of tables - http://www.tqa.tas.gov.au/1919

Comparative course levels for new tce previous tce and nqf

Meeting the pathway planning requirements
Meeting the Pathway Planning Requirements

  • Pathway Planning

  • Students will show that they have developed and reviewed plans for the future

  • 2007 year 10 students have lodged a Statement of Intent as part of the formal requirements for Guaranteeing Futures

  • Statement of Intent lodged via a scannable document returned to the TQA

  • Schools and colleges will sign off to show students have used pathway plans during year 11 and 12

Ways of getting the new tce
Ways of getting the new TCE?

  • By doing a full-time program at school or college

  • By doing a mix of TCE and VET full-time as in a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship

  • By doing a full-time VET program – Eg an apprenticeship

  • By combining part-time work and study or training*

    * There are no time restrictions for completion. Students can take more than two years

What the new tce will look like
What the new TCE will look like

  • A statement showing a student has met all the requirements to be awarded the new TCE

  • A Qualifications Certificate which lists all achievement in:

    • TCE

    • TQA accredited

    • TQA recognised

    • VET

Counseling advice to 2008 year 11 students
Counseling advice to 2008 Year 11 students

  • Should enrol in a full two year program

  • Should check that they can meet literacy, numeracy and ICT requirements

  • Should ensure that they can meet the 120 units of credit over two years with 80 at complexity level 2 or above

University entrance
University Entrance

  • The change to the TCE will not alter university entrance and the Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER).

  • Year 12 students gain their TER from achievement in TCE 5C subjects using rules approved by the university. This will continue.

  • The university may consider an equivalent TER which recognises VET and other courses (up to TER of 65)

Qualifications certificate
Qualifications Certificate

  • Will list all education and training qualifications

  • Is essentially the current Tasmanian Certificate of Education under a new name

  • Will show all senior secondary education and training qualifications

  • These qualifications can count toward a future new TCE qualification

  • Students who get the new TCE will also get the Qualifications Certificate

  • The current TCE will be last issued in December 2008

Tasmanian certificate of educational achievement
Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement

The TCEA is a quality assured, centrally issued ‘narrative’ (rather than standardised) certificate for the small number of students for whom a fair account of their achievements requires this form of certification.

Circumstances where the tcea could apply
Circumstances where the TCEA could apply

  • Where personal circumstances impact on or cause difficulties in learning.

  • Where disability impacts upon one or more aspects of student learning.

  • Where an impairment, disability and/or illness has a significant impact on a student’s learning.

  • Where special and/or additional educational needs or circumstances have a significant impact on learning.

Situations where the tcea might apply
Situations where the TCEA might apply

  • Personal circumstances – family bereavement; caring.

  • Disability – discrepancies in achievement and success due to disability

  • Impairment or Illness – chronic illness; accident or injury

  • Special Educational Needs – need for specialist equipment; access issues

Eligibility criteria
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is determined by:

  • a joint agreement between student and provider that the TCEA is necessary and appropriate;

  • the provider making available the resources for collecting information and providing the statements for the certificate to the standards set by the TQA;

  • the TQA being notified in sufficient time for arrangements to be made;

  • the education provider agreeing to meet the quality assurance processes required by the TQA;

  • the student remaining in attendance with the education provider until the date specified annually by the TQA.


  • Initiation and Application – eligibility criteria addressed; application made; approval from TQA required. To TQA by 30 May.

  • Data and Information Collection – student with support of provider/school and advocate/parent/carer collects and holds information that will support narrative. Collection June – September (16 months).

  • Drafting Narrative Content – Guidelines for Writing give direction fordraftingcomments by provider. Review provisions allow student to see and approve comments. Forwarded to TQA by mid-November.

  • Quality Assurance Procedure – Eligibility, verification of data and consistency of language checked by TQA – mid-late November.

  • TQA Issues TCEA – to be issued in conjunction with the TQC and new TCE – issued December-January.

Guidelines for writing
Guidelines for Writing

  • Narrative material to be drafted by the provider

  • use the TCEA – Material for Inclusion pro forma

  • maximum of 600 words

  • Positive, supportive and consistent language

  • Comments should reflect fairness and justice

  • Achievements only about education and training

  • Personal information complies with TQA’s Personal Information Protection Policy

  • Information can be provided by the student, parent/carer, advocate and teachers/instructors

Further information on the tcea
Further Information on the TCEA

Guidelines for the Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement – provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the TCEA. Available at www.tqa.tas.gov.au

Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement: Application Form – for submitting to the TQA and available at www.tqa.tas.gov.au

Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement - Material for Inclusion - provides the narrative or descriptive information that will appear on the TCEA. Available atwww.tqa.tas.gov.au

Further information
Further information

Information available from the new TCE website at


Contact the TQA on

ph 6233 4649

Email newtce@tqa.tas.gov.au