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A wise decision. Language Features and Functions. Vocabulary: Sailing Grammar: Hard and Good Function: Expressing feelings and ideas I think…/ In my opinion,…. Language Skills. Speaking : To answer the question about the story. Reading : To read for comprehension and answer.

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Language features and functions
Language Features and Functions


Grammar:Hard and Good

Function:Expressing feelings and ideas

I think…/ In my opinion,…

Language skills
Language Skills

  • Speaking: To answer the question about the story.

  • Reading: To read for comprehension and answer.

    Writing: To write and share the opinion about

    the story


wave (n.)

A big wave turned his boat over.


air (n.)

In the countryside it is full of the fresh air because there is no pollution.


take part (v.)

If you take part in thisactivity, you will know many new friends.


knock (v.)

Knocking the door is a good permission before you come in.


upside down (adv.)

Don’t put the books in the shelf upside down. You may not see the title.


capsize (v.)

The boat was capsizes by the strong wind.


sailor (n.)

He became a sailor when he moved to the south of Thailand.


yacht (n.)

A yacht is a type of boat with sails and an engine, used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure.


hull (n.)

The hull of my uncle boat is outstanding to many people in Phuket.


1. e 6. h

2. a 7. C

3. i 8. g

4. d 9. b

5. f

Pre reading

1 Would you like to travel around the world on a boat?

Why or why not?

Pre reading1

2 What are some of the problems you might have if you travelled around the world on a boat?

Pre reading2

3 If you had a problem at sea, who could help you?

A wise decision1
A wise decision

In January 1997, Tony Bullimore was taking part in the Vendee Globe yacht race. The race begins and ends in France, and goes all the way around the world. The sailors are alone in their yachts. It is a hard race because the yachts must not stop. It is also very dangerous. The race goes through some of the worst seas in the world, thousands of kilometres from land.

A wise decision2
A wise decision

On 5 January, Tony sailed into very bad weather 1,500 kilometres south of Perth, Australia. There were winds of 90 kilometres per hour, and waves 15 metres high. Tony’s 18-metre yacht, the Exide Challenger, capsized. It was dark and cold inside the yacht. There was only enough air for a few days, and Tony had only a small piece of chocolate to eat. But Tony was a very good sailor. He knew that if he went outside the yacht, he would die. He decided to wait inside the yacht.

A wise decision3
A wise decision

Luckily for Tony, the Australian Navy sent many planes and ships to fine him. They looked for almost five days, but could not find him. Then on 9 January, sailors, on one of the ships, the HMAS Adelaide, saw the Exide Challenger. It was upside down. They didn’t know if Tony was inside, and they didn’t know if he was alive. The sailors from the HMAS Adelaide knocked on the hull of the Exide Challenger. They were very happy when Tony knocked back!

A wise decision4
A wise decision

And what do you think Tony did after he was found? He asked for a cup of tea!

Post reading


A 1. navy

2. waves

3. take part

4. knocked

5. air

Post reading1


B 1. turn over

2. the wrong way up

3. person who works on boats

4. sailing boat

5. the body of a boat

Post reading2

In other words

A 1 - To describe the life of a sailor.

B 1. Paragraph 2

2. Paragraph 1

3. Paragraph 3

Post reading3

General understanding

1. T

2. F

3. F

4. T

Post reading4

In detail

1. There is no time to stop.

2. Exide Challenger.

3. On 5 January.

4. 90 kilometres per hour.

5. 15 metres high.

6. On 9 January.