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HP BladeSystem Matrix introduction/overview PowerPoint Presentation
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HP BladeSystem Matrix introduction/overview

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HP BladeSystem Matrix introduction/overview
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HP BladeSystem Matrix introduction/overview

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  1. HP BladeSystem Matrix introduction/overview July 28, 2009

  2. Yesterday’s infrastructure Built one server at a time Line of businessselects application Get purchase approvals Project planningmeetings And moremeetings Order server facilities storage network server Server delivery Move to test center unpack inventory Build process • Many people • Many manual steps • Many weeks • Human error Move to production environment Change controlapprovals Re-cable and move into production

  3. Today’s integrated infrastructure Provisioned when needed Line of businessselects application Verify resource allocation (self-service portal) Choose infrastructure application template (right size?, right app?) Tool determines available resources and when • Less people • A few automated steps • Integrated information • Same functionality for virtualand physical servers – no compromises! Workflow starts automatically Push “go” A full application infrastructure up and running!

  4. Service Templates Service Catalog Adaptive infrastructure Business-ready infrastructure in action Service Portal Service Requester Service Compliance Supply Portal Service Supplier Inventory

  5. HP BladeSystem Matrix Collapses cost & complexity for any workload One managed domain across 1000 physical servers and VMs CRM ERP DataWarehouse Database Affordable failover & Disaster Recovery-ready for all apps Mail and Messaging File, Print, Infrastructure Open choice of Integrity, ProLiant, core network and SAN Resource Pool OS and hypervisorssupported equally

  6. Ideal usages for BladeSystem Matrix • IT consolidation platform • Unified physical and virtual platform – perfect fit, including power/cooling efficiency • Data Center transformation (AI), utility compute • Organizations moving to shared services models • Service providers – dedicated, virtual and cloud • Test/Dev automation • HP IO designer with self-service portal and scheduling ideal fit • Internal cloud/Compute Pool • HP IO designer with self-service portal and scheduling ideal fit • Connections to external clouds

  7. What’s under the hood Virtual Connectvirtualized LAN and SANconnections optionally included StorageWorks EVA SAN Supports any certified FC SAN target* Insight SoftwareCapacity PlanningOrchestrationDisaster Recovery All-in-One Services, plus ProLiant iCAP and pay as you grow financing Integrity andProLiant blade servers *c-Class SAN storage compatibility: http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/blades/components/c-class-sans.html 7 24 August 2014

  8. Runtime management services Catalog of app infras. templates (available at www.hp.com/go/matrixtemplates) Self-service portal HP BladeSystem Matrix Matrix Orchestration Environment Workflow automation + Capacity planning + Energy-aware provisioning + Disaster recovery-ready Across all applications on physical or virtual servers

  9. Ready for business in 108 minutes • 5 minutes of ONE administrator time to initiate • 5 minutes approval time • 38 minutes to provision infrastructure • 60 minutes to install/configure applications Typical process for this customer was 33 days.

  10. Resource Pool

  11. Specify connection to networks

  12. Weblogic on 3 VM’s with Windows.

  13. 3 blade servers with Linux for Oracle RAC.

  14. Shared data disks for Oracle RAC

  15. Private network for Oracle RAC heartbeat

  16. A service-ready infrastructure delivered to your data center Best practice design becomes best practice operations • Infrastructure provisioning in minutes instead of weeks, identically for virtual as physical servers • Establish and enforce consistent architectural standards • Extensible with existing workflows • Works with existing typical IT processes Visual interface App template library Push-button deploy; self-service portal

  17. Disaster recovery-ready • VM or physical machine recovery • Metropolitan-distance failover in minutes • Works with EVA storage and Continuous Access • Easy creation of recovery profile from primary profile GUI config Push-button Site “role-reversal”

  18. Powercosts Infrastructure optimization Matching resource capacity to demand • Reduce power consumption up to 35%1 • Reclaim up to 50% data center circuit capacity2 • Improve server consolidation ratios • Cut server consolidation time down from monthsto days Throttle power and cap peak Continuously optimize resource usage P2P P2V Built-in migration tools to ease workload movement V2P V2V 1, 2 HP analysis. Compared to similarly configured rackmount servers

  19. Packaged infrastructure Simple to buy/deploy applications as you need • Avoid the hassle of buying and installing servers one at a time • Pools of standardized resources minimize procedures to write and maintain • Eases installation and integration in your environment • Pay as you go Up to 64 instant-capacity enabled blades per rack* – 512 CPU cores, 8TB RAM Up to 96TB built-in RAID-protected storage. Data LUNs can be grown, shrunk, or replicated 10Gb network connectivity Up to 8 NICs and 2 FC HBAs per blade Flex-10 Flex-10 * ProLiant instant capacity (ProLiant server-based) in U.S. only at this time

  20. For about the same price, only BladeSystem Matrix delivers an adaptive infrastructure Matrix (c7000 1Ph loaded, VC Flex-10 pair, VC FC 8Gb pair, 16-pk Matrix Orchestration Environment lics.) Solution package NA 1 95K Servers 16 16 16 1U rackmount servers 2x HDDs (local mirrored boot FC HBA cards 54K 11K 18K 16 16 Half-height server blades NA FC HBA cards 55K 12K Additional NICs 16 64 Quad port NIC 64 ports on an Ethernet switch 8K 31K [Not needed w/Flex-10, 10Gb in blades] [Included in Matrix – VC Flex-10] Cables var Cables 7K var Cables 1K Storage edge conn. 2 32 4 Redundant fibre channel SAN switch SFPs for switch/switch ports SFPs for switch/array ports 23K 6K 1K [Included in Matrix – VC Flex-10] N/A SFPs for switch/array ports 4 1K ID-VSE, HPIO, HPIR, ICE, VCEM, Insight Migration Pack licenses [Included in Matrix] Mgmt software 16 Insight Control Environment licenses 9K SAN target (EVA) 1 8 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) 4400 kit 400GB FC drives 32K (incld. above) 1 8 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) 4400 kit 400GB FC drives 32K (incld. above) Fulfillment/implem. services 1 1 Insight Control Install & Startup service Factory services 4K Incld. 1 1 Matrix complete Implem. Service Matrix factory services 17K Incld. Total (if local boot) OR 204K Total (if local boot) 213K NO advanced mgmt, consolidation/migration, NO Virtual Connect, NO design editor and self service portal, NO logical server support, NO end to end fulfillment and implementation! Complete, integrated, with advanced AI capabilities Total (if boot from SAN) 193K US$ ILP pricing as of April 2009 Basic rackmount solution BladeSystem Matrix 20 24 August 2014

  21. HP Matrix vs. Cisco UCS - at a glance         1VMware is the only hypervisor that supports the Nexus 1000v and Cisco has admitted (3/16/09 webinar) that Nexus is “fundamental” to UCS. 2 N.Y. Times 1/19/2009 “Cisco boasts gross profit margins of close to 65 percent, while companies selling basic servers tend toward gross margins closer to 25 percent on those products.” These high margins are reflective of Cisco’s high prices. 3 Cisco talks about “open” but admitted Nexus switches (not even Catalyst switches) are “fundamental” to UCS. Also, UCS depends on Cisco proposed proprietary standards that are not open until and if they are ever approved. www.cisco.com and HP engineering analysis, April 2009 HP Restricted- For HP Internal Use Only

  22. HP BladeSystem Matrix advantages • Integrated offering that’s available today • Unified platform for managing physical and virtual resources • One managed domain across 1000 physical servers and VMs • 10GbE that can be carved up to address application needs; eliminates switches/ports/cables • Power/cooling capacity is managed proactively • Hypervisor heterogeneity • Integrated UI with infrastructure designer/self-service portal right out of the box! • Automated Test/Dev infrastructure provisioning, continuous consolidation, everyday HA and DR-ready – all built-in • Low acquisition cost Cloud Infrastructure in a box HP Restricted- For HP Internal Use Only

  23. Only truly integrated package and delivery, end to end Standard components with better integration is a win Cost effective from acquisition point forward (CapEx and OpEx) HP Financial Services 0% lease, pay as you go, buyback/trade-in to ease hardware refresh, and more (ProLiant instant capacity in U.S.) Compatibility with existing environments – works with all key partners - Cisco, Brocade, EMC, VMware, Microsoft, ISVs, etc. – application infrastructure template library available on hp.com Built from standard enterprise components - not “unique” like iDataPlex, Egenera, IB-based solutions and the like Less expensive than piecing it together Less expensive no matter how you compare! Against racks/blades or competition Business differentiation

  24. BladeSystem Matrix BladeSystem Matrix Starter kit EVA4400 (optional) Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Expans. kit Buy with HP Financial Services for near 0% lease programs and pay as you grow options…. How do I buy BladeSystem Matrix? Available now! Step 1: Buy a Starter kit HP factory/services install for you! Step 2: Add with Expansion kit Instant Capacity pool (U.S.-based) 507021-B21 535888-B21 TB462A HA115A1-5NL

  25. 1 2 4 3 5 Starter kit components 535888-B21 TB462A 570775-B21 included HA115A1-5NL

  26. 2 1 3 Expansion kit components 507021-B21

  27. Matrix Application Infrastructure Template kits available on hp.com • At http://www.hp.com/go/matrixtemplates • Microsoft Exchange • Oracle RAC/database • SAP • In plans: Microsoft SQL Server, Citrix Presentation Server, Peoplesoft , Siebel, and generic examples • Templates define service configs, including modification options • E.g. A 5000 Exchange 2007 Service • 3 server blades, 4 cores, 8 GB RAM • 10 GB Boot LUNs, 500 GB RAID 5 LUN • Recommended OS = Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 • Documentation/description of template, configuration, settings, etc. • OO workflows to automate tasks • Scripts or other content for additional automation (kicked off by workflows) • RDP jobs <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> -<InfrastructureServiceTemplate xmlns="http://hp.com/2007/ess/sw/model/InfrastructureUtilitySchema"> <Id>template992756129</Id> <Name>eStore (.NET) Medium</Name> <Note>Online storefront for medium size business V3.2 Windows (.net) Application server with fault tolerant database</Note> <CreateEpoch>1216857453602</CreateEpoch> <LastModifiedEpoch>1232481678671</LastModifiedEpoch> <IsReleased>true</IsReleased> -<LogicalServerGroups> <Id>template992756129#lsg812744648</Id> <Name>web-IIS</Name> -<ViewContext> <X>173</X> <Y>93</Y> </ViewContext> <MinServerCount>2</MinServerCount> <MaxServerCount>3</MaxServerCount> +<LogicalServerStereotype> <Name>web-IIS</Name> <Hostname>#web</Hostname> <IsVirtual>YES</IsVirtual> <IsRecoverable>NO</IsRecoverable> <MemorySize>512</MemorySize> <MemorySizeType>MB</MemorySizeType> <ProcessorCount>1</ProcessorCount>

  28. ‘... “BladeSystem Matrix is more about enhancing and improving what we already have and the way we do things today rather than rethinking and replacing everything from the ground up.” Rhys Sharp Chief Technology Officer “… Matrix offers an ideal answer to keep costs down, quality up, in the provisioning of servers and IT services.” Andy Mulholland Global Chief Technology Officer “Taking cost out is our number one priority this year. We view BladeSystem Matrix as a way to consolidate networking, storage and server to take cost out now and optimize our operations to keep costs out going forward.” Jason Foster System Architect, Director “… BladeSystem Matrix gives us a simple way to deploy a block of infrastructure capacity that we can carve up and optimize for most of our workloads.” Leigh Carpenter Senior Consultant What our customers are saying

  29. Logos VSA Matrix is the integration point to deliver the business-ready infrastructure SAN/iQ Cluster A D A D A B A B C B C B C D C D VSA

  30. Thank you. To learn more visit:www.hp.com/go/matrixwww.hp.com/go/ai

  31. HP logo green on white

  32. Bringing Adaptive Infrastructure to life! CA, Tivoli,MS HP Software (Opsware, Mercury, ….) BladeSystem Matrix Orchestration Environment • Orchestration interface • App infrastructure provisioning • Disaster recovery • Resource optimization interface • Resource capacity management • Power management APIs to partners Compute resources Storage resources Computeresources Pooled resources: Blades, VMs, LUNs, files Server edge virtualization Provision/reconfigure connections: Power, bandwidth, QoS, security Power LAN SAN

  33. BladeSystem Matrix pays for itself in 8 months, with >300% ROI in 3 years • Costs less to own • 78% TCO reduction in consolidation from rackmount servers* • Accelerated time to business service delivery • 108 minutes vs 33 days for app infrastructure deployment with automated, template-based provisioning • Better use of resources • Triple resource utilization with built-in, on-going capacity planning • Triple data center capacity with dynamic power capping Before end of 2009, it could be paid for! • Packaged to benefit you and the environment • Matrix package priced 15% less than components • Reduce 65% upfront investment with 0% financing** • One Matrix rack saves 5.9 trees in cardboard! *Alinean/IDC ROI - consolidation of 320 legacy 2U Intel rackmount servers to BL490c G6 servers **HP Financial services analysis

  34. Unmatched….

  35. 5 steps to order and fulfill • Step 1: Quote/order starter kit and choose options • Account team quotes and places order, with help from Factory Express Engagement Program Manager (EPM)* • Customers may buy add-on kits at same time (or buy later) to add blades/enclosures • Step 2:Factory Express teams verify order and Customer Intent Document (CID)* • Step 3:Factory/Factory Express perform hardware config, including firmware verification/updating, LUN creation (if EVA 4400 purchased with Starter Kit) • Step 4:Customer contacted by Technology Services project manager to complete pre-install checklist • Step 5:Technology Services performs onsite installation; final demo and knowledge transfer to customer; overview of additional service opportunities *if needed depending on optional components requiring customization

  36. Included • Integrated Matrix Implementation Service with project manager • Config, install, and orientation to deliver a fully operational Matrix • Product Warranty and Support Services • Next Business Day hardware warranty support • Included 1 year 24x7 software support for ID-VSE, IO, VCEM, IR Highly recommended • Matrix 3-4-5 year 24/7 Care Pack uplifts for entire solution (HW + SW) • Proactive Select Service – single point of contact; flexible credit toward family of services (HP Ed Services, assessments, etc.) • Data Center Consulting and Assessment Services (e.g. Power and Cooling Assessments, Capacity Assessments, Virtualization Consulting, Custom SOW services, etc.) • Integration with HP Operations Orchestration automation • Higher level of service (up to Mission Critical) • HP Education offerings – broad Blades and Virtualization courses HP BladeSystem Matrix services

  37. Insight Control Environment Installation & Startup UF369E HA124A1-59B c-Class infrastructure Installation & Startup UE602E HA114A1-5FY VC Enterprise Manager Installation & Startup UF816E HA124A1-5N8 One BladeSystem Matrix implementation service These have been integrated … … into this! Insight Orchestration Install & Startup UK829E HA124A1-5FW Optionalprerequisite: Insight Dynamics – VSE Installation & Startup UF819E HA124A1-59D Matrix Implementation Service (Factory/Onsite) HA115A1-5NL April 2009 SAN setup - only if not using Matrix’ EVA 4400 Boot From SAN Implementation Service UF820E HA124A1-59J Optionalprerequisite: c7000 install UE494E HA113A1-5FY Hypervisors/ Hyper. mgmt FE Level 4 HA454A1-003 With project mgmt

  38. People Process Technology BusinessResults The role of education servicesfor HP BladeSystem Matrix 2 3 1 Reduce costs Increase agility Improve quality • Education services from HP • Help customers drive better business results through a comprehensive portfolio of learning solutions, which help reduce IT costs, control business risks and drive growth. • Enable customers to make the most of their Matrix solution and therefore achieve: • even lower costs • even more agility • even better quality • Improve customer success (and satisfaction) with Matrix People and Process Technology

  39. Business Results Reduced costs Increased agility Improved quality Speeding user adoption: trainingfrom HP Applications: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, Citrix System Management: HP Insight Dynamics - VSE, HP Insight Control Environment (ICE), HP Virtual Connect Hardware: HP BladeSystem c-Class, EVA4400 Technology People and Processes • HP offers training on key technologies that comprise the Matrix solution • Training helps improve ROI, accelerate adoption and improve business results • For more information please visit www.hp.com/learn/virtualization

  40. Instant Capacity forHP BladeSystem Matrix Using the iCAP ProLiant* program • Proven program for 5 or more years; *U.S. only • Cost-effective “just in time” inventory protection is designed to provide “ready to run” servers for immediate activation, while avoiding up-front costs.. • BladeSystem ProLiant servers (and ML/DL) deployed via Direct fulfillment • Using HP SIM, automated, billing and tracking process upon activation and consumption • Servers can be pre-racked, pre-imaged, and tested in preparation of activation • Amortize total blade infrastructure (rack, enclosure, power, interconnects) over the total number of blades • Warranty commences once customer has been invoiced (title exchanges) • Price captured at time of shipment • Ability to reset target inventory levels in real time

  41. Key features • Lower monthly/quarterly payments for the first year of the lease term • Upfront flexibility to align spending with forecasted usage in subsequent years How do customers engage? Structure and worldwide availability • Perform an initial assessment of your budget , usage projections and business objectives with your HP Financial Services Sales Representative to determine your preferred payment profile • At the end of the lease term, they simply ship the leased equipment back to HP Financial Services and explore upgrading to and leasing the latest technology. It’s that simple • Pay as you Grow is available on all BladeSystem Matrix transactions on a 36 month term lease with a fair market value purchase option at the end of the term Pay as You Grow financing for HP BladeSystem Matrix

  42. HP Financial Services Everywhere you need us to be What we do • We make it easy and economical for you to deploy world-class technology in ways that help meet your business needs. • We offer financial solutions that help you manage to your total cost of ownership – from planning and acquiring technology all the way to replacing and retiring it. • We help you manage the risk of dealing with older or surplus IT equipment. Diversified tech financing IT financing SMB Enterprise Public Sector Leasing portfolio Servers + storage Desktops + printers Software + services Medical equipment Test & measurement Networking gear Our solutions channel direct

  43. Collapse configuration complexity with 1 platform to match 6 rack configs The old way. The Matrix way. vs. One pool of wire-once resources • 6 different firmwares, OS images • 6 different manuals and procedures • Stranded storage per server • Wasted power capacity 4 to 1 network equipment consolidation Reduced server HW + SW costs45% ($1.5M) 89% ($2.4M) lower power and cooling costs Oneset of tools, manuals, procedures, and firmware 300servers

  44. BladeSystem Matrix Starter kit EVA4400 (optional) Expans. kit Expans. kit Ordering steps Utilize HP Financial Services for advantageous financing about worldwide, plus ProLiant iCAP (US only) to pay for spares or servers only when they get provisioned within your infrastructure. See HP BladeSystem Matrix QuickSpecs for further detail *Watson will pre-populate and require if 535888-B21 selected

  45. Watson/SBW Fusion EMAIL Vista Overall order process Verification 535888-B21 Starter Kit Without HP EVA 4400 or Custom Options TS or channel services presales Standard factory process • Rack required • Starter Kit (535888-B21) • Requires: Software kit (TB462A) • Requires: Implem Service (HA115A1-5NL) • Optional: 460c G6 CMS blade • Optional: EVA4400 kit • Add: blades…. • Optional: Expansion Kit(s) (507021-B21) HP or channel pre-sales Order details Technical Presales Factory Express Engagement Manager HP or channel account manager (or inside sales rep) 535888-B21 Starter Kit With HP EVA 4400 or Other Custom Requirements Customer Intent Document QuickSpecs Verification

  46. OO workflow example OO Studio: flow to trigger a ticket being created in HP Service Manager Embedded OO provides pre-defined flows (use out of the box or customize) and the ability to create new workflows

  47. Attaching a workflow to a template Flow for OO to triggerSA to check server compliance after provisioning Select pre-defined workflows or create new workflows for automated execution (pre/post provisioning) via embedded OO

  48. iCAP ProLiant/blades Benefits • Product availability results in faster time to implementation • End Business Unit demands are met in hours instead of days/weeks • Simplifies the ordering and installation of ProLiant Servers and/or BladeSystems • Fewer resources needed for order management and cut POs results in less human error and lower costs • Avoids up-front costs and allows business units to share infrastructure costs • Allows IT organizations to stay ahead of end-business unit demands without holding pre-purchased inventory • Lowers inventory carrying costs • Targeted inventory turns of 45-60 days • Proactively manages product EOL and technology refresh scenarios • Flexible financing- Servers can be purchased or leased

  49. iCAP ProLiant/blades Where do you get more information? • Customer brochure • Program Manager • Wendy Sheffield - Primary contact point forpresentations and general questions • Phone: 281-927-6908 • Email: wendy.sheffield@hp.com

  50. Tough economic times are making leasing an attractive acquisition strategy – even for those that have never leased before….“With limited cash on hand, clients see multiple benefits with financing options — such as low total cost of ownership (TCO), access to newer technology, and flexibility — over outright purchase of IT….For sourcing professionals, external financing options mean many more benefits such as a boost to “green IT” initiatives, protection against technology obsolescence, and asset disposal.” • Sudin Apte, Forrester Research, 2009