a very stormy day in the ocean n.
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A very stormy day In the ocean

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A very stormy day In the ocean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A very stormy day In the ocean . By Christy Khouderchah. Description and Background.

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a very stormy day in the ocean

A very stormy day In the ocean

By Christy Khouderchah

description and background
Description and Background
  • During large storms (ie. Hurricanes or tropical storms), ignoring the fact that there is a large amount of convection and wind sheer, how much of an impact does the rain affect waves? So, I’d like to see how an intense storm would effect the life of a wave. Since rain involves many small droplets, I changed the simulation to use fewer droplets but of a larger size and magnitude.
  • In particular I was curious if droplets could in theory cancel the wave propagation
  • - Hurricane formation involves sea water to be at or greater than 80°F, weak winds, convergence at the ocean surface, divergence aloft and humid air rising and condensing to form storm clouds.
  • In order to simulate the effects rain droplets would have on a wave, I had to:
  • exaggerate the size and overall effect of the droplets
  • this was done by modifying the D droplet function :
  • % D = droplet(height,width)
  • [x,y] = ndgrid(-1:(2/(width-1)):1);
  • D = height*exp(-10.5*(x.^2+y.^2));
  • as well as changing the values put into D within the code:
  • D = droplet(1.5,25) compared to D = droplet(1.5,12)
  • This would change the width of droplet to a much larger size – any larger and it would cause problems to the code.
  • Run several droplets simultaneously with the wave