strategic management chapter 7
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Strategic Management Chapter 7

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Strategic Management Chapter 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Management Chapter 7. Cher, Daisy, Sara, Sarah, Sean. What is Corporate S trategy?. Strategy concerned with the choices of business( es ) to be in and what to do with those businesses Single-business Organization Multiple-business Organization

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strategic management chapter 7

Strategic Management Chapter 7

Cher, Daisy, Sara, Sarah, Sean

what is corporate s trategy
What is Corporate Strategy?
  • Strategy concerned with the choices of business(es) to be in and what to do with those businesses
    • Single-business Organization
    • Multiple-business Organization

*It’s important to know the distinction between these two types of organizations because it influences an organization’s overall strategic direction, what corporate strategy is used, and how that strategy is implemented and managed.

corporate strategy
Corporate Strategy
  • The corporate strategy establishes the overall direction that the organization hopes to go and the other organizational strategies (functional and competitive) provide the means for making sure the organization gets there.
    • Corporate
    • Competitive
    • Functional
corporate strategic directions
Corporate Strategic Directions
  • What are they?

1) Moving and organizing forward

2) Keeping an organization as is

3) Reversing an organization’s decline

growth strategy
Growth Strategy
  • A strategy that expands the products offered or markets served by an organization or expands its activities or operations either through current business(es) or through new business(es)
types of growth strategy
Types of Growth Strategy
  • Concentration
    • Product-market exploitation
    • Product-development
    • Market-development
  • Vertical integration strategy
    • Ex: eBay, CVS, Coach, Apple, etc.
  • Horizontal integration
    • When is this an appropriate strategy?
  • Diversification
    • Related diversification
    • Unrelated diversification
  • International
implementing growth strategies
Implementing Growth Strategies
  • Choosing a strategy is only part of the picture, the strategy must also be implemented.
    • 1) Mergers-acquisitions
    • 2) Internal Developing
    • 3) Strategic Partnering
      • Joint Venture, Long-term Contract, Strategic Alliance
stability strategy
Stability Strategy
  • A strategy which an organization maintains its current size and current activities
  • Involves not growing, but also not allowing the organization to decline
  • When is stability an appropriate strategic choice?
    • When an industry is in a period of rapid upheaval
    • When an industry is facing slow or no growth opportunities
    • When an organization has experienced rapid growth and needs “down” time
    • When large firms are in the maturity stage of the industry life cycle
    • When you are a small business
renewal strategies
Renewal Strategies
  • Strategies that reverse the decline and put the organization back on a more appropriate path to successfully achieve its strategic goals

What leads to performance declines?

There are two renewal strategies:

  • Retrenchment strategies
  • Turnaround strategy

You can implement these strategies in two ways:

  • Cost cutting
  • Restructuring
    • Divestment, Spin-off, Liquidation, Downsizing, Bankrupcy
evaluating corporate strategies
Evaluating Corporate Strategies
  • How do you know it’s all working?
    • Without evaluation, strategic managers wouldn’t have a clue as to whether the implemented strategies are working
evaluation techniques
Evaluation Techniques
  • 1) Corporate goals
  • 2) Efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity measures
  • 3) Benchmarking
  • 4) Portfolio analysis
    • BCG Matrix
    • McKinsey-GE Stoplight Matrix
    • Product-Market Evolution Matrix
changing corporate strategies
Changing Corporate Strategies
  • If evaluation of corporate strategies shows that they aren’t having the intended results then some changes are needed
    • Ex: Microsoft

*Remember that an organization’s corporate strategy is important to establishing the overall direction the organization wants to go

take aways
  • 1) Corporate strategy is concerned with what businesses to be in and what to do with those businesses. It also establishes the direction that the organization hopes to go.
  • 2) The growth strategy expands products offered, markets served, and activities or operations of businesses. You must choose a growth strategy and implement it!
  • 3)A stability strategy is when an organization maintains current size and activities.
  • 4) A renewal strategy reverses a decline and puts an organization on a more appropriate path to achieve its strategic goals.
  • 5) To know that a corporate strategy is working it must be evaluated and then changed if the evaluation shows that it isn’t working.