Adam Khoo


Adam Khoo is a huge believer in self help. He has written many books, and he loves to help people improve their lives. Adam Khoo is especially interested in the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming, also personal mastery, mind mapping, and the act of self confidence. Adam Khoo uses these strategies in his life, both personally and professionally. Adam Khoo is a believer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a style of communication, which was created in California in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Mr. Adam Khoo finds the connection between the processes, “neuro”, “linguistic”, and “programming” , which help people with their goals, fascinating and life affirming. This concept articulates that the skills of amazing people can be “modeled” using this thought system, and then those abilities can be learned by anyone. Neuro-linguistic Programming can treat problems such as phobias, psychosomatic illnesses, depression, habit disorder, , myopia, allergies, common colds, and learning disorders, often in a single session. Adam Khoo also has a very strong personal interest in personal mastery, which is defined as the discipline of personal growth and learning. Personal mastery goes way beyond competence and certain types of skills or growth. It is actually about designing and having a vision for a desired outcome in the future and working toward it. People who have gained high levels of personal mastery are talented at creating a vision and assessing their current problems with respect to that desire. The difference between their reality and vision propel them in the future. This space is often called “creative tension.” Personal mastery is about sustaining tension and living with that tension.