the learning curve l.
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The Learning Curve

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The Learning Curve - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Learning Curve. Presented by Brian Filtz. The Learning Curve. Introduction Theoretical definition of the learning curve The history and initial purpose for learning curve implementation Brainstorming exercise How the learning curve works Real world examples Class exercise Summary.

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the learning curve

The Learning Curve

Presented by Brian Filtz

the learning curve2
The Learning Curve
  • Introduction
  • Theoretical definition of the learning curve
  • The history and initial purpose for learning curve implementation
  • Brainstorming exercise
  • How the learning curve works
  • Real world examples
  • Class exercise
  • Summary
  • Mastery of education, sport, skill, or activities
  • Repetition and efficiency lead to higher quality and overall customer satisfaction
  • Application to our daily lives
  • The theoretical definition of the learning curve
  • Other definitions
  • Personal definition of the student
history purpose
History & Purpose
  • Conceptual discovery in 1925
  • Mathematical conception
  • Purpose for implementation of the learning curve
brainstorming exercise
Brainstorming Exercise
  • How can this tool be used in your organization?
  • For instance, a service operation?
  • Or perhaps, a manufacturing operation?
  • Maybe we are already involved in the learning curve ideology?
how it works
How It Works
  • On what levels does the learning effect apply to?

- individual

- organizational

  • The interrelated forces which lead to the varying rates of learning curve improvement
implementation application











Common uses for applying or implementing the learning curve:

real world examples
Real World Examples

**Learning curves apply to manufacturing and service operations, health care fields, government operations, and in a non-technical approach, our daily lives.**

real world examples cont
Real World Examples, cont.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all activities on the pharmacy floor
  • Training administered through supervisory or “lead” staff
  • Efficiency, Productivity, Quality reports for 30, 60, and 90 day evaluations
real world examples cont12
Real World Examples, cont.
  • More experience typically equals faster work
non business related example
Non-Business Related Example



  • Who remembers those good ole’ elementary school days?!
  • Wait, NOT NAP TIME! – that was kindergarten
  • Think about those things you did when you were in elementary school where you had to practice a particular subject or skill for a grade?
  • Now take a piece of paper out of your notebook and lets see how much you remember!?
exercise cont
Exercise, cont.

“We are currently juniors or seniors majoring in OISM or OISIB. We do our best to not fall asleep when Frank Chelko lectures, but sometimes our eyelids just weigh too much for us to stay awake. Our first exam was not really hard, but for those who did not study (and they know who they are) they should study the notes more often and read the book!”

  • The Learning Curve, although theoretical, logically holds true based off its definition
  • The Learning Curve can be applied to manufacturing, service, governmental, and health care operations to aid in the continuous improvement in quality and efficiency of a process or activity within an organization
  • The Learning Curve applies to not just the corporate world, but also to our daily lives

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