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Sales Strategy for 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sales Strategy for 2007

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Sales Strategy for 2007
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Sales Strategy for 2007

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  1. Sales Strategy for 2007 Citibank Press Conference, May 15, 2007

  2. The Agenda

  3. Citibank Sales Strategy till the end of 2007

  4. 4,947 EU = 1,957 Banks‘ sales networks in Europe Czech Republic under-banked compared to Western Europe To be successful in given segment, bank should have at least a 6% „share of the door“ * Measure based on 1680 branches and population 10.2 MM inhabitants (2005)

  5. Citibank‘s Business Principles Citibank puts greatest emphasis on clients‘ requirements that are accounted for and incorporated into Citibank‘s strategy. Clients‘ requirements imposed on Citibank services: • ACCESSIBILITY: Citibank services are accessible from any place and are available at any time (Internet, telephone, external sales agents, bankers). Due to our global presence, we are able to service our corporate clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. • COMFORT: Citibank services are available from the comfort of one‘s home, without the need to physically visit our branches (bankers, external sales agents, Internet, telephone). • EXPERTISE: Highly trained and specialized Citi bankers, who are selected per most demanding criteria. Each of them takes care of a limited number of clients only, due to which they can thoroughly understand and comprehend their clients‘ financial needs. • FLEXIBILITY: Citibank products are flexible, we offer individual solutions customized to each client‘s own needs and requirements.

  6. Citibank is focused on the following 3 key areas: Effective sales channels for single products and individual segments

  7. Development of Citibank sales network till the end of 2007 • Before the end of 2007 we plan to open up to 6 bricks-and-mortar branches • Strengthening our sales position we hold in the City of Prague • Opening of up to 4 retail branches • Enhancing the number of points of sale for O2 Citi credit card (beginning by May, the card is sold at 21 O2 stores in Prague and 7 O2 stores in Brno) • Strengthening our position in the segment of affluent clientele • Opening of dedicated center for private clientele (CitiGold segment) • Strengthening our position in SME segment • Opening of another dedicated center(Zlín)

  8. Branches Sales kiosks Shell gas filling stations O2 stores 100% accessibility and 100% comfort for all Citibank clients • Internet (sale of all products ) • Telephone (sale of all products) • 10 sale kiosks (sale of all types of credit cards and personal loans) • 21 Shell gas filling stations (sale of Shell MC from Citibank) • 4 sale kiosks at the airport (Citi ČSA credit card) • 28 02stores (O2 Citi card) • 45 sales representatives who make personal visits to companies in the CR (entire products offering) • 100 external sales agents across the entire CR (credit cards, personal loans) • 16 Citibank branches Our sales network comprises morethan 1,000 sale specialists

  9. Unique conception of new retail branches • Modern solution of the branches • Interactive communication with clients, automated services => reduction in Citibank‘s costs • 12-hour business hours • The business hours of new branches accommodateclient‘s needs. Our extended business hours make it possible even for fully occupied clients to visit our branch at one‘s leisure before or after their own working hours. • Commitment to community‘s development • Citibank commits itself to participating in the develop-ment of civic community at every location where any Citi branch is opened

  10. Unique Global Branch Concept

  11. Unique Global Branch Concept

  12. First Glimps of New Approach

  13. Network Expansion for SME customer in Czech Republic

  14. Investment loans • Equipment-backed loans EU advisory services • Working capital • Trade finance • Working capital finance • Overdrafts • Account Services • Long-term financing • Trade finance / services • Working capital finance • Overdrafts • Account Services • Treasury services • Advice on marketing and risk management • Trade finance / services • Liquidity management • Investments • Derivatives • Export insurance / factoring • Acquisition financing • Succession planning • Buy-out financing • Wealth management Citibank Services Inception Rapid Growth Capacity Growth Market Diversification (Exports) Consolidation Maturity & Renewal Lifestage • Needs: • Financing for production capacity / sales infrastructure / working capital • Account services • Needs: • Financing for increase in production capacity ( new factory, new warehouse..) • Facilitation of foreign trade • Needs: • Optimise financing cost • Utilise excess liquidity • Manage FX risk and counterparty risk • Needs: • Succession / Change of ownership • Transition to hired professional management • Gaining scale to compete with large companies • Strategic exit Needs Our Services for SME companies We support SME companies at every stage of their life-cycle

  15. Corporate centres Citibank branches Citibank Branches and Corporate Centres for SME PARDUBICE TEPLICE OSTRAVA PRAGUE BRNO ZLÍN

  16. Why corporate centres ? • SME companies in Czech Republic are well advanced in usage of various technologies • We offer our SME customers quality Internet banking platforms and Online FX trading systems • 99.5% of our SME banking transactions are processed online • The traditional role of bank branches has changed from handling routine transactions to providing value-added advice to clients, and providing innovative banking solutions • Customised advisory services and advanced banking products are the main advantages offered by Citibank to SME customers

  17. Role of Corporate Center • Staffed with bankers who have local knowledge and experience • Comfortable meeting and negotiation place for our customers and their relationship managers • Support our role as advisors to the clients • A place for informative and educational events such as Foreign exchange seminars, seminars about EU subsidies and other interactive discussions between the Bank and SME companies • Easy accessibility for SME customers

  18. Zlín Corporate Centre • Large number of current customers present in the region • Fast growth of GDP and exports in the Zlin Region – strong investment flows expected over coming five years, together with investment in infrastructure • Managed by experienced bankers with long local experience