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Using the Internet - Effectively! PowerPoint Presentation
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Using the Internet - Effectively!

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Using the Internet - Effectively! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Internet - Effectively! Craig L. Scanlan, EdD, RRT, FAARC Professor and Director MS and PhD Programs in Health Sciences UMDNJ-SHRP Workshop Objectives Identify the tools needed to exploit the Internet for learning Search for, evaluate and find quality online learning resources

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Using the Internet - Effectively!

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using the internet effectively

Using the Internet - Effectively!

Craig L. Scanlan, EdD, RRT, FAARC

Professor and Director

MS and PhD Programs in Health Sciences


workshop objectives
Workshop Objectives
  • Identify the tools needed to exploit the Internet for learning
  • Search for, evaluate and find quality online learning resources
  • Communicate and collaborate with other learners online
  • Successfully manage one’s online learning experiences
but first a pretest

But First - a Pretest!

(demonstration of automatically scored online self-assessment)

educational uses of the internet a short tour
Educational Uses of the Internet – A Short Tour
  • Communicating/collaborating
  • Getting and sharing information
  • Professional development
communicating collaborating
Communicating & Collaborating
  • E-mail and attachments
  • LISTSERV (targeted group E-mail)
  • UseNet and threaded discussion
  • Collaboration software
  • “Chatrooms”
getting sharing information
Getting & Sharing Information
  • Getting
    • NLM Medline database
    • World Wide Web Information
  • Sharing
    • Web Publishing
    • Personal Databases
professional development
Professional Development
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Courses and Degrees
  • Online Continuing Education

Take a Self-Assessment for Online Learning

what is the internet
What is the Internet?
  • 100,000+ computers
  • One billion+ ‘pages’
  • Linked via world-wide networks
  • Includes e-mail, WWW, Telnet, Usenet, etc
  • Accessible to all
basic toolset
‘Basic’ Toolset
  • Internet Access
  • Web Account (College or ISP)
  • Web Publishing Tools
    • Word Processor (Saves HTML)
    • HTML Editor
    • FTP Client
    • Telnet Client
internet access
Internet Access
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Internet service provider
  • Browser software
  • Remote software*

*(if combined home and office work plan)

factors to consider in selecting an internet service provider isp
Factors to Consider in Selecting anInternet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Connection (dial-up, DSL, cable)
  • Download/Upload Speed
  • Cost (hourly/monthly/fees/contracts)
  • Reliability
  • Software/’Extras’
  • Technical Support
highly rated national isps
Highly Rated National ISPs*
  • @Home (cable)
  • MindSpring
  • AT&T WorldNet
  • EarthLink
  • MediaOne (cable)

*AOL, Compuserve, MSN, Prodigy, Juno rated below average

browser e mail client
Browser/E-Mail Client
  • NetscapeCommunicator
  • MS Internet Explorer withOutlook Express

Don’t forget plug-ins!

  • Your facility is planning to implement a cardiac rehabilitation program
  • The director wants you to prepare a report on cardiac rehabilitation that includes a review of program models and their evaluation and any guidelines that may apply
example the wrong way
Example – the Wrong Way

The wrong way: Go on line, do a quickie computer search using “cardiac rehabilitation,“

bada-bang, bada-boom!

locating relevant source documents
Locating Relevant Source Documents
  • Primary Sources
    • ‘Journal Articles’
    • Conference Abstracts
    • Research Reports
    • Theses and Dissertations
  • Secondary Sources
    • Books
    • Literature Reviews
    • the ‘Popular Literature’
    • Internet/World Wide Web
journal articles
Clinical trial

Literature review

Cross-sectional study

Case report


Multicenter trial

Feasibility study

Letter to editor

Survey of practice

Case-control study

Consensus statement

Practice guideline

Review of cases

Cohort study

‘Journal Articles’
where to search
Where to Search
  • Primary Sources
    • Computerized structured databases
    • Manual
      • Cumulative indices
      • Journal indices
  • Secondary Sources
    • Library ‘Card Catalog’
    • Books in Print
    • WWW Search
structured databases using controlled vocabularies
Structured Databases(Using Controlled Vocabularies)
  • Journal Articles (use specific database’s terms index)
    • MEDLARS: Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
    • CINAHL: subject heading tree/permuted index
    • Excerpta Medica (Embase): EMTREE
  • Books and Monographs:
    • library cataloging system ( Dewey, NLM, LoC)
medical subject headings mesh
Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
  • The MeSH Supplement to Index Medicus® (alphabetical and hierarchical listing of terms)
  • The MeSH Annotated Alphabetic List (an alphabetic listing includes notes/ historical info)
  • The MeSH Tree Structures (a hierarchical listing)
  • The Permuted MeSH (a listing of each significant word or root appearing in any MeSH heading)
  • NLM’s Online MeSH Browser
  • Key Term Mapping/Translation (e.g., OVID)
example chest x rays
Example: ‘Chest X-Rays’

“Chest x-rays" not a MeSH term

Using Permuted Index + MeSH Tree:

Diagnosis [E01]

Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures [E01.370]

Diagnostic Imaging [E01.370.350]

Radiography [E01.370.350.700]

Angiography [E01.370.350.700.060] +

Fluoroscopy [E01.370.350.700.225] +

Mammography [E01.370.350.700.500] +

Neuroradiography [E01.370.350.700.560] +

Radiography, Abdominal [E01.370.350.700.715] +

Radiography, Dental [E01.370.350.700.720] +

Radiography, Interventional [E01.370.350.700.725]

Radiography, Thoracic [E01.370.350.700.730]

Tomography, X-Ray [E01.370.350.700.810] +

boolean or
Boolean ‘OR’


Example: “asthma OR exercise” yields pages that include either word; e.g., aerobic exercise and atopic asthma

boolean and
Boolean ‘AND’




Example: “asthma AND exercise” yields pages that include both words

boolean not
Boolean ‘NOT’


Example: “asthma NOT exercise” yields pages that include asthma but not exercise

the problem
The Problem



“The Web is the ultimate expression of too much data and not enough information” David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light


finding your way around
Finding Your Way Around
  • Random surfing
  • Link Pages
  • Directories
  • Search engines
  • Metasearch tools

UC Berkeley Tutorial : Finding Information on the Internet

random surfing
Random Surfing
  • No Road Maps
  • Low ‘Hit Rate’
  • Time-Consuming
  • Easy to Get Off Track
  • But…Fun
link pages pt examples
Link Pages (PT Examples)
  • Andrews University
  • Cal State – Long Beach
  • Univ Kansas Medical Center
internet directories
Internet Directories
  • Provide categorized lists of Web sites, constructed by humans (professional and/or volunteer editors)
  • Tend to be selective rather than all-inclusive (most aim for quality over quantity)
  • Usually include searchable database containing descriptions of the directory’s Web sites
  • Require some knowledge of subject matter
  • Some categories can quickly become outdated
internet directories36
Internet Directories
  • General Directories, e.g.Yahoo!
  • Medical Directories (Examples)
      • Medscout
      • Galaxy Medical List
      • Achoo
      • MedWeb
      • Hardin MD
search engines
Search Engines
  • A computer-generated index of all the infor-mation found on all searched Web pages
  • Aims to include all Web pages that contain the information, but without assessing quality
  • Takes you to the exact page on which the words you are looking for appear
  • Regularly updated by automated processes
top 7 search engines by coverage
Top 7 Search Engines (By Coverage)
  • Google
  • WebTop
  • Alta Vista
  • Fast (‘All theWeb’)
  • Northern Light
  • Excite
  • Inktomi (HotBot, MSN, Snap)
  • Go (Infoseek)
search engine coverage
Search Engine Coverage

KEY: GG=Google, WT=WebTop, AV=AltaVista, FAST=FAST, NL=Northern Light, EX=Excite, INK=Inktomi, Go=Go (Infoseek)

improving search results
Improving Search Results
  • Boolean Operators
    • AND
    • OR
    • NOT
  • Search Engine ‘Math’
  • Proximity
    • Near
    • With
  • Wildcards
proximity searching







Proximity Searching

“Asthma NEAR exercise”

wildcard truncation searching
Wildcard (Truncation) Searching


* substitutes for any characters

Yields asthma, asthmatic, asthmatics, asthmaticus, but also asthenia

other search engine tricks
Other Search Engine Tricks*
  • Search by domain (e.g., “edu”, “gov”)
  • Search by URL (e.g, “”)
  • Search by document title
  • Search by popularity/hits (DirectHit)

*For more tips/tricks:

Powersearching for Anyone (SearchEngineWatch)

metasearch tools
Metasearch Tools
  • Metasearch tools search the search engines
  • Best tools rank findings + eliminate dups
  • Best results with customization
  • No medical-specific metaseach tool
  • Example: Savvy Search
  • Guide to Metasearcher Tools
what s out there
What’s Out There?
  • the Good...
  • the Bad...
  • and the Ugly
evaluating web resources
Evaluating Web Resources
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Coverage

Widener University Tutorial:

Evaluating Web Resources

web treasure hunt
Web ‘Treasure Hunt’

Find the AHCPR (NIH) Guidelines on Cardiac Rehabilitation (Full-Text!)

now that i ve got all this info what am i suppose to do with it
Now that I’ve Got all this Info, What am I Suppose to Do with It?
  • Bibliographic Management Software
    • Provides mechanism to search for, download, store and retrieve citations
    • ‘Automatically’ creates reference lists and bibliographies
    • Examples: End Notes, Procite
on the internet

On the Internet…

Content is King!


Nontechnical Issues Related to Computers

and Information Technology

tools for web publishing
Tools for Web Publishing
  • Word Processor (saves HTML)
    • Word 97 (avoid Word 2000!)
    • Wordperfect 8.0
  • HTML Editor (examples)
    • Simple/free – Netscape Composer
    • Mid-level ($)– Adobe Pagemill
    • High-End Site Managers ($$) – Frontpage or Fusion
  • FTP Client
    • May be included in HTML editor (above)
    • WS-FTP – free for academic use
  • Telnet Client (comes with Windows)
create test edit web authoring
Create/Test/Edit (Web Authoring)*
  • Goal: Develop a Simple Web Page Using NetScape Composer
  • Objectives:
    • Create Page
    • Add a Table and Some Graphics
    • Add Content with Headings
    • Add Interactivity (Links + E-Mail Response)

*Handout Provided by Workshop Instructor*

web page contents
Web Page Contents
  • Formatted Text
  • Tables
  • Input Forms
  • Graphics
  • Sound/Video (usually via ‘Plugins’)
  • ‘Invisibles’ - scripts, applets
design tips
Design Tips
  • Create for Lowest Common Denominator
    • VGA Screen Resolution (800x600)
    • Use Default/Basic Fonts
    • Minimize Bells/Whistles (plug-ins, etc)
  • Provide Clear Navigation Tools
  • Embed URLs
    • IDST3510 instead of
  • Always Test in both Netscape and IE
  • Experiment and Be Creative!!!


Have Fun!