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Funeral 1898 Alfred Beveridge “…the flag of liberty will circle the globe…” Those who died Casualties on USS Maine

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those who died
Those who died
  • Casualties on USS Maine
    • List of officers, sailors, and marines on board of USS Maine, who were killed or drowned when that vessel was wrecked in the harbor of Havana, February 15, 1898, or who subsequently died of their injuries.(The men marked with an asterisk (*) died subsequently of injuries received when USS Maine was destroyed.)
    • Jenkins, Friend W., lieutenantMerritt, Darwin R., assistant engineer
    • SAILORS.
    • Adams, John T., coal passerAitken, James P., boatswain's mate, first classAnderson, Axel C., seamanAnderson, Charles, landsmanAnderson, Gustav A., seamanAnderson, Holm A., coal passerAnderson, John, boatswain's mate, second classAnderson, John, seamanAndrews, Frank,, cockswainAnglund, Bernhard, blacksmithAuchenbach, Harry, fireman, second classBarry, John P., apprentice, first classBarry, Lewis L., coal passerBaum, Henry S., landsmanBecker, Jakob, chief machinistBell, John R., cabin stewardBlomberg, Fred, landsmanBoll, Fritz, baymanBonner, Leon, seamanBookbinder, John, apprentice, second classBoyle, James, quartermaster, first classBrinkman, Heinrich, seaman
those who died4
Those who died
  • Brofeldt, Arthur, chief gunner's mateBruns, Adolph C., quartermaster, third classBurkhardt, Robert, quartermaster, second classBurns, Edward, coal passerButler, Frederick F., machinist, second classCaine, Thomas, blacksmithCameron, Walter, seamanCarr, Herbert M., gunner's mate, second classCaulfield, William R.B., landsmanChingi, Suke, mess attendantChristiansen, Charles A., fireman, first classClark, Thomas, coal passerClarke, James C., shipwrightCochrane, Michael, fireman, first classCole, Thomas M., baymanColeman, William, fireman, second classColeman, William, ordinary seamenConroy, Anthony, coal passerCosgrove, William, fireman, second classCurran, Charles, cockswainDahlman, Berger, seamanDennig, Charles, seamanDonoughy, William, ordinary seamanDrury, James, fireman, first classEdler, George, seamanEiermann, Charles F.W., gunner's mate, first class*Erikson, Andrew V., seamanEtts, John P., seamanEvensen, Karl, seamanFadde, Charles F.J., apprentice, first classFalk, Rudolph, oilerFaubel, George D., chief machinistFewer, William J., boatswain's mate, second classFinch, Trubie, apprentice, first classFisher, Alfred J., oiler*Fisher, Frank, ordinary seamanFlaherty, Michael, fireman, first class
those who died5
Those who died
  • Fleishman, Lewis M., seamanFlynn, Patrick, fireman, second classFougere, John, coal passerFountain, Bartley, boatswain's mate, first classFrank, Charles, apprentice, first classFurlong, James F., coal passerGaffney, Patrick, fireman, first classGardner, Frank, coal passerGardner, Thomas J., chief, yeomanGordon, Joseph F., fireman, first classGorman, William H., ordinary seamanGrady, Patrick, coal passerGraham, Edward P., coal passerGraham, James A., chief yeomanGreer, William A., apprentice, first classGriffin, Michael, fireman, second classGross, Henry, landsmanGrupp, Reinhardt, coal passerHallberg, John A., oilerHamburger, William, landsmanHamilton, Charles A., apprentice, first classHamilton, John, chief carpenter's mateHanrahan, William C., cockswainHarley, Daniel O'C., fireman, second classHarris, Edward, water tenderHarris, Millard F., quartermaster, third classHarty, Thomas J., coal passerHassell, Charles F., gunner's mate, third classHauck, Charles, landsmanHawkins, Howard B., ordinary seamanHennekes, Albert B., gunner's mate, second classHerriman, Benjamin H., apprentice, first class*Holland, Alfred J., cockswainHolm, Gustav, boatswain's mate, second class*Holzer, Frederick C., ordinary seamanHorn, William J, fireman, first classHough, William L., landsmanHughes, Patrick, fireman, first classIshida, Otogiro, steerage cook*
those who died6
Those who died
  • Jectson, Harry, seaman*Jernee, Fred, coal passerJencks, Carlton, gunner's mate, third classJohansen, Peter C., seamanJohnson, Charles, ordinary seamanJohnson, George, coal passerJohnson, John W., landsmanJohnsson, Peter, oilerJones, Thomas J., coal passerJust, Charles F., apprentice, first classKane, Michael, coal passerKay, John A., machinist, first classKelly, Hugh, coal passerKelly, John, coal passerKeskull, Alexander, seamanKeys, Harry J., ordinary seamanKihlstrom, Fritz, ordinary seamanKinsella, Thomas F., machinist, second classKinsey, Frederick E., machinist, second classKitagata, Yukichi, warrant officer's cookKniese, Frederick H., machinist, first class*Koebler, George W., apprentice, first classKranyak, Charles, apprentice, first classKruse, Hugo, painterLaird, Charles, master-at-arms, third classLambert, William, fireman, second classLancaster, Luther, boatswain's mate, second classLapierre, George, apprentice, first classLawler, Edward, coal passerLeague, James M., chief yeomanLee, William J., apprentice, first classLeene, Daniel, coal passerLees, Samuel, ordinary seamanLeupold, Gustav, fireman, second classLewis, Daniel, oilerLewis, John B., water tender
those who died7
Those who died
  • Lieber, George, apprentice, first classLorenzen, Jorgen J., oilerLouden, James W., apprentice, second classLowell, Clarence E., ordinary seamanLund, William, cockswainLydon, John T., ordinary seamanLynch, Bernard, fireman, first classLynch, Matthew, coal passerMcGonigle, Hugh, fireman, second classMcManus, John J, fireman, second classMcNiece, Francis J., coal passerMalone, Michael, fireman, second classMarsden, Benjamin L., apprentice, first classMarshall, John E., landsmanMartensson, Johan, gunner's mate, third classMason, James H., landsmanMatiasen, Carl, seamanMatza, John, coal passerMeilstrup, Elmer M., ordinary seamanMero, Eldon H., chief machinistMerz, John, landsmanMiller, George, seamanMiller, William S., apprentice, second classMobles, George, cockswainMonfort, William, landsmanMoore, Edward H., coal passerMoss, Gerhard C., machinist, first classMoss, John H., landsmanMudd, Noble T., seamanMurphy, Cornelius, oilerNagamine, Tomekichi, mess attendantNielsen, John C., seamanNielsen, Sophus, cockswainNoble, William, fireman, second classNolan, Charles M., gunner's mate, third classO'Conner, James, chief boatswain's mateO'Hagan, Thomas J., apprentice, first classOhye, Mas, mess attendant
those who died8
Those who died
  • O'Neill, Patrick, fireman, second classOrding, Gustav C., carpenter's mate, third classO'Regan, Henry H., landsmanPaige, Frederick, landsmanPalmgren, John, seamanPerry, Robert, mess attendantPhillips, Francis C., apprentice, first classPinkney, James, mess attendantPorter, John, coal passerPowers, John, oilerPrice, Daniel, fireman, first classQuigley, Thomas J., plumber and fitterQuinn, Charles P., oilerReiger, William A., gunner's mate, first classReilly, Joseph, fireman, first classRising, Newell, coal passerRobinson, William, landsmanRoos, Peter, sailmakerRushworth, William, chief machinistSafford, Clarence E., gunner's mate, first classSalmin, Michael E., ordinary seamanSchroeder, August, ordinary seamanScott, Charles A., carpenter's mate, second classScully, Joseph, boiler makerSeery, Joseph, fireman, first classSellers, Walter S., apothecaryShea, John J., coal passerShea, Patrick J., fireman, first classShea, Thomas, landsmanSheridan, Owen, fireman, second classShillington, John H., yeoman, third classSimmons, Alfred, coal passer*Smith, Carl A., seamanSmith, Nicholas J., apprentice, first classStevenson, Nicholas, seamanSugisaki, Isa, wardroom stewardSutton, Frank, fireman, second classSuzuki, Kashitara, mess attendantTalbot, Frank C., landsmanTehan, Daniel J., coal passerThompson, George, landsmanTigges, Frank B., coppersmith
those who died9
Those who died
  • Tinsman, William H., landsmanTodoresco, Constantin, fireman, first classTroy, Thomas, coal passerTuohey, Martin, coal passerWallace, John, ordinary seamanWalsh, Joseph F., cockswainWarren, John, fireman, second classWhite, Charles O., chief master-at-armsWhite, Robert, mess attendantWhiten, George, seamanWickstrom, Johan E., seamanWilbur, George W., apprentice, first classWilson, Albert, seamanWilson, Robert, chief quartermasterZeigler, John H., coal passer
  • Bennet, John, privateBotting, Vincent H., privateBrosnan, George, privateBrown, James T., sergeantBurns, James R., privateDierking, John H., drummerDowning, Michael J., privateJohnson, Charles E., privateJordan, William J., privateKean, Edward F., privateKelly, Frank, privateLauriette, George M., privateLosko, Peter A., privateMcDermott, John, privateMonahan, Joseph P., privateNewman, F.J., privateNewton, C.H., fiferRichter, A.H., corporalRoberts, James H., privateSchoen, Joseph, corporal
those who died10
Those who died
  • Stock, H.E., privateStrongman, James, privateSuman, E.B., privateTimpany, E.B., privateVan Horn, H.A., privateWagner, Henry, first sergeantWarren, Asa V., privateWills, A.O., private
  • Source: Appendix to the Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, 1898 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1898).
  • 6 February 1998
the investigations
The Investigations
  • 1898 Court of Inquiry – (Eyewitness Accounts) Mine outside
  • 1911 Court of Inquiry – (Raising the Maine) Explosives inside
  • 1976 Rickover Investigation Coal Bunker Fire
  • 1999 National Geographic (AME agreed with the Mine Theory)
  • Unsolved Mysteries
vocabulary words
Vocabulary words
  • Yellow Journalism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Laissez-faire
  • Expansionism
  • Spanish-American War April 21-August 13,1898
  • Rough Riders
places to know
Places to know
  • Cuba
  • Philippines
  • Hawaii
  • Manila Bay
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
people to know
People to Know
  • Queen Liliuokalani
  • President Grover Cleveland
  • President McKinley
  • William Randolph Hearst
  • Joseph Pulitzer
  • Fredric Remington
  • Commodore George Dewey
  • Theodore Roosevelt
1896 hearst sends remington to cuba you furnish the pictures and i ll furnish the war
1896 Hearst sends Remington to Cuba, “You furnish the Pictures and I’ll Furnish the War.”
rough riders
Rough Riders
treaty of paris
Treaty of Paris
  • The USA gets Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Liberation of Cuba
  • The chance to Christianize educate civilize and uplift the Filipinos