communigate pro real time unified messaging server with integrated voice over ip on openvms l.
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CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Unified Messaging Server with Integrated Voice over IP on OpenVMS PowerPoint Presentation
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CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Unified Messaging Server with Integrated Voice over IP on OpenVMS

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CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Unified Messaging Server with Integrated Voice over IP on OpenVMS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Unified Messaging Server with Integrated Voice over IP on OpenVMS

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  1. CommuniGate ProReal-Time Unified Messaging Server with Integrated Voice over IP onOpenVMS

  2. CommuniGate Pro and OpenVMS • Is the OpenVMS Corporate Unified Messaging Server on Integrity and AlphaServer systems • This product is fully endorsed by the HP Corporate OpenVMS Group • CommuniGate Pro, featured in the HP OpenVMS Integrity production launch video first aired in January ‘05 • It is being marketed as the replacement for ALL-IN-1 and Office Server systems • OpenVMS has a very close partnership with CommuniGate Systems encompassing: • the strategic relationship, technical support, benchmarking, marketing and partner programs • With the assistance of OpenVMS Management and Ambassadors, CommuniGate Systems are signing up OpenVMS Partners and System Integrators to support CommuniGate Pro on OpenVMS around the World

  3. ALL-IN-1/Office Server & CommuniGate Pro Interoperability options Options include: • Access from multiple Web Browsers to both ALL-IN-1/Office Server - via the Web Interface - and CommuniGate Pro • IMAP4 and POP3 access to both Office Server and CommuniGate Pro • Access from the native MS Outlook Client to both ALL-IN-1/Office Server - using the HP MAPI Driver - and CommuniGate Pro – using the CGP MAPI Connector • Ability to install CommuniGate Pro and ALL-IN-1/Office Server side-by-side on mixed OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity clusters, easing interoperability, data access and migration

  4. Office Server message Migration to CommuniGate Pro • It is possible to move messages from Office Server V5.0 and V6.0 folders to CommuniGate Pro using the IMAP Servers of the two products and the CommuniGate Pro IMAP Migration Utility • ALL-IN-1 systems must be upgraded to Office Server V5.0 to access the IMAP Server. This upgrade is minor and leaves the File Cabinet completely untouched • CommuniGate Pro supports the flat file structure - .mbox; the .mdir structure that stores messages in multiple directories and MultiMailbox where users can be assigned both in different folders/mailboxes • .mdir also supports the shared storage model whereby messages for multiple users are only stored once with pointers to each user. • Fortunately, this is the mechanism utilized by Office Server

  5. ALL-IN-1/Office Server Interoperability and file migration capabilities Outlook Client ALL-IN-1/ Office Server MAPI Driver CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector CommuniGate Pro IMAP Migration Utility (ALL-IN-1 V3.2) Office Server V5.0/V6.0 CommuniGate Pro Server Mail to and from the Internet Multiple Web Browsers

  6. Summary of HP World 2004OpenVMS Customer Survey 96 responses to a questionnaire at HP World, Chicago August ‘04 • Nearly 50% are interested in a Unified Messaging Solution on OpenVMS • The top three requested operational features play directly to the strengths of OpenVMS, namely: • low virus risk, implying a highly secure environment • very high uptime • low TCO • 75% requested Outlook support • 68% access from a browser • >50% requested wireless support • 36% wanted Short Message Service (SMS) support

  7. CommuniGate Systems Company Profile • Trading since 1991; $80M turnover in 2003; greater in 2004 • Three new Telcos signed up in Q304 (Mexico, Finland, South Africa) representing 9M subscribers – best quarter ever • Over 80M subscribers in 9,000 customers on six continents • 850 channel partners worldwide but mainly sell to SMB direct/retail and provide little support • Now expanding into the Enterprise 500-50K seat companies • For this CommuniGate are signing up select System Integrators in North America, Australia, UK and one or two to cover Europe, likely based in Germany

  8. CommuniGate Pro - Awards “Software Product of the Year” and “Best Large Scale Mail System” Winner – Well Connected Awards, Network Computing Magazine. “Editors Bid” Winner - Network Computing Magazine – Performance contest in Corporate and ISP E-Mail environments. Passed heavy-load IMAP tests with ZERO errors to beat iPlanet, Critical Path, Novell, Mirapoint, and Rockliffe. “Best Mail Server” Winner - LinuxWorld Expo Editors Choice Award 2003 “Best Messaging Server Solution” Winner - LinuxWorld Expo San Francisco 2004 CommuniGate Pro Rating 8 (out of 10) / Sendmail Rating 6 (out of 10) – Mail Apps Go Head to Head - CNET Linux Center

  9. Service Provider, Telco and Wireless Customers

  10. Enterprise, Government and Educational Customers

  11. Customer Case Study - Educational University of California Santa Cruz • Consolidated several departmental servers (50,000 accounts) into one centralized Dynamic Cluster solution • Support several different clients including Eudora, Outlook and Webmail branded to match UCSC internet • Developed integration with external authentication (Kerberos) system • “In choosing a messaging provider, we needed assurance that the solution was not only proven, but was also standards-based, to allow for flexibility in supporting departmental requirements, and had the ability to handle fluctuating loads elegantly and with the utmost reliability. CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster fit these requirements combining full messaging functionality, flexibility and unprecedented uptime.” John Rudd, senior UNIX systems administrator UCSC

  12. Customer Case StudyWireless Service Provider Danger Mobile Communications (T-mobile Sidekick) • Business-class mobile network service provider looking for a solution to support 5 million + users • CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster currently hosts multi-million accounts across 4 x 3 Cluster with NAS storage arrays • Danger and T-mobile are rapidly adding user accounts and capacity in the clustered environment as the popularity of mobile email continues to grow.

  13. Customer Case Study - Enterprise Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute • Must facilitate research by supporting a variety of server and desktop operating systems • Adherence to RFC standards allows them to plug and play everything together in their environment • CommuniGate Pro is planned to increase the load up to 5,000 and migrate to the Dynamic Cluster architecture • According to Ben Hanes, IT director “Nothing is as complete as CommuniGate Pro”

  14. CommuniGate Pro ver4.3 • Full featured communications overview • Directory Services • Groupware client integration • Real-Time Communications • Advanced SIP Infrastructure • Calendar standards • Authentication standards • Access standards • Mailing List • Advanced Security • S/MIME authority • Remote client NAT traversal • Fully compliant with Archiving • 37 Platforms • Dynamic Cluster

  15. CommuniGate ProVersion 5.0 new core enhancements • Improved Groupware • Calendar Hierarchy • Speed improvements • Off link sync and cache improvements • Expanded Client support through WebDAV • Additional language support • Hebrew • Swedish • Korean • Farsi • Server-Based Presence Services • Eliminates client confusion • Provide media selection types • INBOX-Voicemail integration • Mailing List Manager improvements • Webmail Improvements • Controls for voice • Web based IM • Personal Website tools • Media Server • Recording/playback of voice and video • Store data in standard messaging formats • Office Call Center • Handle content with “smart device knowledge” • Office PBX Application Server • Web administered SoftPBX • Custom applications capabilities • Advanced Quota management • Disaster recovery modes • Archival and Compliancy improvements • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus enhanced • Encrypted message store data • Provides hosted security for Domains • Provides individual end to end security

  16. Enabling Outlook in Full workgroup Mode + • More Features • Provides SIP calling from contacts • Runs in secure mode SSL for sending and receiving mail • Server side rules allow multiple Outlook locations and webmail • Single Sign on with Active Directory / Kerberos

  17. Enabling Outlook Calendar + • More Features • Provides same calendar but is available to Webmail too • WebDAV and iCAL provide support for Sunbird, Entourage, and other clients to interoperate • Rules engine and SIP provide notifications to users • Single Sign on with Active Directory / Kerberos

  18. New Web skinswith right to left language capability12 languages are included in ver4.3 including Arabic/Chinese/Japanese

  19. Dynamic Cluster Architecture • Backend Servers • Flexible mailbox format • No file locks – better performance out of existing storage subsystems\Up to 10-15 million Accounts in a Single Cluster, or more in a Super Cluster • Active-Active Redundancy • All Domains & Accounts accessible through all Backend Servers • Primary and Backup Cluster Controllers, with Automatic Rollover • Inter-server Load Balancing • Application-based Clustering • Ability to use NAS (NFS) Filesystem or many Cluster File systems • Attachment to SCSI, iSCSI, or Fiber Channel Arrays • Single-Instance Message Store • Frontend Servers • All User Access through Standards-based Messaging Protocols:IMAP/S, POP/S, MAPI (SSL), Webmail (HTTP/S), SMTP/TLS, SMTP AUTH, SIP/S, WAP, IMODE, iCAL/iMIP/iTIP, WebDAV • Virus, Spam, and Content Filtering • Connection Traffic Control • SIP NAT Traversal and Proxy • Active-Active Redundancy • Skins in 12 Languages

  20. Virtual Workplace – Digital Home – Presence at Play • CommuniGate PRO sets the office up where you need it • Set devices up on the road with near and far end NAT traversal technologies • Handle multi-content and “smart device knowledge” • Take the office and “routes” with you to a device • Disconnect from “fixed” lines and configurations

  21. CommuniGate Pro voice and video communications CommuniGate Pro delivers the office to your location • Set devices to “priorities and presence status” • Handle content with “smart device knowledge” • Take the office and “routes” with your device • Disconnect from “fixed” lines and configurations • Web based instant messaging • Inbox voicemail messages

  22. Messaging Server Incoming Call Susan John Mary CommuniGate Pro 4.3SIP Registration Service • Each user can have several devices registered with the server. • “Dead” devices (switched off, removed from coverage area) are unregistered automatically. • Incoming calls are directed to a user (a person), not to a device. • Incoming calls are forwarded to all devices registered for that user, all these devices start to “ring”. • Registration parameters: video calls are not forwarded to a text-only device, IM “calls” are not forwarded to device w/o IM, etc.

  23. PSTN PSTN FXS gateway PBX Voice Mail FXO gateway Messaging Server Internet CommuniGate Pro 4.3:VoIP Infrastructure • Legacy phone system • No device choice • No integration with other application or networks • Very limited services: Voice Mail, music on hold • SIP VoIP phone system • Wide device choice – SIP phones, “softphones” (incl. Windows Messenger), Wi-Fi SIP phones, regular phones via FXS gateways • Extended services: Unified Messaging, IM alerts, video, conferencing, groupware integration • Secure call routing over Internet

  24. Long Distance Local Local FXO gateway FXO gateway Messaging Server Messaging Server Internet CommuniGate Pro 4.3SIP Call Routing • Messaging Server can route SIP calls via different paths in the same way it routes SMTP messages • Calls to “regular” (PSTN) phones can be routed via the local gateway, or they can be routed via a remote SIP gateway, bypassing long-distance PSTN • Calls to SIP phones can be routed via the PSTN (via gateways) or directly via the Internet • Call Routing can be specified “in house”, using the company’s own Messaging Server

  25. OpenVMS & CommuniGate ProBenefits to Target Markets • Small and Mid-size Enterprises • Reliability, scalability and high performance • Replaces complex and unreliable messaging environment • Real-time communications via integrated IM, voice and video • True “Universal” inbox for all communications • Server acts as proxy for NAT based networks • Improved phone reception quality and reduced long distance costs associated with phone service • Telcos/Internet Service Providers • Enhances revenue with value added features • Email, Calendaring, Real-time Communications • End Users • Performance e.g. large mailboxes (over 100MB) • Broad range of client support

  26. OpenVMS CommuniGate Pro Solution • OpenVMS Foundation Operating Environment - FOE • including Enterprise Directory and its Mgmt GUI • optional VMSCluster software • CommuniGate Pro • Including MAPI Connector, coupled with Sophos Anti-Virus software and Mailshell anti-SPAM product • Optional Dynamic Clustering software which exploits VMSCluster ‘Active-Active’ and other capabilities • Integrity or AlphaServers, as appropriate

  27. Key USPs of CommuniGate Pro on OpenVMS Integrity Compared to Exchange and Notes • Lower TCO, as >50% is due to people costs (Admin, Help Desk etc.) • Two orders of magnitude more secure than Windows based solutions • New integrated VoIP and video capabilities at no extra cost – opportunity to replace/enhance existing communication systems • Much lower initial purchase price – on a par with Linux based solution • Greater reliability • Proven massive scalability (7M subscribers on a Tru64 Cluster)

  28. Price Comparison to Exchange

  29. Coexistence with Exchange during migrations

  30. Competitive LandscapeFilling the Gap Back-end scalability – support for large numbers of accounts Lotus Notes Desktop functionality – collaboration applications iPlanet Microsoft Exchange Critical Path Openwave CommuniGate Systems Novell GroupWise Sendmail Nortel Avaya Cisco Network, equipment, and VoIP players in the market

  31. Disaster Recovery with full uptime

  32. Disaster Recoverywith minimal recovery time

  33. Disaster Recovery with replicated site

  34. Thank You End