broad sap project approach functionality implemented
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Broad SAP Project Approach & Functionality Implemented

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Broad SAP Project Approach & Functionality Implemented - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Broad SAP Project Approach & Functionality Implemented. 06/23/06. Agenda. Project Goals Project Scope and Approach Timeline Functionality Master Data Management Planning Procurement Inventory Management Cost Tracking Production Quality Management. Project Goals.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Project Goals
  • Project Scope and Approach
  • Timeline
  • Functionality
    • Master Data Management
    • Planning
    • Procurement
    • Inventory Management
    • Cost Tracking
    • Production
    • Quality Management
project goals
Project Goals
  • Enable the Broad to be the lowest cost provider of genomic sequencing data.
    • Improve Production cost tracking
    • Implement product costing (cost per read)
    • Simplify Purchasing and Financials, including the addition of ECAT purchasing
    • Simplify batch creation and inventory management processes
    • Improve “ease of use” for highly repetitive transactions
  • Enhance operational performance
    • Improve shop floor tracking of batch numbers to enable timely troubleshooting
    • Improve quality management by tying inspections results to materials and batches produced
  • Fully integrate with the MIT SAP system, to reduce long term IT costs
    • Eliminate a grant funded legacy system (OPM), & multiple system interfaces
    • Eliminate the dual User licenses and system maintenance contracts
    • Provide a scalable platform, that supports the addition of new/more complex business processes
project scope
Project Scope
  • Replace Oracle OPM with SAP functionality in the following areas
    • Master Data Management
    • Planning
    • Procurement
    • Inventory Management
    • Cost Tracking
    • Production
    • Quality Management
  • Provide specific functional enhancements to improve ease of use & increase efficiency
    • Including direct use of MIT SAP Purchasing & Financials
  • Out of scope items – clearly defined and agreed upon
project approach
Project Approach
  • Team expectations clearly defined
  • Team members educated on basic project truths
    • Scope, Schedule, Budget (resources)
  • Measurable acceptance criteria for project success
  • Collaborative effort between Broad and IS&T
    • Co-team leaders – established a cohesive team
    • Broad business and IS&T members “paired”
    • Active sponsorship and steering committee
  • Business Power Users dedicated to the project
    • You are empowered. Make the decisions!
    • Deal with tough or controversial issues up front – don’t wait!
    • Involve everyone, at every step
  • Extensive planning and scoping analysis conducted prior to project kick-off (2 month effort)
  • Project scope under change control at the onset
project timeline
Project Timeline

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

  • Project Prep
    • Plan
    • Resources
    • Infrastructure
  • Blueprint
    • Flows
    • Policy & Process
    • Spec’s
    • Walkthrough
  • Realization
    • Config (DEV & TST)
    • Playbacks
    • FRICE
    • Integrated Test 1
    • UAT (IT2 & Regression)
  • Final Prep
    • Build (PS1)
    • User Training
    • Convert
  • Go Live & Support
    • Week 1 Support
overview broad flow
SAPOverview Broad Flow

Print/Display Reports

Print/Display Reports

Print/Display Reports

  • Set up
  • Master Data
  • Materials
  • BOM/Recipe
  • Costs
  • Info Record


Release Req’s

Create PO’s

Receive PO’s

Inventory Movements

Goods Issue

Project Expensed Material

Print/Display Reports

Pay Invoices

Misc Goods Receipt

Input a Forecast

Create a Process Order


Expensed Material

Backflush (fixing as necessary)

Purchase Expensed Material

  • Set up Quality
  • Master Data
  • Groups
  • MIC’s
  • Insp. Plans
  • SPC param

Create & use an Inspection Lot

Pass data to/from SQUID

Print/Display Reports & SPC

Print Checks

sap modules at broad
SAP Modules at Broad
  • SAP Modules include
    • Materials Management (MM)
      • Master data (material, vendor, purchasing information record),
      • Purchasing
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Inventory management (goods issue, goods receipts, goods transfer, physical inventory)
      • Batch management
    • Quality Management (QM)
      • Inspection plans / Master Inspection Characteristics, Inspection lots, Inspection Results Recording and Statistical Process Control
        • Quality inspection stock
    • Production Planning (PP)
      • Process orders and master recipes including Bill of Materials
    • Financial and Controlling (FI/CO)
      • Product Costing
    • Cross-Application Components
      • Document Management
      • Workflow
broad is an sap plant
Broad is an SAP Plant
  • SAP defines a plant as a location that holds stock (inventory), contains service or maintenance facilities and or manufactures products
  • Each plant within SAP can have many unique features
    • Factory calendar – identifies working days
    • Storage locations – location where stock is physically kept in a plant
    • Master data - materials, work centers, bills or material, recipes, batch
    • Planning requirements – reorder point, forecast based
    • Quality mgt – inspection plans/master inspection characteristics
master data management
Master Data Management
  • Plant Calendar specific for broad
  • Organizational Structure (Plant, Purchasing group, etc.)
  • Material Master (Part Numbers)
    • Re-Order Points
    • Lead time
    • Standard cost
  • Bills Of Material (BOM’s)
  • Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC’s)
  • Inspection Plans
  • Recipes
  • Reason Codes
  • Purchasing Info Records
  • Purchasing Source Lists
  • Release/Approval Levels (Req. & PO)
  • Forecasting
  • Long Term Planning (LTP)
  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Finished and Semi-finished (Make)
    • Raw materials/Components (Buy)
    • Bulk materials (Buy)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Actuals vs Budget Comparisons
  • MRP generated Purchase Requisitions
  • Directly created Purchase Requisitions
    • In SAP
    • Via SAP Web
  • Purchase Requisition approval workflow
  • Purchase Order creation using Req info & master data
  • Electronic document management for both Requisitions and PO’s (RFQ, Quotes, Spec’s, etc)
  • Purchase Order approval workflow
  • Automatic Purchase Order print/fax
  • Single screen for Expensed material Receiving
  • Custom “Confirmation” transaction for Inventory
  • Quality Hold on Invoice payment until after approval (where desired)
  • Automated 3 way match for Invoice payment
inventory management
Inventory Management
  • Goods receipts
    • Purchase Orders/Production Orders
    • Cost Centers
    • Projects/Internal Orders
    • Mini-Marts/Groups (WBS cost objects)
  • Goods Issues
    • Production Orders (including Backflush)
    • Cost Centers
    • Projects/Internal Orders
    • Mini-Marts/Groups (WBS cost objects)
  • Goods movements within Stockroom
  • Cycle Counting & Physical Inventory
  • Restricted and Un-restricted stock
  • Connected/Synchronized Unit and $$$
  • Process orders
    • Capturing costs
    • Goods Issue and/or Back Flush
  • Automated batch assignment
  • Debugging via Lot Genealogy (from Supplier to finished product)
  • Yield tracking
  • Integration to Quality results tracking
  • MRP Planning capability
quality management
Quality Management
  • Automated Batch # assignment
  • Lot Genealogy from Supplier to End Product
    • Feeds to Broad Data Warehouse (SQUID) reporting
  • Invoice payment hold until Quality approval on Receipts (where desired)
  • Pre-defined Master Inspection Characteristics’ and Inspection Plans
    • Consistency
    • Ease of maintenance
  • On Line Usage Decisions
    • Inventory Units and $$$ moves to correct bucket automatically
  • Results tracking and Alerts
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts
cost tracking
Cost Tracking
  • Monthly Updated Standard Cost tied to each material
  • Material $$$ tracked to individual WBS cost objects, internal orders (projects).
    • Based on Standard cost X Unit Qty
    • For PO’s, Goods Issues, Returns, etc
    • Single transaction moves $$$ and Units
  • Variance accounts to isolate particular activities
    • Reason codes to provide granularity
  • Expanded reporting (Inventory $$$, PPV, etc)
  • Ability to track actual cost expended against a pre-established budget
  • Capability to plan and track Labor costs as well, though this is not being used by the Broad