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Texas SCIP

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Texas SCIP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operation Texas Talks. Texas SCIP. 2009 Texas Homeland Security Conference Communications Interoperability Briefing. I. Overview - Mike Simpson, TxRC Statewide Communications Interoperability Coordinator II. Texas SCIP, Communications Coordination Group & PSIC Audit - Janice Bruno , GDEM

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Presentation Transcript
2009 texas homeland security conference communications interoperability briefing
2009 Texas Homeland Security ConferenceCommunications Interoperability Briefing

I. Overview - Mike Simpson, TxRC Statewide Communications Interoperability Coordinator

II. Texas SCIP, Communications Coordination Group & PSIC Audit - Janice Bruno, GDEM

III. Regional Interoperable Communications Plans & After Incident Report - Todd Early, DPS

IV. Funding - Joe Peters, Sheriffs’ Assn. of TX

history the problem
HISTORY - The Problem:

That there are a number of proprietary radio systems in use throughout the United States. “Proprietary” means they operate on technologies generally particular to one vendor

Negative Result: Different technologies cause a lack of interoperability (various responders cannot communicate with one another) – this causes delays in effective responses, and can cost lives and property loss


What is known as the “Project 25” (P25) digital “suite of standards.” This means that any manufacturer’s radios that are “P25 compliant” can communicate with any other vendor radios that have the same certification and operate in the same radio frequency band (VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz are the three primary bands – Texas will be primarily using VHF and 700/800 MHz).

texas scip project 25 requirement
Texas SCIP Project 25 Requirement

The Texas Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP) – adopted by the Governor’s Office on 11/26/07 and approved by U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security on 4/4/08, requires Texas agencies to be fully “Project 25 compliant” (P25) by January 1, 2015

two texas p25 frequency bands
Two Texas P25 Frequency Bands

VHF P25 – to be used in mostly rural areas; “conventional” (non-trunked) and “trunked” capabilities encouraged; shared systems

700/800 MHz P25 –to be used in mostly urban areas; “conventional” (non-trunked) and “trunked” capabilities encouraged; shared systems

NOTE: VHF and 700/800 MHz layers to be interconnected where mutual aid agency service areas overlap so that VHF users may communicate directly to 700/800 MHz users.



Least Interoperable on Left –Most Interoperable on Right


Strategies & Plans

Goals / Vision

  • National Preparedness Priorities
  • Strengthen Interoperable Communications

National Strategy for

Homeland Security

  • Standards-Based Shared Communications where
  • Emergency responders can communicate:
  • As needed, on demand, and as authorized;
  • At all levels of government; and
  • Across all disciplines.

National Emergency



Texas Statewide

Communications Interoperability

Plan (SCIP)

Statewide “System of 24 Regional P25 Voice Communications Systems by 2015”

Independently operating systems—comprised of people, technology, and organizations—are connected, enabling emergency

responders to effectively support day-to-day operations, planned events, and major incidents.

Regional Interoperable

Communications Plan (RICP)

Jurisdiction (City/County/

Emergency Services District)

Interoperable Communications Plans

contact information
Contact Information:

Mike Simpson

  • TxRC Statewide Communications Interoperability Coordinator
  • City of Austin Wireless Communication Services Manager

(512) 927-3209 (office)

(512) 802-7170 (pager)