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The Mobile Web

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The Mobile Web - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mobile Web. Catching Up With Our Clients. Panelists. David Bonebrake, LSNTAP Hugh Calkins, Pine Tree Legal Assistance Kathleen Caldwell, Pine Tree Legal Assistance Dave Mallon, iKnow Web Design. Today’s Training. Why Mobile Matters Making Sense of Mobile PTLA Project.

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The Mobile Web

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. The Mobile Web Catching Up With Our Clients

    2. Panelists • David Bonebrake, LSNTAP • Hugh Calkins, Pine Tree Legal Assistance • Kathleen Caldwell, Pine Tree Legal Assistance • Dave Mallon, iKnow Web Design

    3. Today’s Training • Why Mobile Matters • Making Sense of Mobile • PTLA Project

    4. Why Mobile Matters

    5. Mobile matters because: 1. People (including your clients) are using it. 2. It’s only getting bigger.

    6. Which of these phones *cannot* access the mobile web?

    7. All of these phones can access the mobile web (The challenge is creating a quality user experience)

    8. As of July 2009, how many Americans were actively using the mobile web? *Active = accessing it at least monthly.

    9. With the mobile web, the early adoption demographics are much different.

    10. . .

    11. Improved Hardware As processor speeds increase and full graphics systems get embedded onto single chips, phones will soon be able to embody a PC experience as soon as they get near a flat screen TV and a keyboard. -Steve Rubel

    12. Improved Software • The mobile browser landscape is an absolute mess, but it’s improving • Going forward, most new touch phones will use a WebKit-based browser. That’s good.

    13. Faster Connections

    14. Why the mobile web matters • Surprising high mobile usage – and it’s increasing rapidly. • Early adopters of mobile technology do not fit the typical early-adopter profile: users are younger and are people of color.  • Devices, browsers, and connections are improving

    15. Understanding Mobile

    16. The Mobile Ecosystem - Phones Feature PhonesSmartphones Touch Phones

    17. The Mobile Ecosystem: Carriers and Networks • Carriers provide mobile services and maintain networks. They provide customers contracts or prepaid plans. • Networks carry wireless signals. • Different generations of networks: 2G, 3G, and 4G

    18. The Mobile Ecosystem: Platforms and Operating Systems • Platforms: Java ME, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. • Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile

    19. The Mobile Ecosystem: Medium Types • SMS • Mobile Websites • Mobile Web Applications • Native Applications

    20. Benefits of Mobile • Personal to the user • Capable of sending and receiving information at all times • Goes everywhere

    21. Challenges of Mobile Mobile Devices: -Have tiny displays -Utilize poor browsers -Suffer from flaky connections

    22. Most important principle in mobile: • Adapt to the mobile context - don’t just repurpose your existing site.

    23. Pine Tree Legal AssistanceThe Mobile Web Project

    24. dotMobi Emulator

    25. PTLA Site On Opera Mini

    26. PTLA Site on Nokia

    27. PTLA Mobile Site on Opera Mini

    28. PTLA Mobile Site on Nokia

    29. Some Support Foreign Language Fonts

    30. Live Phone Links

    31. Live Email Links

    32. Some Support Video

    33. Some Support Video

    34. Content considerationsHow to get from here…

    35. …to here. • Think small • We eliminated: • graphics • fillable forms and .pdf’s • all long pages that require a lot of scrolling • most videos • left-hand navigation

    36. Prioritizing mobile content • Again, eliminate all long, complicated content • Then, think about the kinds of information mobile users might be browsing for (e.g. baseball scores, flight schedule updates). • What is our equivalent?

    37. Eliminate left-hand navigation • cut text to ¼ of original length (or less); retain only most essential information • move phone link to top of abbreviated page • convert all phone numbers into links

    38. Prioritizing existing content • Choose content that is already brief or that can be easily edited down • Choose content that a mobile user would be more likely to be looking for on mobile device, rather than on a desktop browser

    39. Who is our most likely audience? Duh–uh-uh

    40. Even better

    41. New content Same questions: • What kinds of information might people being looking for on their mobile devices? • What topics can we address reasonably well in a small space? • How to distill messages down? • What formatting to use to avoid too much scrolling?