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Artwork In Catholic

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Artwork In Catholic
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Artwork In Catholic

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  1. Artwork In Catholic By: Audrey/6B

  2. Definition Of Church • Building The church building can represent the history of the church like when the church was built. The building of the church can also represent the architecture and the detailed carvings that is on the church. • Community The church community is like the people who go to the church and pray to God. The community of the church is developed to time because there will always be more people coming to the church.

  3. What Is Stained Glass Jesus Stained Glass is an artwork that is located in the church walls. Stained glass is formed from glass that are colored and it can represent a drawing or picture of Jesus life or bibles scenes.

  4. History Of Stained Glass • Stained Glass is from the Ancient history. Stained Glass is found in Pompeii. Stained Glass is first used by the Romans in Ancient history. By the night and tenth century Stained Glass has been used in churches by Romanesque’s. By that time Stained Glass has not only been used for decorations but also for churches. In the 13th and 14 century Gothics have developed many kinds of picture in the Stained Glass for example is like the picture of Jesus. In the 15th to 16th century Late Gothics have applied some skills to make Stained Glass more detailed.

  5. Reason Of Stained Glass Created • All churches in the world have Jesus Stained Glass that is always on the churches walls. The meaning or reason of the Jesus Stained Glass that are on the wall is to represent the life of Jesus in a form of picture that are made from glass. Stained Glass is also to make the churches look better. The Stained Glass also tells some stories that are written in the Holy Bible about Jesus life.

  6. Purpose of Stained Glass To Catholic • The purpose of Jesus Stained Glass to Catholic people is to tell them about Jesus life and also it can tell the stories in the Holy Bible. Stained Glass is also to makes Catholic people always remember about Jesus and about the spirituality when we go in the church.

  7. Conclusion • So for me Jesus Stained Glass in the church is very important for the church. And it can represent many stuff that is related to the church and Jesus.

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