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Unit Two Vocabulary Getting Started PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Two Vocabulary Getting Started

Unit Two Vocabulary Getting Started

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Unit Two Vocabulary Getting Started

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  1. Unit Two Vocabulary Getting Started Asking for help Using WH-signs and Facial Expressions Classroom Signs Engaging in Basic Conversation Days of the Week Activities

  2. GRAB-an opportunity

  3. NONE


  5. BOOK


  7. to GIVE-TO GIVE is a directional sign. This means I-GIVE-YOU. If you change the movement toward yourself it becomes YOU-GIVE-ME. You can also sign with both hands to GIVE-EACH-OTHER or TRADE.

  8. to HELP/HELP-ME/etc… Help is a directional sign. When using HELP as a general sign the movement is straight up. For HELP-ME the movement is toward your body. For the sign HELP-YOU simply move the sign toward the other person. You will learn many more directional signs later.

  9. NEED When you change the movement to one strong downward movement the sign becomes MUST/HAVE-TO.

  10. to MOVE Move can be a directional sign.


  12. SURE The sign for SURE is also the same sign as TRUE and REALLY. Your facial expressions will change depending on which meaning you want to convey.

  13. to be CLEAR



  16. to MEAN

  17. NOT This is also the sign for DON’T.


  19. YOU’RE WELCOMEx3 You will also see the sign (two thumbs up) for YOUR WELCOME.


  21. to CLOSE-DOOR

  22. DOOR

  23. to OPEN-DOOR

  24. to CLOSE-DOOR

  25. to TURN-ON-LIGHT


  27. LIGHT

  28. Classifier ^ To STAND/STANDING

  29. to GET-UP

  30. to JUMP

  31. to SIT/SIT-DOWN

  32. HOME The sign for HOME began as EAT/SLEEP as home is where you eat and sleep. Over time the sign evolved to maintaining the same handshape in both positions.

  33. to WALK Here the flat hands represent two feet taking steps forward.

  34. PARTY

  35. READ Not only can the fingers represent legs, but they also represent the eyes. Here, two eyes read the page.

  36. to SLEEP

  37. to WALK-TO With this sign the fingers represent the two legs as they walk .

  38. DEAF (old ASL sign- used by some…mostly older Deaf)

  39. CANCEL/to CORRECT/to GRADE Often CANCEL is signed bigger.

  40. to ERASE (a board)

  41. ERASE (paper)

  42. HAND OUT

  43. PAPER

  44. to SPOT/ to SEE

  45. STUDY

  46. STUDENT The sign for student is LEARN + the agent marker, which represents a person. Can you see how the sign brings the information off the page and into the head?

  47. TEACHER Here you see that the information is coming out of the head to be given away to others (the sign for TEACH) and the agent marker is added to make it a person.


  49. to WRITE

  50. to be WRONG/ERROR The sign for MISTAKE is very similar to the sign for WRONG. Instead of just touching the chin, the sign twists from right to left.