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Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips

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Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips. Brought to you by: the Communications Committee ( CommComm ). St Thomas Anglican Church .

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Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips

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randy s rod s topnotch website tips

Randy’s & Rod’s Topnotch Website Tips

Brought to you by:the Communications Committee


st thomas anglican church
St Thomas Anglican Church
  • St Thomas’ new WordPress website, designed and maintained by priest, Patrick Blaney and parish volunteers, is a good example of how a church website can be beautiful, informative, and community-centred without a large budget.
homepage first impressions
Homepage - first impressions
  • Photo of the community in or outside the building looking happy and natural or a defining, iconic image uniquely connected to the parish or organization.
location location information
Location, location – Information!
  • Anticipate what your visitor will want to know. Do you have parking? Tell them where.
  • Other must-haves
    • navigation buttons to other pages,
    • service times,
    • location (map or directions)
    • acknowledgment of your Compassionate Service ministries, i.e.

Community Meal Served on Thursdays in the Parish Hall at 11:45am.

graphic design elements
Graphic design elements
  • Use consistent headings, sub-headings, captions and body copy.
  • Use a sub-headline every 5 to 7 lines to break up body copy
  • Keep to a maximum line length 65 to 70 characters
  • Select easy to read versatile fonts like Tahoma or Arial
  • Balance 2 or 3 font sizes, 10 or 12 point for body copy
keep it fresh and simple
Keep it fresh and simple
  • Ensure that each page is interesting and has graphics and photos that relate to its central theme.
consistent contact
Consistent contact
  • In the current world, each page is a landing page from another location. So make sure the church address or location link are on every page. And ideally the phone number too.
next steps
Next steps
  • Add a parishioner profile page for those who wish to be listed
  • Create a facebook page, blogsite and twitter account with links on the website.
words words words
Words, words, words
  • Avoid churchy/pious language if you can, and if you can’t, please supply some easily accessed definitions.
  • Incumbent should have a column or a link to a blogspot. Confer with friends and parishioners about a catchy title. Clever names are good but get feedback i.e. “Revved Up!” good or not-so-good?
keep the site current
Keep the site current
  • Post your Festival Service listings as early and accurately as possible: Advent, Christmas, Lent.
  • After the Festival is over, take them down. Does your house still have its Christmas decorations up? Does your website?
moving pictures
Moving pictures
  • Video: to post or not to post?
  • Good stills with a music track are better unless you have a very skilled filmmaker in your community.
  • Even if the film is good, make it short (30 seconds).
  • Add graphics and titles to clarify the message and put it up on youtube or vimeo with a link.
photos photos photos
Photos, photos, photos
  • Photos should be bright and full of people. Too many parishes in the D of NW advertise their buildings and usually the photos are of empty buildings.
  • Avoid staged stuff with children.
  • Use positive, upbeat photos of the clergy, parish leaders and staff.
what makes you special
What makes you special?
  • Seekers in this day and age love what they perceive to be authenticity in their worship experience: organ music, choral music, chanting and wardrobe.
the whole community
The whole community
  • Link to user groups i.e. pre-schools, music schools, other faith communities that use the building etc., the diocese, the national church, the Anglican Communion.
  • Include a news feature about the community. Make it welcoming and current.
stewardship is not a bad word
Stewardship is not a bad word
  • Have a straight-forward message about Christian Stewardship focusing on the fact that members of faith communities give.


  • Our God is a generous God and we are generous in return.
  • Add easy instructions about how to give.
final rule be authentic
Final rule: be authentic
  • Don’t use stock photos of models looking prayerful.
  • Show us who you are.
communications committee
Communications Committee
  • For advice, techniques, or a sympathetic ear, contact

Randy Murray

Communications Officer & Editor of TOPIC

604.684.6306 ext 223       

Fax 604.684.7017


http://vancouveranglican.com/ (Screening in Faith HR Site)

www.holidayservices.ca  (for Festival Worship and Event listings around the D of NW)


http://on.fb.me/gH6JaU (Facebook)