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Leveraging the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign

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Leveraging the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign
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Leveraging the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign

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  1. Leveraging the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign Karla Sneegas Branch Chief Program Services Branch Office on Smoking and Health July 16, 2013 National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Office on Smoking and Health

  2. Tips Resources and Leveraging Opportunities • Tips 2013 Resources • Tips website, Download Center, Media Campaign Resource Center • Tips Spanish-language Materials and Resources • Tips Public Service Announcements & Non-Traditional Placements • PSA Placement Recommendations • Tips 2013 “Talk With Your Doctor” feature • Tips Leveraging Ideas and Opportunities • Education & Awareness • Media & Communication Options • Community Involvement • Next Steps

  3. First and Foremost • Talk with your state tobacco control program! • Below is the link to the Tobacco Control Network website that lists all of the state tobacco control program managers and staff http://www.ttac.org/tcn/members/state_reps-toc.html

  4. Tips 2013 Resources: Tips home page

  5. Tips 2013 Resources: Tips website

  6. Tips 2013 Resources: For Specific Groups American Indian/Alaska Native Audience page (navigation view below)

  7. Tips 2013 Resources: I’m Ready to Quit! landing page

  8. Tips 2013 Resources: Tips Spanish homepage

  9. Tips 2013 Spanish Language Overview • The Tips Web Site is in Spanish (www.cdc.gov/consejos) and features stories, disease conditions, buttons/badges, videos of their stories, viewing of the ads, and many resources for leveraging all in Spanish • Most of the Tips materials are available in Spanish versions either on the MCRC (www.nccd.cdc.gov/MCRC) or the campaign download center (www.plowsharegroup.com/cdctips) • In January 2013, we launched a new Spanish Language Quit Portal: 1-855-DÉJELO-YAwith trained quit counselors available

  10. Content Syndication:How to Register • “Get Help” Section - To learn more about how to register for a content syndication account and add CDC content to your site. • CDC Syndication homepage http://www.cdc.gov/syndication/

  11. Free Tips Materials at the Download Center http://www.plowsharegroup.com/cdctips • Print • Posters • Out of Home – billboards, bus shelters • Radio • Online • Low Resolution Videos • Public Service Announcements • Continuous Loop Videos

  12. Tips Print Ads 13 | P a g e

  13. Download Center Instructions Fill Out Form Click Submit 14 | P a g e

  14. TV Kit Tips TV PSAs Television PSA ads: “Tiffany’s Tip” :30 “Cessation Tips” :30 “Jessica’s Asthma Tip” :30 “Surgeon General - Destiny” :30 15 | P a g e

  15. Tips Radio PSAs Radio Kits “Tiffany’s Tip” :30 “Cessation Tips” 60 & 30 “Jessica’s Asthma Tip” :30 “Jessica’s Asthma Tip” :30 Spanish 16 | P a g e

  16. Media Outreach – Non Traditional • PSA Placement Can be TV, Radio or Print: • Check Cashing Locations • Jumbotrons / Outdoor Screens • Restaurants / Bars • Taxi Cab Toppers • In Store – iCash Times Square – Jumbotron In Restaurant/Bar Video 17 | P a g e

  17. Media Outreach – Non Traditional • Doctor’s Offices & Clinics: Waiting Rooms / Exam Rooms • Grocery Stores & Pharmacies: Check Out / Break Rooms • Local Parking Garages • CNN – Doctor’s Offices Local Grocery Stores Local Parking Garages 18 | P a g e

  18. PSA Placement Outreach Securing Television, Radio and Non Traditional Placements Call or visit a local TV or radio station, doctor’s office or clinic, grocery store, gas station, etc., and introduce yourself to those you don’t know. Ask your local coalitions and partners to do so too. Let them know about your program and the information and services available for the community. Tell them about the success of the Tips campaign and ask them to place the Tips campaign PSAs. You can offer options to them depending on the mediums available. Television or radio ads, posters for bulletin boards, fact sheets or full page print ads that could be posted on a break room wall or in a waiting room. Email a follow up note with facts, information, and a link to the PSA download center: www.plowsharegroup.com/cdctips 19 | P a g e

  19. Talk With Your Doctor Overview • An initial effort to engage healthcare providers in the Tips From Former Smokers campaign • Encourages them to use the campaign as an opportunity to begin a dialogue about quitting with their patients who smoke. • Prompts smokers to “talk with their doctor” or other healthcare provider about effective methods to help them quit and stay quit. • National media buy ads tagged with: “You can quit. Talk with your doctor for help. “

  20. TWYD National Partners

  21. TWYD Materials • Tips Web Site (www.cdc.gov/tips) Health care provider section includes: • Waiting room posters • Physician card • Online training video • Quitline FAQ • Newsletter article • Links to existing materials • New materials being added… • Campaign Download Center (www.plowsharegroup.com/cdctips) healthcare tab also has a variety of resources

  22. Some TWYD Recommended Activities • Send letters introducing TWYD to Comprehensive Cancer Coalition members, BCC providers, Cancer Centers and other non-physician cancer professionals • Share Talk with Your Doctor on social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, physician’s blogs) • Post a button or a badge on your website • Take advantage of the national initiative opportunities • National coverage for Tips & national push on TWYD feature • Leverage initiative to actively engage providers to address tobacco use • Share the cessation support materials available on www.cdc.gov/tips/hcp

  23. What can your programs do to leverage the TIPS Campaign? • Promote Cessation • 1-800-Quit Now • www.CDC.gov/tips • Mobile website • Promote the Spanish portal number • Asian Quitline • In Clinics and Community Settings • Continuous Loop Videos • Doctor’s office, clinic, hospital waiting rooms • Office buildings, elevators, parking garages, laundromats • Tips Posters and Print Materials • Newsletter and website articles • Presentations, calls, webinars

  24. What can your programdo to Leverage the TIPS Campaign? • Further Secondhand Smoke Education • SHS impact on chronic diseases • Smokefree multi-unit housing • Education about the benefits of smokefree homes, workplaces, public places • Increased awareness of the impact of secondhand smoke exposure

  25. What can your programdo to Leverage the TIPS Campaign? •  Paid Media • Reaching out to Populations with Greatest Risk • Piggy-backing at the End of Tips National Campaign • Print Ads are FREE! • Earned Media • News Releases/ News Stories • Stories Highlighting Individualsor Communities • Op-Eds from Health Care Provider Champions • Letters-to-the-Editor • Joint Program Media Tours • Matte Articles to Organizations/Publications

  26. What can your programdo to leverage the TIPS Campaign? • Social Media, Websites, and Communication Opportunities • Facebook Posts • Tweets and Retweets • Website Buttons and Badges • Syndicated Web Page Content • Blogging • Matte Articles • Videos and Vignettes • Podcasts • Tips Mobile

  27. Social Media Opportunities • Be Smoke-Free – You Matter to Me! • New OSH Facebook App • https://apps.facebook.com/BeSmokeFree/

  28. Social and Earned Media Opportunities • Follow us on CDCTobaccoFree: www.cdc.gov/tobacco/stay_connected/index.htm?s_cid=bb-osh-eml-002 • Share, Repost or Repurpose our content. • OSH Calendar www.cdc.gov/tobacco/calendar • Lists upcoming OSH feature articles, publications, as well as holidays and other opportunities to encourage people to quit smoking

  29. Earned Media Opportunities - August • August 1: National Girlfriends Day • Consider the Be SmokeFree Facebook App • Back-to-School Season • Tobacco Free Campuses National Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative www.sph.umich.edu/tfcci/about/ How Schools Can Help Students Stay Tobacco-Free: www.tobaccofreekids.org/research/factsheets/pdf/0153.pdf • Use the Jamason Asthma Tip Ad in school publications • Jamason wants to attend a smokefree college. • Focus on Youth Issues: • Social Smoking, Dangers of Hookah, Youth and OTPs

  30. Earned Media Opportunities – August/Sept • August 26—Equality Day • Equality Day (Sample News Release – see OSH calendar) • Sample Letter to the Editor on Women's Equality Day and Smoking • August 31-Sept.2 - Labor Day weekend • Focus on the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke in the workplace • The Nathan, Ellie and Jamason Tips ads focus on this issue • September 29—World Heart Day • The Mariano (Spanish) and Roosevelt Tip ads focus on heart attack from smoking

  31. What can your program do to leverage the TIPS Campaign? • Community Involvement • Community Summits • Expert Panels • Town Hall Meetings • Promoting Your Issue by Connecting to Tips From Former Smokers!

  32. What are you already doing?How can you Leverage Tips within Your Program? • Secondhand Smoke • Cessation Issues • Tribal Collaboration • Cancer-related • Heart Disease and Stroke • COPD/Emphysema • Asthma • Diabetes

  33. Next Steps • Coordinate with state programs for efforts in your communities • Visit www.ttac.org/tcn for a list of state tobacco prevention and control program managers and staff • Develop a coordinated plan for ongoing outreach • Create a plan of action with traditional and non-traditional partners • Recruit opinion leaders to be spokespersons/ champions Dr. Jeannette Noltenius, Director of the National Latino Tobacco Control Network, has been a valued champion for the Tips Campaign (pictured here during a CNN interview)

  34. How can the Tips campaign help your program? Thank you! Questions? National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Office on Smoking and Health

  35. For Help, Contact: RScala@cdc.gov (770) 488-5488 Robin Scala Office on Smoking and Health www.cdc.gov/tobacco National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Office on Smoking and Health