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EDCI 566 Project #1Storyboard

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EDCI 566 Project #1Storyboard. Erin Janes.

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Topic Family History and GenealogyContext: Introduction to a Unit on Genealogy for a High School History Course. Supplementary materials:Genealogy Project Resources SheetProject Rubric – Outline for student Genealogy project requirements and timeline.

shenanigan s way

Shenanigan’s Way

Coming to America

sequence 1
Sequence #1

Shot Description:

Family tree clip with highlight on Patrick & Molly Shenanigan (Modality Principle)

Irish Music playing in the background until narrator begins to speak then fades out.

Narrative Summary:

Through the journals of Molly Shenanigan, we hear the story of Patrick and Molly’s journey to America

sequence 2
Sequence #2

Irish Coastline

Shot Description:

Ireland Coastline (Still Photo)

Colligan River (Still Photo)

Castle (Still Photo)

The Countryside (Still Photo)

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice:

Molly tells the story of why they chose to leave Ireland for America

sequence 3
Sequence #3

Shot Description:

The ship and baggage

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly’s journal entry tells the story of the trip across the ocean.

sequence 4
Sequence #4

Shot Description:

Statue of Liberty

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly’s journal describes the first sites of America

sequence 5
Sequence #5

Shot Description:

Landing at Ellis Island

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly describes her fears upon departing the ship and moving through the immigration process

sequence 6
Sequence #6

Departing the Ship

Shot Description:

Departing the Ship

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly describes reuniting with family who have already crossed over and the disagreement that splits them apart gain.

sequence 7
Sequence #7

Shot Description:

Help Wanted Sign

Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly describes the families struggles with settling and finding work in their new country.

sequence 8
Sequence #8

Shot Description:


Narrative Summary (Molly’s Voice):

Molly’s journal describes the family’s eventual settlement into American Life

sequence 9
Sequence #9

Shot Description:

What is your Story?

Narrative Summary: Narrator asks ,“What is your Story? “ as a lead in to the project discussion

What is

your story?



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*Homestead Photo is a personal photo

**Irish Landscape photos courtesy of Heather Tate