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Destination 2020

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Destination 2020
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Destination 2020

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  1. Destination 2020

  2. Look at skills you have and skills you will need to develop • How old will you be in the year 2020? • What do you hope your life will look like? What is Destination 2020?

  3. Career Planning Process Know your Know the “self” world around you Know how to connect the two

  4. Careers they never planned… • Mahatma Gandhi • Was a lawyer before becoming a political and social activist • Mother Theresa • Was a nun teaching geography before studying nursing and leaving her convent to go live with the poor on the streets of Calcutta • Alexander Graham Bell • Received no formal training before inventing the telephone. He invented hundreds of other devices during his career • Emily Murphy • Was a wife and writer, in 1916 she became a judge and the first women to be appointed to the bench. She and others appealed the “Persons Case” and in 1929 had it declared that women were, in fact, people too.

  5. When I think about my future I worry about… • Write down up to three things on your scrap paper that worry you • Crumple up the paper when you are done • Throw it in the bag at the front of the room

  6. Positive Adjectives Jubilant Jennifer

  7. Your Skills • Did you know that by the time you are 18 years old you will have developed over 500 skills? • Where do you learn skills? • What types of skills do you have already? • Do the Your Skills worksheet to find out

  8. Ground School Flight Training • Walk through a day in your life and see if you can recognize your skills

  9. Work, Play, Sustain • Activities we do everyday can be grouped into three main categories: • Work • Play • Sustain • What are some examples?

  10. Work to Learn, Earn, Give • What type of work did you do today? • There are many different types of work, and many people choose differently than others. • What are the rewards? • Work to learn • Work to earn • Work to give

  11. Personality & Attitude • What is PERSONALITY ? • A collection of individual characteristics that make a person who she or he is, different from everyone else. • What is ATTITUDE ? • Attitude is the position or stance one takes to an object, idea or situation

  12. Personality • Applying our personalities effectively is a skills everyone must learn • Did you know? • Some people have trouble getting and keeping work due to personality conflicts with their co-workers and supervisors

  13. I Am Powering Up: My Personality Characteristics • Name on the top of your sheet • Trade sheets with a partner, have them check off the adjectives that best describe you • You check off the adjectives that best describe your partner

  14. I Am Powering Up: My Personality Characteristics • What do you think your top ten personality characteristics are? • Why might they be different than what your partner checked off?

  15. Personality Pack • It is important to recognize that a habitual negative attitude is damaging to career and life • How can we see the positive side of our “negative” personality characteristics

  16. Personality Pack • Attitude controls how you use personality characteristics Personality Controller Stubborn Hyper Shy Determined Energetic Observant

  17. Career vs. Occupation • Career: • the combined total of everything in our lives • Occupation: • the type of work people do in many different ways and many different places • Job: • the specific task or tasks one person does

  18. Interests • What kind of activities do you like to do? • What kind of hobbies do you have? • What kind of things would you like to try?

  19. Destination 2020: Your Interests • Step 1: • Read each sentence and circle the number if you think the sentence describes you • Circle as many as you like • Step 2: • Mark an X on the number in the box if you circled it • Count how many X’s you have in each category

  20. Things, People and Information Things are your thing People are your pastime You are an information junkie • Look at the sheet with the circles on it • Put a star beside the piece of the pie that is your favorite subject

  21. My Occupation • Explore some of the occupations in the workbook • Pick the one you like most and do the My Occupation worksheet

  22. My Dream Life/Work Map • What five milestones do you think you will meet in your life • Circle one is today. Fill out the other five circles with what you think will happen