manual for canon rebel xs n.
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Manual For Canon Rebel XS PowerPoint Presentation
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Manual For Canon Rebel XS

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Manual For Canon Rebel XS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manual For Canon Rebel XS. By. Alex Quigley. Shooting.

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Manual For Canon Rebel XS

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When taking a picture with the Canon Rebel XS you want to have the picture centered and focused. After you shoot the photo the image should appear on the LCD screen for about 2 or 3 seconds. If your in a low lighted area the flash will pop up. If so be sure to have the subject within 16.4 feet or 2 meters. If you press down the Button that closes the the shutter or takes the picture half way down it will NOT focus the picture. When your shooting portraits the Subject should be in focus and the background should be blurry. When shooting something with sports you want it on the sport setting so that it takes multiple shots one right after the other. With landscapes you want to be zoomed out to get the best view possible. Using the timer is an automatic way to take a picture without pressing the button.

image quality
Image Quality

Using the different settings for different situations will create different effects. For a landscape picture you should use the landscape setting, it’s a setting specifically set for what you want. Using the different positions for the centering or making it off to the side. Rule of thirds is the best way to make the best picture possible. Using shading and playing with the back and foreground is an interesting way to make a quality picture. There are many ways to make a quality picture.


For manual focusing turn the focusing to MF and turn the focusing ring to get the right amount of focus in the shot. Try zooming in on the shot to get better focus. For AF or auto focus turn the switch to AF. When you do this a live image will appear on the screen and then you may pick a focus point.

safety procedures
Safety Procedures

Use the Neck strap properly.

Always use the lens cap.

Support the weight of the camera from the bottom of the camera.

When passing to someone put neck strap on and then hand it to them.

mode dial for canon rebel xs
Mode Dial for Canon Rebel XS

A-Dep: Auto Depth of field.

M: Manual Exposure

Av: Aperture Priority

Tv: Shutter Speed Priority

P: Program

Square green box: Full Auto


Close up


Night scene

menu operations and settings
Menu Operations and Settings

To view the menu press the Menu button. To select what you would like to change or see use the arrow keys and highlight what you would like to view. To select or change something press the SET buttons on the button menu.

setting white balance
Setting White Balance

White balance is for making white areas get the proper amount of white and making it look like a natural shading picture. The button AWB will automatically set the White Balance.

tips for preventing camera shake
Tips for preventing camera shake

Do not look directly at the sun. The suns heat can damage the shutter curtains.

The cameras mechanicals shake would possible cause the images to come out bad and will affect the over all image quality.

flash control
Flash Control

Depending on how much light is in the room or image itself will affect how much light is released from the flash. It will also affect the camera shake.

searching for images quickly
Searching for images Quickly

To do so you must hit the play button to see a review of your last picture. Then if you hit the zoom out button you can veiw a 4 pictures in a 4x4 box. Keep pressing the Zoom out button to view more.






Night Scene