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Exploring Yeovil School: A Student's Perspective

Discover Yeovil, the smallest football town in the UK with a vibrant school area and engaging subjects. Learn about teaching methods, school mates, and the importance of school uniform. Delve into a school with a great reputation and the motto: “EAST, WEST – HOME IS BEST”.

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Exploring Yeovil School: A Student's Perspective

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  1. JOSEF CHRPA student from grade five English School 2005 Yeovil THE SMALLEST FOOTBALL TOWN IN UK

  2. Yeovil CITY • Yeovilis a small, nice town on the south-east of London. • It is the city of the Sommerset district. • The city lies in a nice country fullof grazing sheep. • The city has got 50.000 people living in small family houses.

  3. YeovilSCHOOLAREA • There are a few schools in the city. • One of them is the schoolI was attending for 2 weeks. • The school is situated in the north part of the town,just in the middle of the family houses. • The school has got 1.500 pupils andalso three school buildings, some sport areas and lots of decorative lawns. • Thereis a big parking in the school area as well.

  4. YeovilSCHOOL SUBJECTS • The school timetable was made for me during my interview with theheadmaster. • The timetable consists of the obligatory part which has got the bodyand the selective part based on the abilities and student skills. • Obligatorysubjects are English literature and language, math, geography or history,double-science or triple-science. • I had chosen sport, drama, PC andmusic.

  5. YeovilSCHOOL TEACHING • The duty call in England is from the age of 5 to the age of 16.Pupils are split to eleven levels. • I was attending level 10. Each level takes one school year. At the end of each level pupils must take some exams.Instead of getting number marks they get word marks A,B,C,D,E,F (means failing).

  6. YeovilSCHOOL TEACHING • School teaching begins at 8:30 a.m. The lessons take 60 minutes. • They are various but absolutely different from Czech lessons. The lessonsare full of talking and discussions. • There are mostly three or four lessons in the morning and two ones in the afternoon. • The lunch break lasts one hour.In the school there is an eating room you can buy some food in. • School teachingends at 3:15 p.m.

  7. Yeovil SCHOOL MATES AND TEACHERS • The pupils and teachers' behavior is likable. I think they arehabituated to citizens and foreign languages. • I was impressed by their weak geography knowledge concerning the Czech Republic. • Teachers are both youngand old. They try to communicate a lot and defend your own opinion. • Homeworkis ordinarily corrected and analyzed at school.

  8. YeovilSCHOOL UNIFORM • Buying a school uniform is necessary before entering the school.The school uniform consists of: black boots, black shoes, a white shirt,a black coat and a stripe tie. • The school uniform is not as cheap as youmight think, it costs about 60 pounds. It is important to have got a sportsuit: knee-socks and shorts. You must buy the whole uniform in the schoolbecause the money goes to the school fund.

  9. Yeovil SCHOOL REPUTATION • The school has got a great reputation. This is very important inEngland. • Parents are permanently informed about everything occurring at school, by phone or by letters. • In spite of being in the school just for short time, I've received such a school letter as well. • I think the school is good but : ”EAST, WEST – HOME IS BEST”

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