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Acer tech support explains how to increase the volume of laptops!

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Acer tech support explains how to increase the volume of laptops!

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  1. ​Acer Tech Support explains how to increase the volume of Laptops!

  2. Acer offers a vast range of laptops with brilliantly designed communication tools, graphics and performance which means no matter how new the device is, there might be some feature which doesn’t work as it is expected. The low sound issue is a mainstream complaint in most of the Acer laptops. Acer Laptop Support has laid down few ways to help you recover with this issue:

  3. Volume keys One thing that is a must do when the sound is extremely low is to use the up arrow button for increasing it. In case of some, just tapping won’t work but the ‘Fn’ key must be placed in the first place to examine the operations.

  4. Sound mixer This command has the direction over volume by altering the sound from the key results in none. Choose the volume key in the lower right corner of the taskbar and drag the entire slider to the front. Additionally, right-click the icon for selecting the volume-mixer and examine for more sliders that affect the sounds.

  5. Equalize the loudness This is a feature which is analyzed in Windows 7 as well as the Vista. It enlarges slow sound and limits the loud one so, the sound results to be much louder and repair most low-volume issues. Right-click on the audio icon on the taskbar and choose the playback device. Choose the default device and move to the enhancement tab. Mark a check in the checkbox of equalizing the loudness and choose the ok button for the confirmation.

  6. Reinstalling the driver Any file on the hard drive is easy to get corrupted including the drivers. File corruption is generally caused when the PC is forced to shut off without proper command for the same. From the start menu, right-click on the computer icon and then go to the properties link in the drop-down menu. Move to the device manager in the left panel and choose to increase the sound, video and game controller and locate the audio device. Uninstall it by right-clicking on it and wait for the Windows to refresh. Choose the Action button and then scan for the changes which will make the drivers reinstall without actually the need to restart. 

  7. Do not worry if the sound issue still persists, dial a backend support Acer Support Number Australia 1-800-954-301 and put an end to all your queries instantly. You don’t need to wait for the issues to get worse but reach our technical team to get them resolved.Original Source

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