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SEM1 1.04 . Explain elements of the sport/event product. Product / Service Management. O btaining, developing, maintaining, and improving a product. Product : The goods and services a business will offer to its customers. Products are goods and services

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Sem1 1 04
SEM1 1.04

  • Explain elements of the sport/event product

Product service management
Product / Service Management

  • Obtaining, developing, maintaining, and improving a product.

  • Product: The goods and services a business will offer to its customers.

  • Products are goods and services

  • Products are Purchased by customers

Goods vs services
Goods vs. Services

  • Goods: tangible, physical products

    • Consistency: Usually the same every purchase

  • Services: intangible, non-physical products

    • Services are experienced

    • Inconsistent: not the same every time.

      • Games are different. Teams win and lose.

      • Impossible to guarantee.

  • Sports Games and Events


Goods vs services1
Goods vs. Services

  • Perishability:

    • Goods can be stored.

    • Services cannot be stored.

    • Services must be consumed immediately.

  • Separability:

    • Link between product and provider.

    • Easy to separate goods from provider.

    • (Doesn’t matter where you buy it.)

    • Cannot separate a service from provider.

    • (The game is the game!)

Combination of goods and services
Combination of Goods and Services

  • Sports Products are NOT pure Good or Service.

  • You can buy goods at Sports Events.

  • Sports goods can provide service

    • Heath and Entertainment

  • Sports Products are a COMBINATION of goods and Services

Categories of sport event products
Categories of sport/event products.

Sports Events

Sporting Goods



Non-Sport Events (Concerts/Festivals/Conventions)

Licensed Merchandise

Sports Media (TV/Radio/Magazines/Internet)

Sports Services

Sport services
Sport Services

Services provided that are associated with Sports Products

Sport Service Examples:

  • Lessons/camps

    • Golf Swing Lessons

  • Rented-goods services

    • Renting Sporting Goods (jet ski at the beach)

  • Owned-goods services

    • Service on customer’ own goods (Having bike chain fixed)

Unique characteristics of sport event products
Unique characteristics of sport/event products

  • Outcome of sports/events cannot be controlled.

  • Pricing can be controlled.

    • Marketers can use this to sell product.

    • Discounts used to sell tickets.

    • Unsold tickets will never sell after game is over.

    • Smoothing: Offering consumers a discount for products that would go to waste.

      • Cheap tickets for a undesirable game.


  • Quality of Goods

    • Performance—how well does this product do what it’s supposed to do?

    • Serviceability—will this product be easy to fix if something goes wrong?

    • Features—what are the additional benefits of this product

    • Durability—how long will this product last?

    • Reliability—will this product perform consistently?

    • Design—do I like the way this product looks and feels?


  • Quality of Service

    • Tangibles—how do the venue, equipment, and personnel look?

    • Assurance—are the employees courteous and trustworthy?

    • Responsiveness—are the employees helpful and prompt?

    • Empathy—how much individual attention will I receive from the service provider?