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Guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments, you can play it alone. When you feel happy, when you are down, when you are bored or when you travel; it\'ll always be your companion. Read more.

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Why learn guitar


Why Learn Guitar?

Playing musical instruments is indeed good for you - No doubt, there are number of studies suggesting this

fact. But the real confusion comes in is deciding what to play! Because you have a host of instruments out

there, it’s not easy to choose one. The question gets even more confusing when you are a novice who is

just starting out in the world of music. Building a solid foundation for your skills is important which is why

we would suggest you join online guitar lessons for beginners.

If you ask us – why guitar? We are ready with host of arguments and logics, have a look:

Guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments, you can play it alone. When you feel happy,

when you are down, when you are bored or when you travel; it'll always be your companion.

Try dragging a piano or drums into a party. Can you? You won’t unless you like to sweat! Now try

carrying a guitar - it’s portable. With a guitar, music will travel with you!

Guitar looks cool - No matter whether it’s electric or acoustic. Everyone looks cooler with a guitar

strapped to their body.

If you are good at playing it, you can impress anyone. You’ll be the centre of attention for all the

parties. Everybody will sing along you, and if you are really good and can bust out some original

tunes; you can make anyone fall for you!

Feeling creative? Let out your emotions with music. Hit some strings and show your emotional,

creative self to the world! No other instrument supports creating music better than a guitar.

Guitar is an ultimate confidence booster. You have to understand that playing in a group and

performing solo are two different things. Of course none is easy, but still, when you are playing solo

- facing hundreds and thousands of people alone is no less than a herculean task!

Guitar is the most easy to learn instrument in comparison to others. That’s probably because you

don’t have to read any notes while playing it. When you pull the strings, there is always room for

something new.

You might have heard a popular saying “an empty mind is a devil’s home!” Why let devil reside in

your head when you can lead on a creative pathway?! Pick up your guitar and kick off your


Have you ever heard about feel goof chemicals in your brain? No, we’re not talking about dope –

medical science calls it “dopamine”. Well, science says playing or listening to music releases

dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel free and relaxed.

It’s a great stress reliever and helps relive chronic pain. Logic is simple, when music occupies your

mind; you barely think about anything else.

And last but not the least, its fun. Because you can woo opposite sexes with more ease!

What? Not sure how to start? No worries, just visit and sign-up to free online guitar

lessons for beginners.


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