adapted presentation date 24 november 2009 week 48 location pcsb kerteh hq n.
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ADAPTED PRESENTATION Date : 24 November, 2009 (Week 48) Location: PCSB Kerteh HQ. Review of Zeron ® 100 Failures in Dulang. Iain Rei Technical Director. Background. Parties Operator (OC): Petronas Carigali Sdn . Bhd. Service Provider (SP): Geowell Sdn. Bhd.

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adapted presentation date 24 november 2009 week 48 location pcsb kerteh hq

Date: 24 November, 2009 (Week 48)

Location: PCSB KertehHQ

Review of Zeron®100 Failures in Dulang

Iain Rei

Technical Director

  • Parties
    • Operator (OC): PetronasCarigaliSdn. Bhd.
    • Service Provider (SP): Geowell Sdn. Bhd.
    • Wire Supplier (WS): Wilco OFS Pte. Ltd.
  • Location: Dulang, PMO
  • Scope of Work
    • SP to provide sand-bailing services
    • WS to provide super-duplex stainless steel Zeron®100 HS
background timeline
Background: Timeline
  • Timeline
    • First contact: Week 40 (Susp. wire thinning)
      • KSB Visit: Week 41 (Wire inspection)
    • Second Contact: Week 42 (Susp. Inconsistent OD)
      • KSB Visit: Week 43 (Wire inspection)
      • Wire replacement: Week 43 (Inconclusive)
      • Official reply: Week 45 (Mfg. Tolerance)
    • Third Contact: Week 47 (Susp. lower MBL; surface quality; plastic behavior)
      • KSB Visit: Week 48 (now)
background zeron 100
Background: Zeron®100
  • First used in Dulang: 2003
    • SP: Dimension Bid Sdn. Bhd.
  • Current countries: 6
    • Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Turkmenistan
  • Current mean per annum usage: 60 reels
  • Largest end-user: PetronasCarigali
  • Largest single-user: Chevron Thailand
  • Keywords: high breaking load, quality, consistency, support, service, stockist, fast
discussion thinning
Discussion: Thinning
  • First issue: Wire thinning
    • Restatement: wire is surface thinning inexplicably causing disruption in service
  • Premise:
    • Wire was said to be unused and new from reel
    • Wire was of poor surface quality
  • Conclusion:
    • Wire was found to be used
    • Wire was found to be significantly stressed mechanically
    • Link to reportfrom UK
discussion od
Discussion: OD
  • Second issue: Inconsistent OD
    • Restatement: wire OD is inconsistently thick or thin, resulting in uncertainty in quality that could lead to NPT
  • Premise:
    • Wire is said to be new
    • Wire OD was changing rapidly during spooling
    • Operator/helper detected accurately using hands on moving wire from supply to usage reel
  • Conclusion:
    • Wire is new
    • Wire OD seemed to be changing if detected by hand
    • Wire was replaced
    • Subsequent findings from Principal show that OD was fluctuating within normal manufacturing limits of ±0.001”

discussion od1
Discussion: OD
  • Our findings
    • On 23 Nov., 2009 we performed a series of measurements on a reel that is supposedly problematic with an undulating OD.
    • Using an electronic caliper provided by Geowell, we conducted a series of measurements of theOD of the wire
    • The result is an OD measurement of 0.108”±0.00045”ora breaking load of 2,500lb±25.21lb
    • Error is within manufacturing error of 0.001”
discussion plasticity
Discussion: Plasticity
  • Third issue: Plastic behavior of Zeron®100 wire
    • Restatement: wire elongates without recovering original length on tension; indication of poor quality
  • Premise:
    • Break load testing methods are normal and common; equipment used to test is approved
    • Wire elongates plastically without returning to original length under load
  • Conclusion:
    • Tested wire had already broken at rope socket but was undiscovered
    • Subsequent “elongation” was due to wire being pulled out of rope socket
    • Cup-cone break-ends of wire indicates wire is of good quality

discussion plasticity1
Discussion: Plasticity

What is elasticity and plasticity?

  • Elasticity: when a material behaves elastically like rubber
    • On tension an elastic material will elongate proportionately with tension
    • On release of tension, an elastic material will retain its original length
  • Plasticity: when a material does not behave elastically
    • On tension beyond the elastic limit, a material will begin to act plastically
    • The subsequent increase in tension will not result in proportional elongation of length
    • On release of tension, the material will not return to its original length

Plastic return of length

Δx (plastic elongation)

  • Findings
    • Most findings conclusively attest to the quality of Zeron®100
    • Thinning on recent sand bailing activity is not yet examined and as yet outside of our scope of control
    • Thinning is akin to mechanical erosionwhereas stress-corrosion-cracking is a form of chemical erosion (or commonly called corrosion)
    • Problems that have occurred to not seem to be due to the quality of the material or drawn wire

  • Recommendations
    • Shorter runs-between-cut/test cycles
    • Closer surface inspection for scratches and large reductions in OD of wire between run-cycles
  • Wilco have been recommended to:
    • Check for well schematic
    • Check for nipple or SSD profiles, kick-offs, deviation angles, etc. that may lead to high forces of friction
    • Request more supporting information from OC and SP
    • Provide continued support to OC and SP
case study
Case Study
  • Example: Chevron wire thinning
    • WI/125xx; max pull: 1,350lb; on reel: 21,115'; 271 runs
      • Mobilized in November 2007
      • 25,000ft ZERON®100, 0.125”
    • WI/125xx; max pull: 1,500lb; on reel: 18,545'; 258 runs
      • Mobilized in March 2009
      • 20,000ft ZERON®100, 0.125”
case study1
Case Study
  • Example: Chevron wire thinning
    • Chevron runs in the northern and southern offshore fields
    • 20,000+ runs per year
    • Typical measured depth of wells: 14,000-16,000ft
    • Typical ordered slickline: ZERON®100, 0.125”
    • Typical ordered length: 20,000ft
    • Typical service company junk length:

Remaining on drum ≥ 1.5 x Well MD

    • Shows great belief in their program and our wire
wilco website preview
Wilco Website Preview
  • Surface information
    • History
    • Work history
  • Technical information
    • Material data sheets
    • Test certificates (private access)
    • FirstLook Calculator
  • Contact point

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