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Backtoons Comic Kit Review & (BIGGEST) jaw-drop bonuses PowerPoint Presentation
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Backtoons Comic Kit Review & (BIGGEST) jaw-drop bonuses

Backtoons Comic Kit Review & (BIGGEST) jaw-drop bonuses

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Backtoons Comic Kit Review & (BIGGEST) jaw-drop bonuses

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  1. Backtoons Comic Collection – Grab your visitor with page turning, action packed content, and turn bored visitors into raving fans !!! Backtoons Comic Collection is a truly unique collections of graphics and content far wider than any currently available. What Is Backtoons Comic Collection? When it comes to creating content, whether it's videos to sell, websites to make, viral content, for your own or your clients' products – you need to be more and more creative to keep attention! That's because there so much content being created every day, and there's just massive competition for your attention! So, if you have any hope of making a sale by building trust in your viewer then your sales pages and explainer videos must be of the highest quality. Your prospect relies on the quality of your content to judge the worth of the product. BUT THERE'S A PROBLEM AND IT'S A PRETTY BIG ONE... Because finding top quality, and INTERESTING, content to make your marketing materials pop, is nearly impossible... AND even if you are lucky enough to find something you can make work for you, it is priced nearly out of reach! UNTIL NOW! After struggling to produce exciting content, with the limited amount of material available, that didn’t cost a king’s ransom. Shelley Penney has gotten over the shock and embarrassment and she decided to create a truly unique collections of graphics and content far wider than any currently available. What’s more Shelley Penney also created content that would work with the style of videos and sites. She allows other content creators to use them, so they wouldn’t have to go through the same humiliation she did, because they didn’t have enough decent original graphics to work with. Introducing: Backtoons Comic Collection

  2. Backtoons Comic Collection is a comprehensive graphics kit jammed with thousands of assets covering every possible facet of comic creation. Backtoons Comic Collection was designed for maximum emotional impact. Each background, every element, is in a style that immediately taps into the nostalgic world of "retro" comics and cartoons. This collection is not like anything you've been able to buy in the past. People don't have an emotional connection to RANDOM GRAPHICS. They DO have an emotional connection to cartoons and comics.

  3. How Does Backtoons Comic Collection Work? Special Features of Backtoons Comic Collection: Here's Exactly What You Get In Backtoons Comic Kit Module #1- 2000+ Comic Style Backgrounds PNG Format 1280x720 HD suitable for websites, video backgrounds, ebook images, etc Each background was designed for Backtoons by Shelley. Here's just a SMALL SAMPLE of the 200O+ backgrounds:

  4. Module #2- 200+ Comic Style Square Backdrops PNG Format Mostly 1080x1080 HD suitable for MEMES but also for websites, video backgrounds, ebook images, etc Each background was designed for Backtoons by Shelley. Here's just a SMALL SAMPLE of the 200+ square backdrops:

  5. Module #3- 117 Comic words PNG Format- transparent background Who doesn't LOVE comic words for grabbing attention fast! Once again- Original designs created specifically for the Backtoons Comic Kit. Here are the 117 comic words

  6. Module #4- 200+ Comic Strip Elements PNG Format- transparent background Comics aren't all about backgrounds and need a little extra, and that's exactly what this pack is. Here are over 200 elements that you can use to add finishing touches to your comic- scape elements-sample

  7. Module #5- 80 Facial Expressions PNG Format- transparent background Add emotion to ANYTHING! Now any image can smile, cry, or show a little tongue. Here are 80 various expressions with transparent background that you can use anywhere! Here are the 80 facial expressions Child, Man, Woman, and animals

  8. Module #6- Backtoons Animal Kingdom PNG Format- transparent background 40 animals- 5 poses each- 200 png files NEVER SEEN BEFORE- BACKTOONS ANIMAL KINGDOM Jazz up your comic and cartoon creations with high quality cartoon animals. They look great on websites, in ebooks, in memes, and in video. Cartoon animals are super difficult to find, and royalty free, high quality animals like these are super exclusive! This collection was developed for my own products and has never been released, until now. INCLUDED: ant, bald eagle, bear, beaver, bee, centipede, chicken, cow, crab, dolphin, duck, elephant, fox, giraffe, goat, gold fish, horse, jelly fish, lion, mice, monkey, moose, octopus, owl, parrot, pig, porcupine, robin, seal, shark, sheep, spider, squirrel, skunk, termites, tiger, turtle, whale, worm, zebra Module #7- Comic Style Lettering PNG Format- transparent background

  9. And now for the finishing touch Here are the red letters and upper/lower case script letters She used on the site for her headlines Module #8- Free Developer License No Games Here... They include developer license with your purchase. Use our graphics for personal and professional use. Feel free to use them in materials that you will sell. Just don't distribute them as stand alone files. Why Should You Get Backtoons Comic Collection Now? Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways You Can Use Backtoons Comic Kit: There's no end to the ways you can use BACKTOONS COMIC KIT to create SUPER HUMAN content! Website Backtoons Comic Kit background and elements look good on any website, and on any device. They scale beautifully and add stunning color, dramatic speed lines, and captivating, attention grabbing visuals.

  10. Videos Create ads, tell stories, do a training… No matter what kind of video you choose, they’ve got the right background style. Memes MAKE ‘EM SHARE ‘EM Now you’ll have thousands of SUPER AWESOME comic backgrounds and elements perfect for making share-able memes for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Product Covers/ Promo Material Backtoons Comic Kit background and elements look good on any device. So of course that means they are going to be perfect for PDF or Kindle ebooks. In fact any kind of electronic presentation could use a little comic relief! Exclusive Bonuses From Backtoons Comic Collection ACT NOW, DURING THIS SPECIAL LAUNCH PERIOD, AND YOU WILL GET THESE INCREDIBLE VALUE ADDED BONUSES. Bonus #1 - PowerPoint Comic Tutorial

  11. VIDEO COURSE- COMIC AND CARTOON TUTORIAL Take a journey with PowerPoint Guru Tracey Meagher as she shows you how to create GREAT comics and cartoon videos using only PowerPoint! Tracey is a graphic designer who has developed a 6 figure business around her expertise in PowerPoint. Follow her through 6 video trainings, in this rare opportunity to learn from one of the top PowerPoint Gurus in our niche! Is The Tutorial Easy To Follow? Just ask Janice! This 66 year old grandmother created a comic video ad for a local business by following Tracey's Comic and Cartoon Tutorial! Bonus #2 - BACKTOONS COMIC PALS

  12. It's not a collection without characters! As part of your Backtoons Comic Kit bonus you are going to get TEN (10) cartoon characters in a variety of different situations. There are a total of 118 character images that you can use in any media, and for any situation! Bonus #3 - PowerPoint Comic TEMPLATE Save time by using this PowerPoint Comic Template

  13. Bonus #4 - 6 Comic Strip Swipes 3 formats- jpg, pdf, PPT Comic Strip Swipes in 3 formats for use in any medium include text bubbles. Edit in Powerpoint or in any image editor

  14. Conclusion This is a Limited Time Offer Backtoons Comic Collection is a huge collection worth hundreds of dollars. During the launch week they will be offering this package at a special launch price. In order to get the best price possible, you MUST BUY NOW. Backtoons Comic Collection, Backtoons Comic Collection review, Backtoons Comic Collection review and bonus, Backtoons Comic Collection reviews, Backtoons Comic Collection reviews and bonuses, Backtoons Comic Collection discount, Backtoons Comic Collection bonus, Backtoons Comic Collection bonuses, Backtoons Comic Collection review and discount, Backtoons Comic Collection review in detail, Backtoons Comic Collection ultimate review,