on the devil s court carl deuker n.
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On the Devil’s Court Carl Deuker PowerPoint Presentation
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On the Devil’s Court Carl Deuker

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On the Devil’s Court Carl Deuker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On the Devil’s Court Carl Deuker

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  1. On the Devil’s Court Carl Deuker Zach Simons

  2. What is it? A teenager who has moved to a new town, and doesn’t get along with his parents. He makes friends with the wrong group of people who get him in trouble. Attribute: Setting in the real world. Title: On the Devil’s Court What is your book’s genre? Write it here: Attribute: Story could really happen. Attribute: Believable characters. Example:Night Hoops Example: Summer Ball Example: Heart of a Champion

  3. Attribute: setting in the real world. a “It was November 16- a foggy morning had turned into a cold, gray day.”(91) “I tried to watch TV then, but ESPN had a golf match and it was too slow.”(163) It was such a great morning that it made me be glad to be in Seattle. Then I remembered Eastside, and it was all I could do to drag myself downstairs.”(36)

  4. Attribute: There are believable characters “My grades came in Monday’s mail. I was right- straight A’s.” (147) “My back hurt and I had a good size lump on my head. The next morning I was so stiff I could barely walk, let alone play. I stayed in that day.”(39) “I wanted one full season of glory. I didn’t care if it were only temporary, if it would be forgotten by April.”(78)

  5. Attribute: the story could really happen. “There were sailboats out on the Sound, some with colorful spinnakers like rainbows. Huge freighters, primer orange, were being tugged out to deep water”.(35) “The police tried to be helpful, but it was clear they felt it was hopeless. They looked uncomfortable on the sofa.”(86) “We drove straight to the emergency room of University Hospital. I was still a little woozy, and when a guy came in with his chopped-off finger stuck in a bag of ice, I almost passed out.”(182)

  6. Evaluation: Is On the Devil’s Court a good example of Realistic Fiction? Carl Deuker did an amazing job of creating a realistic world by using believable characters, a setting in the real world, and showing us that the story could really happen. It was an intense book that mixed sports, with moral.