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Russian Alcohol Awareness Project

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Russian Alcohol Awareness Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Russian Alcohol Awareness Project. By: Liz DiMartino , Francis McNulty, Colby Sherman, and Carl Bongiorno. R.A.A.P. Mission Statement. To minimize the current alcoholism problem in Russia and to prevent future alcoholics by providing education and awareness through the Russian school system.

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russian alcohol awareness project

Russian Alcohol Awareness Project

By: Liz DiMartino, Francis McNulty, Colby Sherman, and Carl Bongiorno


mission statement

To minimize the current alcoholism problem in Russia and to prevent future alcoholics by providing education and awareness through the Russian school system.

Exhibit 1.0

our service
  • We provide an education program brought into schools around the Moscow area, which feature presentations and engage students in interactions to inform them of the true negativities of choosing to abuse alcohol.
  • Activities include informative PowerPoint presentations incorporating videos and graphics, speakers giving first-hand accounts of the horrors alcohol can incur, and scenarios which teach children how to handle situations involving alcohol.
current situation
Current Situation
  • Alcoholism rate has tripled in the past 15 years, mainly due to the economy and

the government’s dealings

in the alcohol industry

  • Russia is #1 on the list of

national alcohol spending

  • 1 out of every 3citizens are

known alcoholics – the total

number is constantly


  • The normal age of first

alcohol consumption is

13 years old

Exhibit 1.1

  • The male life expectancy is age 60
  • 1 out of every 8 deaths is alcohol related
the need
The Need
  • The average age of death in Russia is decreasing extremely rapidly, if alcoholism continues at its current increasing speed then the Russian population will become endangered.
  • Results of such alcohol abuse include unemployment, illness, and stress.
  • Alcoholism has a negative effect on the national mortality rate, crime rate, social behaviors, and government legislation.
similar efforts
Similar Efforts
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) International

- A common meeting place and support group for alcoholics to strive towardssobriety together

- There is no information translated into English on the Russian AA website

  • Church-based Alcoholism Prevention Efforts

- OPORA– a 12-step Christian prevention and recovery program

- Salvation Army – provides a Christ-centered addiction prevention and recovery program

- Russian Orthodox Resistance – the Orthodox Church feels that one does not need a 12-step program to recover, one simply needs to attend church services

country background
Country Background

Capital - Moscow

Climate - Ranges from humid conditions in much of European Russia to subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar north

Population - 143,782,338 (as of July 2004)

Religion - Russian Orthodox, Muslim, and a small percentage of others

Government - Federation

- a type of sovereign state with aunion of some self-governing states united by a central government.

Ethnic Make-up

Russian 81.5%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 3%, Chuvash 1.2%, Bashkir 0.9%, Belarusian 0.8%, Moldavian 0.7%, other 8.1% (as of 1989)

culture and etiquette
Culture and Etiquette
  • Greetings

The typical greeting is a firm, almost bone-crushing handshake while maintaining direct eye contact and giving the appropriate greeting for the time of day

  • Dining

Always arrive on time or no more than 15 minutes later than invited.

  • Business Negotiating

Meetings and negotiations are slow; No one in Russia likes to be rushed!

  • We are given $100,000 for our cause, enabling us to seek sponsorships from local businesses who have it in their best interest for their children to be healthy.
  • Initial costs will be transportation to and lodging in Moscowand to the various schools and other possible places.
  • Other costs will be advertising, including billboards, flyers, and newspaper and magazine advertisements.
  • An additional cost will be possible guest speakers.
  • Unfortunately our resources are very limited due the Russian government almost favors the drinking problem the country has because of the large revenues they receive from the alcohol sales.
  • We will turn towards the local community, such as churches, for any additional resources as well as support.
  • Our organization will build goodwill throughout the community because of our purpose.
  • Once the community learns about the dangers of drinking and what their children are eventually doomed to, hopefully they will help our cause.
  • Naturally we will build goodwill in the community with of our sincere efforts that will be directed into our cause and towards their children.
closing review
Closing Review
  • Alcohol is a very significant problem in all of Russia.
  • We want to do what we can to change the young in Moscow and wherever else possible.
  • Although we are a small organization with limited funds, hopefully that will change once the community notices our intentions, which will allow us help as many people as we possibly can.
works cited
Works Cited