Recruiting minority volunteers
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RECRUITING MINORITY VOLUNTEERS. By Germaine Pointer, South District 4-H RSA. Where to begin. Demographers predict that by 2030 most of America’s school-age children will be from a minority group and by 2050, so will most Americans (Hodgkinson 1996). Changes the nature of population

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Recruiting minority volunteers


By Germaine Pointer, South District 4-H RSA

Where to begin
Where to begin

  • Demographers predict that by 2030 most of America’s school-age children will be from a minority group and by 2050, so will most Americans (Hodgkinson 1996).

  • Changes the nature of population

  • Changes how audiences are served - List

Cultural literacy quiz
Cultural literacy Quiz

  • When is Black History Month celebrated?

  • Who was Fredrick Douglas?

  • When is Asian Pacific Month celebrated?

  • Name three ethnic groups that make up the Asian population in the United States

  • When is Native American Heritage Month ?

  • Name three Native American Tribes?

  • When is Hispanic American Month celebrated?

  • Name three places of origin or decent that would categorize people as Hispanic

Background on minority volunteering
Background on minority volunteering

  • Definition: A volunteer is someone who serves in a community because she chooses to do so and serves without compensation.

  • Volunteering already exists in minority communities, informal, helping out

Why minorities do not volunteer
Why minorities do not volunteer

  • United Way research poll found that minorities don’t volunteer for the following reasons:

    • Minorities were not asked

    • Fear of being used as a token

    • Do not feel connected to the mainstream community

    • Lack of personal time

Why minorities do not volunteer1
Why minorities do not volunteer

  • Lack of identification with agencies that are serving minority clients

  • Lack of knowledge about volunteer opportunities

  • Belief that minority input is not taken seriously

  • Uncertainty about benefits of involvement

  • Economic hardship

Effective strategies
Effective Strategies

  • Emphasize altruistic rather than personal reasons for volunteering

    • Helping others

    • Thinking about others rather than self

    • Making a difference in the environment/world

Effective strategies1
Effective Strategies

  • A personal appeal is the most effective approach

  • Develop the image that 4-H is as organization in which people can feel strong personal attachment

  • Take advantage of the “era of volunteerism”, In vogue rather than materialism

    • Some 60.8 million between 09/06 and 09/07 or 26.2% of our population – 2006 estimate 299,398,484 73.8% to work with Population, 221,554,878

Strategies for attracting minority volunteers
Strategies for Attracting Minority Volunteers

  • Participate in community events to increase awareness of 4-H, distribute materials, solicit volunteers

    • Cultural events, fraternal, church related events, street fairs, music festivals, block parties, historical celebrations

  • Use minority media extensively

    • Distribute PSAs to minority radio stations, camera ready ads to newspapers, local magazines that market to minorities…Run PSAs on local cable television...

    • Ask minority retailers to put up ads, calendars etc.

    • Display posters at barber shops, doctors office...

Strategies for attracting minority volunteers1
Strategies for Attracting Minority Volunteers

  • Enlist the support of minority role models within the community

    • Local minority sports stars, business leaders, veterans, politicians

    • Invite local minority leaders to serve on advisory committee, Expansion and Review committee, to judge events, to be guest speakers at events

  • Make use of existing community resources

    • Utilize volunteer centers, Volunteer Broward…

    • Collaborate with other organizations to do outreach

    • Solicit other minority volunteers to assist

Be sensitive to cultural differences
Be Sensitive to Cultural Differences

  • Ensure that brochures and all marketing materials represent the clientele you are trying to reach

  • Beware of when events or meetings are scheduled, be aware of how cultures view time

  • Don’t try to use language to fit in, be natural but be honest – If foreign language is used, have a volunteer or staff that can help to clarify policies, benefits, screenings etc.

  • Examine your own attitudes toward diversity, if you feel uncomfortable so will your potential volunteers

  • Be yourself, be honest…..




  • The Volunteer Recruitment Book by Susan J. Ellis

  • Strengthening Programs to Reach Diverse Audiences

  • Handouts, evaluation and follow-up