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Open Modeling Framework

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Open Modeling Framework. David Pinney ( 7 November 2013. OPEN MODELING FRAMEWORK. Demand Growth Model. Consumer Behavior Model. Financial Models. Battery Models. Powerflow Model. Climate Model. CVR Model. Transformer Models. CVR Model. Diesel D.G. Model. Wind Model.

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open modeling framework

Open Modeling Framework

David Pinney (

7 November 2013

open modeling framework1

Demand Growth Model

Consumer Behavior Model

Financial Models

Battery Models

Powerflow Model

Climate Model

CVR Model

Transformer Models

CVR Model

Diesel D.G. Model

Wind Model

C02 Emissions Model

Solar Model

omf cvr peak demand reduction
OMF — CVR Peak Demand Reduction

1. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) control scheme simulated over 3 months.

2. CVR peak power shaving converted to capacity cost savings and total cost impact.

3. Control algorithm comparison.

omf reporting output on solar simulation
OMF — Reporting Output on Solar Simulation

1: Comparison of 3 systems over 4 days.

2: Reverse powerflow predicted.

3: Full climate simulation.

omf solar simulation continued
OMF — Solar Simulation Continued

1: Overvoltage predicted in rooftop solar configuration.

framework in 12 kloc

SAM and Gridlab Model Abstraction Layers

Framework in 12 kLOC

Database Management

Ten Visualizations

Feeder Import and Editing

Compute Cluster and Job Management

Source Control, Testing, Demo, Servers, Tools, Documentation

needs and tasks
Needs and Tasks



DR, Markets

SFS, Advanced Controls

Avoiding: MDM, Facility Inspection, Power Theft, Vegetation Management, Cyber Security, Inventory Management, Green Button, Oil Testing, Bill Presentment



Consumer Technology


Lines, Transformers


Reporting: rev-based monetization, reliability metrics

Platform: queueing, auto-scaling, distributed study execution, relational datastore, better job monitoring

Mapping: mega-scale

Future: Optimization, Gridlab Performance, Real Time Interface, Hardware in the Loop

Supporting Software Tasks

Testing: comprehensive coverage

Solvers: OpenDSS for harmonic analysis

Data Import: Cyme, glm, improved Milsoft

GUI: better workflow, bug fixes, voltage map