Reagan george h w bush
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Reagan & George H.W. Bush. Mr. Ermer U.S. History Honors Miami Beach Senior High. Reagan and the World. Reagan renews “active” fight against Communism Calls the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire” Strategic Defense Initiative—”Star Wars” The Reagan Doctrine

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Reagan george h w bush

Reagan & George H.W. Bush

Mr. Ermer

U.S. History Honors

Miami Beach Senior High

Reagan and the world
Reagan and the World

  • Reagan renews “active” fight against Communism

    • Calls the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire”

  • Strategic Defense Initiative—”Star Wars”

  • The Reagan Doctrine

    • Renewed promise to support anti-communists around the world

    • 1982: Marines sent to Granada

    • Support for Nicaraguan “contras”

    • Intervention in Lebanon (w/ Israel)

      • 1983: terrorists bomb U.S. marine base in Beirut, Lebanon

        • Terrorism in the “Third World” rises throughout 1980s

Election of 1984
Election of 1984

  • Reagan has full support of Republican Party

  • Democrats fight rough primary

    • Walter Mondale, early favorite, fights challenge from Sen. Gary Hart

    • Jesse Jackson also enters race, sapping African-American support

    • Mondale wins nomination, choses Geraldine Ferraro as running mate

  • Reagan campaigns on “Morning In America”

  • Reagan wins in landslide, Democrats remain in control of House, gain seats in Senate

    • Appoints Sandra Day O’Connor as first female justice of SCOTUS

    • Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, William Rehnquist new chief justice

Waning of the cold war
Waning of the Cold War

  • Mikhail Gorbachev, new premier of Soviet Union

    • Glasnost (openness) and Perestroika (reform)

    • 1986: Reagan and Gorbachev begin series of meetings

    • 1987: USSR pulls support for other communists

    • 1989: Every communist government in Eastern Europe falls

  • 1989: Tiananmen Square protest in China unsuccessful—brutally suppressed

  • 1991: Unsuccessful coup precipitates fall of USSR

    • Gorbachev remains in power w/ military support

    • Soviet republics begin declaring independence from Russia

    • Gorbachev resigns as leader of Communist Part

    • Soviet Union ceases to exist, replaced by Russian Federation

Fading of the reagan revolution
Fading of the Reagan Revolution

  • Series of scandals flow from EPA, CIA, Defense Department, Department of Labor, Justice Department, and HUD

  • Deregulation of Savings & Loan Industry causes widespread corporate corruption, fraud

    • Government saves industry from near collapse

  • Iran-Contra Scandal

    • Scandal breaks in 1986

    • Reagan Administration admits selling weapons to Iran in unsuccessful attempt to have Americans held by Islamic terrorists released

    • Money from weapons sale illegally transferred to Nicaraguan Contras

Election of 1988
Election of 1988

  • 1986: Amid scandals, Democrats regain control of the Senate

  • 1988: Democrats nominate Gov. Michael Dukakis

    • Vice President George H. W. Bush on Republican ticket

    • Both candidates seen as dull, fail to win enthusiasm

  • Bush runs a long, negative attack campaign

    • Ties Dukakis to all the stances Americans saw as “liberal”

    • Considered one of the most negative of 20th Century

    • Marks political aggressiveness of the New Right

  • Bush wins election on promise to lower deficit and not raise taxes

  • Democrats remain in control of Congress

The bush presidency
The Bush Presidency

  • Bush oversees demise of Soviet Union

    • Also seen as unthreatening by Americans, high approval

  • Negotiates far reaching arms reduction treaty

  • Political gridlock on domestic issues

    • Folds to congressional pressure to raise taxes in exchange for long range budget aimed to reduce federal deficit

  • Recession of 1990-1992 causes bankruptcies

    • Caused by high corporate and individual debt

    • Congress rejects capital gains tax cut

    • Demand rises for government to control cost of healthcare

The first gulf war
The First Gulf War

  • Collapse of USSR, leaves US as only superpower

    • Movement to reduce military, focus on domestic issues

    • Some want to use power to protect interests

      • 1989 invasion of Panama

  • 1990: Iraq invades oil-rich Kuwait

    • Bush convinced world to support trade embargo of Iraq

    • United Nations authorizes military action, Jan. 15 deadline

    • Jan. 16, 1991: US and allies bomb Iraqi forces and bases

    • Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf leads Operation Desert Storm

    • Feb. 28, 1991: Iraq accepts demands of US and allies

  • Gulf War angers many Muslims

    • United States seen as bully among Islamists