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Monday and Tuesday( Ecc . 6) ( 1) What is the “evil under the sun” that Solomon refers to? (v1-4) ____________________________________________________ ( 2 ) Write verse 7 in your own words. How can you apply this in your life? ____________________________________________________

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Monday and Tuesday(Ecc. 6)

(1) What is the “evil under the sun” that Solomon refers to? (v1-4) ____________________________________________________

(2) Write verse 7 in your own words. How can you apply this in your life?



Find this bible verse, and fill in the letter table (Chapter 7)


Wednesday and Thursday (Ecc 7)

(1) What does verse 5 mean? (Hint: it tells us about whose opinions should matter to us). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(2) Wisdom (chapter 19) strengthens us. The church Fathers explain that this “wisdom” symbolises Christ. Christ is willing and able to strengthen me, but what do I have to do to ensure this happens? ____________________________________________





Living a joyful, fulfilling life!

When you live on purpose, your relationship with time changes dramatically.  You’ll no longer be looking for happiness somewhere in the future.  You’ll stop saying to yourself, “Once X happens then I’ll be where I want to be.  Then I’ll be happy.”  Instead you will look to your present and say, “This is exactly where I want to be right now… and nowhere else.  Nothing could be more perfect than this precise moment; I am here with Christ.”

The emotion that accompanies this state is joy. Joy results from total acceptance of your present moment and inner satisfaction due to your union with God.  Whenever you project your consciousness away from the present moment and seek happiness in another time or place, you leave joy behind.  When all parts of your being fully embrace where you are right now, you can’t help but feel joyful.

Simply make decisions that bring you as close to joy as possible, even if it seems very distant at first, and soon you’ll find your life becoming more joyful.  You have free will though, so in any moment you can decide to move towards joy or away from it.  The choice is yours. It is the gift that God has given us! Make wise decisions!

  • Friday (Ecc8: 1-8)

  • In verse 2, we are told to respect authorities for God’s sake. List some authority figures in your life that this may apply to. ________________________________________________________________________________________

  • What does verse 8 mean? (Matt 10:28 may help) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Saturday (Read Ecc8: 9-17 )

(1) Summarise verses 11 and 12. What does it teach us about those who are living in sin? And about those who fear God? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(2) In verse 17, we discover that Solomon feels like the more he searches wisdom, the more he realises that there is so much he doesn’t know. Remembering that Wisdom symbolises Christ, how does this concept relate to our relationship with Him? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________