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Curriculum Conference. September 19, 2013 Ms. Cosme Class 5-217 * Welcome Families! Please sign in on the sign-in sheet and have a seat anywhere you would like!. Agenda Overview. Introduction Common Core Standards Curriculum Overview School & Classroom Procedures/Policies

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Curriculum conference

Curriculum Conference

September 19, 2013

Ms. Cosme

Class 5-217

*Welcome Families! Please sign in on the sign-in sheet and have a seat anywhere you would like!

Agenda overview
Agenda Overview

  • Introduction

  • Common Core Standards

  • Curriculum Overview

  • School & Classroom Procedures/Policies

  • Communication with Ms. Cosme

  • Questions/Comments

Common core standards
Common Core Standards

  • The Common Core Standards are a set of goals and expectations for student learning across the nation that promotes college and career readiness.

    • Goals:

      • Deeper understanding of concepts and skills

      • Ability to express and explain thinking with evidence and strong reasoning

      • Complete more rigorous tasks

Junior great books
Junior Great Books

  • TAG has implemented a program called Junior Great Books that fosters interpretive thinking and discussion skills through the use of classics, folk and fairy tales, modern short stories and novels. Participants learn to respect each other’s opinions and to disagree courteously.

  • We are currently applying these discussion skills to nonfiction text.

English language arts
English Language Arts

  • ELA is integrated with the content areas.

    • New Curriculum: Expeditionary Learning: Engaging in various close readings of fictional and informational text.

  • Focus on three types of writing: Narrative, Persuasive, and Informational

  • 1st Unit: Personal Narratives

    • Expectations:

      • Engaging beginning, clearly sequenced events, descriptive language, sophisticated sentence structure (transitional words and sentence variety)

Sample introduction to a personal narrative
Sample Introduction to a Personal Narrative

  • Snow had covered the forest with a soft white blanket that made the path back to our cabin invisible in the dimming light of the late afternoon. The huge trees towered over me making me feel like an ant. My father and I were lost and the air was getting colder and colder. My legs ached, my stomach was empty and all I could think about was our nice warm cabin where I was sure my mother was waiting for us worried.

    -Excerpt from the story, Vermont, written by a 5th Grade student

Social studies
Social Studies

  • American Revolution

    • What leads to revolution?

    • What were the turning points of the Revolutionary War?

    • Was the Revolutionary War justified?

    • What is the role of boycott and protest in affecting change?

  • U.S. Government

    • Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution,

    • Three Branches of Government

      • Students will learn the functions of the three branches of government, the separation of powers, and checks and balances between them.

  • Westward Expansion:

    • How can change, progress, and growth be both negative and positive?

      • Lewis & Clark Expedition

  • Current events
    Current Events

    • Periodically, students will be required to chose an article based on a significant social, historical, or political event

    • Students are expected to:

      • Summarize the main points of the article

      • Formulate an opinion or position

      • Present their article and lead a class discussion


    • TAG is implementing Singapore Math: Math in Focus this year.

    • Topics Include: Number Theory, Estimation and Computation, Geometry, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percents and Algebra.

    • First Unit: Whole Numbers: Most critical unit for future success!

    The importance of multiplication facts
    The Importance of Multiplication Facts

    • It is crucial that all students acquire fluency with the 12 X 12 times table.

    • Students should begin to develop flexibility in the way they perceive their times tables.

      • For Example: 8 X 7

      • Could be thought of as:

        • 4 x14

        • 2 x 28

        • 2 (4 x7)

    Word study
    Word Study

    • Exploration of spelling patterns

      • -sion versus –tion

      • -ibleverus -able

  • Advanced vocabulary

    • Based on units of study

    • Prefixes and suffixes

  • Assessments

    • New words are given weekly

    • Assessments are given on Mondays

  • New york state assessments
    New York State Assessments

    • English Language Arts Exam- Tuesday, April 1 - Thursday, April 3, 2014

    • Math Exam- Wednesday, April 30 - Friday, May 2, 2014

    School policies procedures
    School Policies & Procedures

    TAG Uniform policy

    • School Uniform-

      • Girls: A white shirt, tucked into a plaid skirt or jumper, a tie, and black shoes.

      • Boys: A white shirt tucked into navy blue pants, a tie, and black shoes.

  • In the winter: Only red or navy sweaters/sweater vests are allowed.

    • HOODIES and hats are NOT permitted to be worn in the building!

      • They should be placed in the closets immediately.

  • Gym Uniform- A white T-shirt, red sweatpants and sneakers.

  • Small group instruction sgi
    Small Group Instruction (SGI)

    • Morning Program that focuses on reinforcing mathematical skills and English Language Arts skills in a small group setting

    • Time: 7:57-8:49 am

    • Days: Wednesdays & Thursdays

    • When: Starting in October

    • You will be notified through a letter informing you if your child has been selected to attend SGI.

    Homework policy grading procedures
    Homework Policy/Grading Procedures

    • Homework planner = Organization

    • Review your child’s assignments nightly and sign the homework planner

    • Long term projects may be assigned for homework and require your child to time manage

    • Read nightly for 35-40 minutes and document on the reading log

    • Homework help-

      • Use the password “homework” for access to databases from NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) including the New York Times

    Missing homework
    Missing Homework

    • Missing Homework Notices

      • Parents/Guardians must sign the missing homework notice

    • Lateness

      • Late homework must be made up the next day for partial credit

      • Absent students are responsible for copying down homework from a classmate and/or checking our class webpage on the TAG website

      • Missed assignments will be placed inside of their mailbox

  • Grade Reduction:

    • Every 3 unexcused missing assignments results in a grade reduction

  • Classroom rules policies procedures
    Classroom Rules, Policies, & Procedures

    • Classroom rules were created with the class to ensure a safe, comfortable, and productive learning environment.

    • Rewards:

      • Stars on the Class Star Chart

      • Tickets to the Class Prize Box

      • Table Points

      • Participation in Choice Time on Fridays!

  • Consequences:

    • Lose a privilege, Letter Home, Phone Call, Meeting with the Principal

  • Notes from home
    Notes from Home

    • A note from home is required if:

      • Your child is absent and you have a letter of excuse

      • Your child’s dismissal procedure for pick up has changed

      • Your child missed an assignment for a valid reason

      • You would like to arrange a birthday celebration for your child in the classroom.

    Birthday celebrations
    Birthday Celebrations

    • A written note (or email) a week in advance must be received in order to request a birthday celebration.

    • Cupcakes and juice boxes are only allowed!

    • Celebrations are 15 minutes in length; please arrive on time if you plan on attending the celebration.

    • Parents/guardians are responsible for serving, distributing, and cleaning up after the celebration.

    Field trips
    Field Trips

    • Permission slips are required to be completed and signed by a parent. Verbal permission cannot be granted.

    • Money:

      • Enclosed envelope labeled with your child’s name, class, and trip destination.

      • Exact change is only accepted!

  • Trips:

    • National Constitution Center in Philadelphia (November)

      • Please check your child’s homework folder next week for an update regarding details on the trip date and payment due dates.

  • Various museums, theatres, and a university!

  • Chaperones are invited and welcome to attend on a first come first served basis!

  • Scholastic online book orders
    Scholastic Online Book Orders

    • Order books online at a discounted price!

    • Website:

      • Class Activation Code: 100LL

    • First deadline is September 28th!

    Communication with the teacher
    Communication with the Teacher

    • Email:

    • Check your child’s purple homework folder & homework planner

    • Red Assessment Folders