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Protect your Safari Mac by Installing Ad Blocker PowerPoint Presentation
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Protect your Safari Mac by Installing Ad Blocker

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Protect your Safari Mac by Installing Ad Blocker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You can now protect your safari Mac simply by installing Ablock Plus ad blocker.

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Surfing the browser in safari browser could be a good experience for the users, but sometimes becomes difficult to endure the loss, caused by the losing important documents and banking details. Enduring the adverse affects of safari malware pop-ups could be devastating for anybody as it has the proficiency to hack and infringe the security of the safari browser and privacy too.

In this contemporary world, pop-up are the best weapon to infringe the security of the user’s favorite browser. Prior, it was a medium to advertise the products and services on the internet, but along with the invention of the latest techniques, the aspirants of some people changed. Now, it is being practiced for hacking the user’s account and banking details including the credit card password and other important details.


How to find the Best Ad Blocker?

Nowadays, it is very easy to find and install the best ad blocker for safari Macin the play store, but not easy to select the best one from the list. It is an indispensable task that must be accomplished anyhow because merely installing and using an ad blocker is not the final solution.


See for some salient features of the best ad blocker:

  • Java script alerts blocking
  • Java script confirm blocking
  • Java script prompt blocking
  • Java script confirm page reloading
  • In other words, an ad blocker blocks all intrusive ads that perturb while reading and redirect the link to other malicious websites. In addition, it disallows the malicious websites from opening. Apart from these, there are many features that help you in browsing safely and without any worry and tension.

What to do if suspicious activities have been caught

  • Always uninstall redundant application
  • Scan the Mac with an updated anti-virus software
  • Enable the firewall
  • Force the running applications to close by opening task manager
  • Delete the malicious files from registry files

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