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Hispanic Digital Case Studies June 30, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Hispanic Digital Case Studies June 30, 2011

Hispanic Digital Case Studies June 30, 2011

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Hispanic Digital Case Studies June 30, 2011

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  1. Hispanic Digital Case Studies June 30, 2011

  2. Key Learnings • x, y, z • a, b, c

  3. American Airlines • American Airlines en español has approximately 30,000 Facebook fans to date versus the main brand page which has 184,000 • en español allows Facebook fans to book flights, subscribe to newsletters, sign up for promotions and partake in discussions and polls • The Facebook page is an all in one place for Spanish speakers to connect and use American Airlines

  4. State Farm • State Farm Latino has appx. 43,000 fans versus the main brand’s page with appx. 99,500 fans • The Latino page uses a different marketing campaign than the Main Brand’s page. Currently, they are running a campaign entitled “JuegaeIlumina” to help give Latin American counties electricity. • State Farm claims to be the first national insurance company to create a bilingual page for Latino, meaning the page includes a mix of Spanish and English-language posts.

  5. NBA • éne•bé•a has appx. 297,000 fans versus the NBA page that has appx. 9.8 million fans • The NBA has rebranded itself to the Latino market through its Facebook page. • éne•bé•a offers similar content to that of the English NBA page, including news, video highlights, polls, clips from its Spanish-language ad campaign, and information about Hispanic players. • This technique has allowed Hispanic fans to relate to the brand versus simply trying to educate them.

  6. Budweiser & Bud Light • Budweiser Latino has appx. 23,500 fans versus the main brand’s page with 1-million+ fans • Bud Light Latino has appx. 19,000 fans versus the main brand’s page with appx. 1.5 million fans • Budweiser Latino has a unique marketing campaign. In late May, Latino teamed up with Vicente Fernandez for a US Concert tour in 20-US cities with proceeds benefitting the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. • Bud Light & Bud Light Latino are currently running the same contest entitled “Battle on the Bayou”. Other tabs on the pages, however, are different.

  7. Comida Kraft • Comida Kraft has appx. 49,000 fans versus the main brand’s appx. 690,500 fans • Comida Kraft has a unique marketing campaign dubbed “Share Your Latin Flavor” aimed at Latino mothers to share their favorite recipes, cooking tips, etc… creating an interactive page for the Latino market • The main brand’s Facebook page also allows fans to viewAmerican style recipes and get cooking advice from “Kraft Kitchen Experts” with an area for fans to interact just like that of the Latino page

  8. Pampers • Pamper Latino has appx. 31,500 fans versus the main brand’s page appx. 729,000 fans • Both Facebook pages follow similar marketing campaigns. The “Miracles” tab on both pages has stories shared by families, engaging fans of the respective Facebook pages. • Pampers Latino also has the Pampers Madrinas Network, a group Latinas who will assist new moms to do the best they can to support their baby’s happy, healthy development.

  9. Domino’s • Domino’s Latino has appx. 8,000 fans versus the main brand’s page with 3-million+ fans • Domino’s Latino does not offer a unique marketing campaign for the Latino market – to date, it remains in the original Facebook template form. • The main brand page includes a game which matches playing time with donations to a children’s hospital, information on lunch specials and more.