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Do you think you are clever? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do you think you are clever?

Do you think you are clever?

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Do you think you are clever?

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  1. Do you think you are clever? Unit 3 You Can Be Clever Kids

  2. Teaching aims a)be confident to believe you are clever; b)realize there are many types of intelligence; c)master some key words &expressions; d)be good at make use of,observant,talent ,gift,etc

  3. He got 15 marks in maths but entered Qinghua University and became famous for his excellent Chinese and English. He is a quite famous writer in China.Weicheng is his only long story. 钱钟书 He dropped out (辍学)only after 3months at school and was called a retarded child (低能儿).He became one of the greatest inventors in the world.His name was carved on lights,telegrams,etc.. Edison

  4. When he was little ,he did badly and was sent downa year . but later on,he found he was good at writing he worked hard and became a writer and teacher. He mainly deals with children’s learning and development. Thomas Armstrong

  5. send down: force sb to stop going to school 停学

  6. be good at :do well in 擅长于 e.g. I’m good at telling stories.

  7. Thomas Armstrong did badly at school.but in your opinion,is he clever ? T/F statement: ( )Being smart just means being good at school. F (clever 聪明的)

  8. mean(vi) mean to do sth 打算做 sth mean doing sth 意味着做 sth

  9. Read the passage loud.and then do the following choice. ( )What does the passage want to tell us ? a.we are clever kids so we needn’t study hard. b.If we are good at story-telling, we will be clever. c.Working hard makes you clever. d.Be confident. Every one of you has some talents. d

  10. Read Para.2 and answer the questions. Q1:How many types of intelligence are there?and what are they? A1:being good at language, maths,music ,sports ,spatial sense, getting on with people ,understanding yourself and being observant of nature

  11. Q2:what types of intelligence do you think Thomas Armstrong had? A2:being good at language; understanding himself; getting on with people.

  12. Read Para.3 and then T/F statements: ( )Each child can have only one of these intelligences. F ( )Each child is born with some talents. T

  13. Every child has some of these eight intelligences. The point is how to find them and make use of them.

  14. For each child comes into the world with some talents,if they are helped ,they can do better in our world.

  15. Read Para.4 together.and then do the following choices: ( )How do you understand the word “gifts”in the passage? It may mean ______. a.presents b.talents c.secrets d.skills b ( )What is the good way to build these intelligences according to the passage? a.hard-working b.story-telling c.going to school d.reading b

  16. Listen to the tape, and then finish the summary You _____all be clever kids.being ______________does not just means being good___school tests.there are _____different types of ________. Being good at________,maths ,music,sports ,__________ getting on with people, understanding _________and being ________of nature .Each child comes into the world with some _______,and if they can _____and __________these talents, they will improve a lot ,at the same time ,parents and teachers must help children to keep these _____,it is a good idea to build these intelligences or home or school ,that is to say ,you can ______a story and_______a play before other people. can smart/clever at eight intelligence language spatial sense yourself observant talents find make use of gifts prepare put on

  17. Discursion After learning this reading, do you think you are clever? What talents do you think you have ?Why? tips: language, maths,music ,sports ,spatial sense, getting on with people ,understanding yourself and being observant of nature.

  18. Conclusion: Be confident;you can be clever.

  19. THANKS A LOT ! MADE BY Ling ruihua