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Revision: Present tense & Present continuous tense PowerPoint Presentation
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Revision: Present tense & Present continuous tense

Revision: Present tense & Present continuous tense

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Revision: Present tense & Present continuous tense

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  1. Revision: Present tense &Present continuous tense Book 4BNew Welcome To EnglishSecond Edition

  2. Present tense e.g.  The queen is beautiful.  The queen wears a crown. e.g.  Cherry passes her exams.  Cherry is clever.  This tense has only one word.

  3. Present tense Subject Verb He She It likes eating fish. I You We They like playing football. We add s or es to the verb when the subject is he, she or it.

  4. Present tense + s  Mary drops the vase on the floor. (drop)  Peter hides behind a tree. (hide)  Tom often telephones me. (telephone) + es  Tim kisses his baby brother. (kiss)  May often watches TV. (watch)  Bob never washes his car. (wash) y  ies  The baby cries loudly. (cry)  Peter always carries a heavy bag. (carry)  Tina dries the dishes every day. (dry)

  5. Proof-reading e.g. Peter always drink tea. drinks 1 Peter and Tom often plays football. 2 Sally make the breakfast. 3 The woman worry about her son. 4 My cat never catch mice. 5 May often watch films. 6 I likes to go shopping with my friends. 7 My bird sing every morning. play makes worries catches watches like sings

  6. Present tense e.g.  Firemen fight fires. Stones are hard.  We use this tense to talk abouttruths.

  7. Practice 1 It ____ cold in winter. (be) 2 The sun _____ in the morning. (rise) 3 Dogs _____ when they see strangers.(bark) 4 There ____ twelve months in a year. (be) 5 Babies _____ when they are hungry. (cry) 6 Nurses _____ after sick people. (look) is rises bark are cry look

  8. Present tense We use the present tense to talkabout habits or things thatalways,usually, often, sometimes or neverhappen.

  9. Present tense e.g. June Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30  Lizzie studies with her tutor every Tuesday.

  10. Present tense e.g. Mr Chan never takes a taxi.

  11. Present tense Hint words: alwaysevery dayusually every Friday oftenon Wednesdays  sometimesonce a weeknevertwice a month

  12. Practice e.g. Tim eats an apple every morning. 1 I always help my mother with the housework. 2 Tom has swimming lessons every Monday. 3 My sister never tidies up her bedroom. 4 Betty sometimes goes to bed late. 5 The children go hiking once a month. 6 Mary goes to church on Sundays. 7 My cat usually sleeps at night.

  13. Present tense What does anurse do? Where does apilot work? Questions  We use do and does to make questions.  Do not change the verb after do ordoes.

  14. Present tense Do you like playing the piano? Does she like dancing? Giving answers  We use do/don’t and does/doesn’t togive answers. Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

  15. Now you try. e.g. ____ you ____ art? (like) Yes, ______. Do like I do 1 ____ May ____ the Net every day? (surf) No, ___________. 2 ____ the children ______ at home? (help) Yes, __________. 3 What ____ farmers ______ ? (do) 4 ____ Tom and Charlie ______ tennis? (play) No, __________. 5 What ____ Cherry _____ for lunch? (have) Does surf she doesn’t help Do they do do do Do play they don’t does have

  16. Present tense We swimming. like + not do not like We swimming. Negative sentences  We add do not/don’t or does not/doesn’t to make sentences negative.

  17. Now you try. e.g. I like sweets. She ____________ sweets. doesn’t like 1 She runs fast. I ____________ fast. 2 Paul plays football but he ____________basketball. 3 David eats chocolate but he ____________sweets. 4 Do you go to bed late?No, I ____________ to bed late. 5 Horses eat grass but they __________ meat. 6 Does Kitty like singing?No, she ____________ singing. don’t run doesn’t play doesn’t eat don’t go don’t eat doesn’t like

  18. be -ing Subject Verb (be) Main Verb (+ing) I am / ‘m drawing a picture. He She It is / ‘s sleeping in the room. You We They are / ‘re watching a film. Present continuous tense  This tense has two words.

  19. go ing going do play read talk watch look Present continuous tense  Add -ing to the verbs. Practice doing playing talking reading watching looking

  20. come ing coming having living writing driving riding moving Present continuous tense  Delete -e and add -ing to the verbs. Practice have live drive write ride move

  21. m ing swimming swim jog run sit get drop put Present continuous tense  Double the last letter and add -ing tothe verbs that end with 1 vowel and 1consonant. Practice jogging running getting sitting putting dropping

  22. They arelining up. What are the children doing? Present continuous tense  We use the present continuous tenseto talk about things that arehappening now.

  23.  now  right now  at the moment Present continuous tense  Hint words:

  24. Present continuous tense They are having a singing lesson at the moment. What are they doing at the moment?

  25. She issurfing the Net right now. Present continuous tense What is she doing right now?

  26. Now you try. e.g. I __________ my homework now. (do) ‘m/am doing ‘re/are having 1 You ___________ an English lesson. (have) 2 The little boy _____________. (swim) 3 Tony and Betty ____________ in the library.(read) 4 The man ____________ a story. (write) 5 I ____________ with my sister. (run) 6 We ____________ tennis now. (play) 7 The cat ____________ some milk right now. (drink) ‘s/is swimming ‘re/are reading ‘s/is writing ‘m/am running ‘re/are playing ‘s/is drinking

  27. Present continuous tense Cherryisriding a bicycle. IsCherryriding a bicycle? Theyarecooking. Aretheycooking? Questions  We change the order of is and are tomake questions. Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

  28. Present continuous tense e.g.  Whatareyoudoing? Whyisthe babycrying? Whenarethe childrenleaving? Whereareyougoing? Questions  Questions with question words:

  29. Present continuous tense e.g. The children cards. are playing The children cards. are not playing + not Negative sentences  We add notto make sentencesnegative.

  30. Present continuous tense be not -ing Subject Verb (be) Main Verb (+ing) not I am drawing a picture. He She It is not sleeping in the room. (isn’t) You We They are not watching a film. (aren’t) Negative sentences

  31. Now you try. e.g. ___ Mary _______? (play) Yes, _______. Is playing she is 1 ____ you ________ to music? (listen)Yes, ________. 2 What _____ Mr Tam ________? (do)He ______________. (sleep) 3 ____ Peter and Tom _______ dinner? (have)No, ______________. 4 What ___ I _______? (do)You _______________. (dream) 5 ___ Jenny _______ her bed? (make)No, __________. Are listening I am ‘s/is doing ‘s/is sleeping Are having they aren’t am doing ‘re/are dreaming Is making she isn’t

  32. Summary Present Tense Present Continuous Tense habits / truths things happening now e.g. I alwayssing. e.g. I am singingnow. verb - 1 word verb - 2 words e.g. She runs. e.g. She is running.  Hint words:always, usually,often, sometimes,never, every day,every Friday, onMondays, once aweek, twice a month Hint words:now,right now,at the moment

  33. Proof-reading cooking 1 My mother is cook in the kitchen now. She like cooking. 2 I am having a tennis lesson every Sunday. Now I play tennis with my friend on the tennis court. likes have am playing

  34. Proof-reading washing am 3 Are you wash your car now? Yes, I do. 4 John usually clean his car on Sundays. He are cleaning his car at the moment. 5 My brother always cry. Listen! He cries loudly now. cleans is cries is crying

  35. Practice Jane ____ (be) hard-working. She always ______ (help) her mother to do the housework. Look! She ____________ (sweep) the floor now. is helps is sweeping Grandma ______ (like) watching TV. She _______ (watch) TV every night. She is ________ (sit) in the living room at the moment but she _____________ (not watch) TV. What ____ she _______ (do)? She ____________ (sleep)! likes watches sitting is not watching doing is sleeping is