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Author Jan Brett Week. Overview.

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Author jan brett week

Author Jan Brett Week


This week we learned about Author Jan Brett. Jan Brett is known for her intriguing art work and borders within her books. She also uses animals as the main characters in all of her books. The children really enjoyed exploring the different animals and their habitats within the classroom. We read 10 different Jan Brett books including “The Umbrella,” “Hedgie’s Surprise,” and “Comet’s Nine Lives.”

Gross Motor

Foundation Observed:

P.3.13 Perform stability skills alone and/or with a partner. (e.g., transferring weight so as to rock, roll, stand on one foot for six seconds and walk up and down

For gross motor, we played limbo. The children really enjoyed trying to go under the pole in several different ways.


Small Group

Discovery Table


For art this week, we created our own borders and collaged the inside, make sock puppets, explored with shaving cream and paint mixed together, and did spray jungle art.

  • In the discovery table, we had soil as the main component with shovels, sifters, and rakes to manipulate it with. There were also plaastic eggs for the children to hide and find in the soil.

For small group, we worked on sorting and matching using different shaped and colored bugs.

All of the main characters in Jan Brett’s books are animals, so for damatic play we had 3 different animal habitats set up and a veterinarian clinic for the children to explore.

Foundation observed:

FA.1.41 Participate freely in dramatic play activities that become more extended and complex.

Foundation observed:

SC.1.22 Investigate and talk about the

characteristics of matter (e.g., liquids and solids, smooth and rough, bend-not bend).

Foundations Observed:

M.6.22 Categorize familiar objects by function

and class.

M.6.18 Give reason of placement of objects.

Foundation Observed:

FA.1.67 Use different colors, surface textures, and shapes to create form and meaning

Chelsea Baledge

Ball State University