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The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries PowerPoint Presentation
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The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries

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The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries
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The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries

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  1. The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries Summaries adapted from

  2. In this lesson we will continue learning how to: • Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says. • [CC.11-12.R.L.1] • Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze it in detail. • [CC.9-10.R.L.2] • Provide an objective summary of the text. [CC.9-10.R.L.2] • Analyze how complex characters interact with others and advance the • plot or develop the theme over the course of a text. [CC.9-10.R.L.3] • Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the • text. [CC.9-10.R.L.4 ] • Analyze how structure contributes to the overall meaning and • aesthetic impact of the work. [CC.11-12.R.L.5] • Analyze a text to determine symbolism, irony, metaphor and subtext. • [CC.11-12.R.L.6] Text Study Learning Objectives

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 3 • Katniss is taken into the Justice Building and left in a room. Her mother and sister are brought in to say their goodbyes, and Katniss makes her mother promise not to fall apart again. Peter Mellark’s father, the baker, comes in and gives Katniss cookies and promises to make sure Prim is being fed. Next, Madge enters, gives Katniss a pin with a gold bird in the centre and asks Katniss to wear it into the arena. Lastly, Gale enters. He tells Katniss to find a bow if she can, and he says he won’t let Katniss’s family starve. • Katniss is driven to the train station where she meets Peeta, and they board a train to begin their journey to the Capitol. Katniss says District 12 is in what used to be Appalachia. It is still a coal mining area, as it was hundreds of years ago. The Capitol is in what used to be the Rockies • Katniss realizes the pin Madge gave her is of a mockingjay, a bird that the Capitol bred to spy on rebels. When the rebels started using the birds to feed the Capitol false information the Capitol stopped breeding them. The pin is a small sign of rebellion. The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries

  5. Chapter 3 • Katniss and Peeta have dinner with Effie Trinket on the train and they watch recaps of the reapings from the various districts. When Katniss and Peeta joke about Haymitch’s drunkenness, Effie says they shouldn’t be laughing because Haymitch is the one who is going to be advising them and getting them sponsors. Just then Haymitch comes in drunk, vomits, and falls in the mess. The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries

  6. Chapter 3 Character Development - Key Points Plot Development – Key Points Key moment in the Chapter. The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries

  7. Chapter 3 • Character Development - Key Points • Katniss – Again we see Katniss’ determination to control her emotions and not cry so she can be seen as a soft target by other tributes. When seeing Gale there is another moment where she nearly recognises/admits her true feelings for him. • Mother – Acknowledges her failings as a parent after he husband dies and blames this on an illness (grief/depression) which she has now overcome. • Effie – continues to be presented as stuck-up and vain. She seems to ‘look down her nose’ at all the other characters she is forced to be with. • Plot Development – Key Points • Not much happens in terms of plot in this chapter, but through the lavish furnishings, accommodation and food on the train we do get to see the huge difference in lifestyle between the Capitol and District 12. We also learn the significance of the Mockingjay pin and its association with rebellion. • Key moments in the Chapter. • Getting the Mockingjay pin from Madge….a sign of rebellion and a reminder of her father. • When Gale opens his arms Katniss doesn't ‘hesitate to go into them’…. Romantic or what? The Hunger Games - Chapter Summaries